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The EMC test is better than you?

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Often have friends or friends will make EMC test engineer, better? It is not a standard answer, because the test items for different products, will have different severities, many of them with electronic engineers, software engineers, structural engineers and other related EMC design experience the accumulation is closely related. Therefore, a EMC test is better, can not answer the following risks, I will briefly outline some simple test items and easy to produce the product categories: China Manufacturer of nylon coupling

EMC related testing items are as follows:

Generally speaking, the European Union’s product EMC test corresponds to the following criteria. China Manufacturer of nylon coupling

EMS immunity part

ESD IEC61000-4-2 (ESD) ESD reactance test — RS IEC 61000-4-3 radiation tolerance test

Electrical fast pulse group anti interference detection of EFT/B IEC 61000-4-4 (EFT/B)

Lightning resistance detection of Surge IEC 61000-4-5 (Surge) lightning

C/S IEC61000-4-6 (CS) conducted anti interference detection. China Manufacturer of nylon coupling

M/S IEC61000-4-8 (PFMF) power frequency magnetic field anti-interference detection

Anti disturbance detection of Dips IEC61000-4-11 (V.Dips) voltage drop

IEC 61000-4-12 oscillation surge

IEC 61000-4-13 (Harmonic&interharmonics) harmonic and inter harmonic interference suppression. China Manufacturer of nylon coupling

EMI emission section

Conduction Emission/ Cispr 22 conduction interference

Radiation Emission / Cispr 22 space radiation

Harmonic emission test of Harmonics IEC61000-3-2 power supply

Flicker IEC61000-3-3 voltage flicker emission detection

The above EMC (EMC=EMI+EMS) related tests, the relatively harsh test items for different products are as follows:

1, IT information technology products, these products are due to the use of large scale digital circuits, related to CLK, IO, INT, I2C, TX, RX. etc. this kind of low level sensitive signal, and this kind of products are CPU, RAM, HDMI, VGA, memory, data. high clock frequency of IC, so the following test easily lead to the unqualified project: China Manufacturer of nylon coupling

(1) conduction test

(2) radiation test

(3) electrostatic testing

(4) high voltage pulse group test

(5) lightning surge test (6), radiation tolerance test

2, AV audio and video products, these products are due to the development of science and technology has been limited to the previous simple low speed circuit, and now the same IT products have similar characteristics of the circuit, so the test project also more prone to failure, but because of this kind of product to the difference (CISPR 20/EN55020), mainly to test project issues are as follows: China Manufacturer of nylon coupling

(1) conduction test

(2) radiation test (FM, TV.)

(3) electrostatic testing. China Manufacturer of nylon coupling

(4) high voltage pulse group measurement

(5) S1~S5

3, household appliances, such as blender, electric cooker, sealing machine, hamburger machine, milk machine, coffee machine, massage machine, water machine, hair dryer and so on, these products have a common characteristic, motor, short-time working, diode half wave rectifier, low cost PWM negative power supply, MCU control, the products are prone to test problems as follows:

(1) conduction test

(2) disturbance power (or radiation) test

(3) electrostatic testing

(4) Flicker voltage flicker test

(5) harmonic emission test

(6), click (CLICK) test

4, lighting products, such as LED driver, all kinds of lamps, the main products are built in a switching power supply, switching power supply because of high frequency harmonics and rich power, so these products are relatively easy to test unqualified: China Manufacturer of nylon coupling

(1) conduction test

(2) radiation test

(3) harmonic emission test

5, generally more likely to substandard projects

(1) conduction test

(2) radiation test

(3) electrostatic testing

Summary: EMC, no matter where are foreign products, launch products based on EMI itself, is by itself the product of cable, shell equivalent antenna through space launch the external disturbance signal, through the AC cable to the conduction modes on the grid harmonics, voltage flicker and harassment. The lightning surge, based on the environment the human body static electricity grid, power oscillations harassed the product! Overall, following test items in product development, according to different product categories, according to international standards, countries, regions, industry standards, pre evaluation of the product, so as to successfully enter the market, reduce the development cycle, reduce development costs!

China Manufacturer of nylon coupling

China Manufacturer of nylon coupling



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