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Huawei fined Ren Zhengfei 1 million

Today, a report from the HUAWEI company documents “of poor management and leadership responsibility of the accountability bulletin” in the online scraper. brass components

The bulletin showed that HUAWEI was responsible for major responsibility leaders because “some operating quality accidents and business fraud have occurred in some operating units”.

The specific briefing is as follows:

In recent years, some business units have been in charge of quality accidents and business fraudulent practices. The management of the company has a weak management responsibility. After being discussed and discussed by the Standing Committee of the board of directors, the company is responsible for leading the company’s main responsibilities, and notify all the employees of the company.brass components

Ren Zhengfei fined 1 million;

Guo Ping fined 500 thousand;

The fine of Xu Jun was fined 500 thousand;

Hu Houkun fined 500 thousand;

Li Jie fined 500 thousand.

According to the “deep reading” news, “business fraud may involve some overseas representative office order inflated operating data fraud, and HUAWEI has the data of high-level leadership demoted fake pay cut, frozen promotion”.

In this connection, the reporter to HUAWEI China < > brass componentsentrepreneur relevant staff confirmed that the news is true. HUAWEI staff said that the documents are true. The staff also said that long-term self-criticism, HUAWEI is a long-term value, however, is not a kind of time for, this is against false contract in HUAWEI. Inside, this self criticism of many cases are in the tradition of self critical value of HUAWEI outlook.

This is the January 17th issue of accountability bulletin, at 5 pm the same day, HUAWEI headquarters in Shenzhen also held a “burning dead bird Phoenix” special events. In the event, HUAWEI President Ren Zhengfei is in the “Phoenix burn dead bird, grow in the self-criticism in special ceremony entitled” climb up from the pit is Saint > speech, and the speech of the title with ten years ago, in September 2, 2008 in recognition of the General Assembly speech on the core network in the product line are almost the same, the contents are also around self critical.

According to the analysis of the public, “blue blood”, is different, do self criticism 10 years ago, in order to survive, to listen to clear the customer needs, in order to use the life light lit the morale of the team, in order to break the guerrillas, limitations and habits of eight way, in order to spread without falling forward on the way to the pit trap; and 10 years later, do self criticism, is to create a great era, is to become a great warrior, is to start the aircraft carrier, is to practice the Moore’s law of life.

In addition, in the self critical activities in the past two years, because management is not mature, out of business, business leaders and illegal punishment business together, a profound reflection of their past business decision-making mistakes, to give personal losses, and thanks to HUAWEI to give the opportunity to bid farewell to the past, A fighting spirit soars aloft. and start again.

“The undead bird is the Phoenix.”

It is reported that the afternoon of January 17th, the theme of “burning dead bird Phoenix” and “self punishment conference” is very special, for the first time to take to the global synchronization of HUAWEI employees in the form of live. Live on a huge screen, there is a Golden Phoenix wings, with a long tail to the Pentium, under the red flame in the background fly, can not be burned, to Nirvana rebirth. This Agreement and expression of HUAWEI has been pursuing the verse brass components: “burning dead bird Phoenix”, meaning the ashes, self critical. Is the ceremonial.

At the scene, Ren Zhengfei said: “today is to be punished and will be punished cadres and cadres of swearing, I already put on my own injunction wrote online.” he said the HUAWEI executives, the core of Moore’s law is to be self critical, through self-criticism, self iteration in the ideological and cultural sublimation, Moore’s law to practice in life. We have confidence, long live long live youth hero, and dare to correct the shortcomings and mistakes of human life.

Some analysts said that although HUAWEI has long insisted there is a sense of ritual self criticism is not new, but in the recent hot events in the background, this was called the HUAWEI flavor, in its new historical period beginning on the occasion, showing a Yuecuoyueyong strategy is the core value of confidence, intended to reshape the group the concept of struggle.

It is worth noting that 2017 is HUAWEI was founded in 30th anniversary, is standing in its specific historical node, in a bid farewell to the past, the future attitude, meet the eyes of Ren Zhengfei “thirty years Hexi” challenge. Only self criticism, also adopted the current hot live form, change the attitude of the remarkable HUAWEI, which shows in the criticism and self-criticism is advancing with the times.

In fact, the “burning dead bird Phoenix” is not the first time, the earliest can be traced back to 2000, HUAWEI’s “stay dead meeting”. It is reported that the earliest form of HUAWEI because the work is not serious, the test is not strict, a lot of waste, caused by the blind innovation and the development of engineering technology, round-trip ticket the staff rushed to the scene of “fire”, boxes into a box to pack into the special prize, awarded to the person responsible for the relevant product.

“Today is a waste, it washed our hearts, tomorrow will become outstanding achievements as a prize dedicated to the family”, “we carry out self critical purpose is not to everyone to concentrate on self-cultivation, or deep soul revolution. But all require a constantly look for a broader external service object or, more meaningful goals.” the awards scene, Ren Zhengfei criticized the relevant responsible person at the same time, did not forget to continue to challenge them, a lot of waste is waste, stimulate these cadres of substandard quality, cost a waste of shame, thus to improve the work.

After the meeting, “burning dead bird Phoenix” from the mud climb out of the saints “, have become HUAWEI internal popular and famous.

Of course, HUAWEI people burned too many, and HUAWEI’s BG business at the helm of HUAWEI.2012, the sales revenue of the company’s more than 200 million failed to complete the task, in the annual review meeting held in 2013, the relevant person in charge of the service commitment, practice had not reach the bottom line, the team leader in zero the bonus “commitment. Including Xu Wenwei, Yu Chengdong, Wan Biao, BG business leader, was issued by the company from scratch off award.

“Burn” after the performance has been improved for.2017 years, HUAWEI sales revenue is expected to reach 600 billion yuan, nearly $100 billion in size; the sustainable and steady development of business operators; business services in 197 world top 500 enterprises, 45 of the world’s top 100 enterprises; Yu Chengdong led the consumer business intelligent mobile phone, shipped 153 million units, the global share exceeded 10%, continue to maintain the world’s top three, in the China market share exceeded 20%.

HUAWEI’s culture of use

In “to strive for the HUAWEI company human resource management program”, the reporter noted, “burning dead bird Phoenix” argument is not put forward, but the spirit of early in 1995 had been formed. Then, in “the present situation and our tasks > speech, when HUAWEI’s marketing department staff the principal in the report submitted at the same time, also submitted his resignation, received accreditation. Ren Zhengfei affirmed the practice. Then, in 1996, Ren Zhengfei in the marketing department at the collective resignation ceremony also emphasized this spirit to the survival and development of enterprises, to be mind.

This has also become a core principle of HUAWEI’s employment. In the 2005 new employee book, it is mentioned that the “burning Phoenix is HUAWEI’s attitude towards grievances and setbacks and the criteria of selecting cadres.

Mention of HUAWEI culture, no wonder Ren Zhengfei’s “wolf” culture, HUAWEI adhere to the enterprise is to develop a group of wolves, and the wolf has three characteristics: one is the keen sense of smell; the two is the spirit of the three refuse to be cowed or submit, regardless of personal danger; group struggle. Companies to expand, must have these three elements. But at the same time, the senior cadres must also with the heart of the fire and the fire of the spirit to ignite all the staff’s confidence. And the heart of the fire and the fire of the spirit of the source, cannot do without regular “burn”.

Of course, this is also that HUAWEI CEO Ren Zhengfei paste wisdom. Ren Zhengfei once said, I do not understand technology, I do not understand, I also do not understand finance, carrying a bucket of paste. The paste barrel, in the west is the glue, the adhesive glue is the essence of human and organization the organization “philosophy. Burning dead bird Phoenix”, is based on the theory of Ren Zhengfei paste.

Ren Zhengfei had mentioned more than once, the future society of human society will develop into intelligent society for twenty or thirty years, the depth and breadth will be unpredictable. “Information technology in five years is how, I don’t know; the next thirty years, the human society will become what look like, is not at all clear. The accumulation of information technology thirty years ago the energy will erupt in the thirty years after the flood, this will give HUAWEI away not to say. Not the least trace was found.”

It emphasizes the organization vitality and the correct direction of speech, is often mentioned in Ren Zhengfei’s recent speech. For example, in a speech in the field of human resources, Ren Zhengfei pointed out: “the dynamic organization should make roughly the right direction to implement, but also be good at self criticism, so that once the direction from the right after the timely correction. In the knowledge explosion, rapid changes in the industry today, vibrant organization to hear from leaders at all levels of sound, absorb the essence of the whole organization, to ensure sustained roughly the right direction”

Some analysts said that HUAWEI this top-down self critical spirit of enterprise culture, curing the blood, let the company body remain full of vitality, to achieve self correction, to ensure that the HUAWEI this ship direction approximately correct, and go further. It also explains since its founding in 1987, emphasizing the values the HUAWEI culture is a step by step how to go today.

Climb up from the pit in the saints

Ren Zhengfei’s speech on the theme ceremony of “the undead bird is the Phoenix, growing up in self criticism”

January 17, 2018

Fall what, climb up and fight again, our youth blood, lofty sentiments, a hero spectrum on the eternal flow. Great era is our great cause, we built, we made great mistakes, everyone has a small disadvantage. Correct it, throw it away, toward the direction of right brave, forward, we can certainly reach Everest. We are facing an unprecedented period of great information society, intelligent society we don’t imagine HUAWEI just sail the aircraft carrier is to take tens of thousands of hero paddle. The fate of the era of responsibility, already fell on our shoulders, we have what personal career can not be put down. Any great man an era is in tribulation. Toughened and hardened into steel, not natural ore can turn into steel, is to remove scum in the fire burning, the thought of suffering, others will promote the fire of criticism The shortcomings and mistakes. Is us scum, get rid of it, we can become a great warrior. At a critical historical moment, the great age of the follow up, over it, shouldering the burden of responsibility toward the light, roughly toward the right direction, as a member of the company, great glory and pride. Don’t ever forget self criticism, the core of Moore’s law is self critical, we must through self-criticism, self iteration, sublimation in ideology and culture, gradually rising, Moore’s law to practice in life.

Our future is bright, the road may be our difficulties and hardships, we have confidence in the reform go on the road, Li Yong in high and vigorous spirits, A fighting spirit soars aloft., in the tide of the times.

A hero has a long life, a young man, and a person who dares to correct the faults and faults.

Climb up from the mud is a saint. brass components

Ren Zhengfei’s speech at the core network product line commendation Conference

September 2, 2008

For more than 20 years of practice, so that we realize the self critical for the development of a company is very important. If we do not adhere to this principle, HUAWEI will not have today. No self criticism, we will not listen to clear the needs of customers, will not pay close attention to and the advantages of peer learning, to get into the self as the center, will be eliminated by the rapidly changing competitive market environment; no self-criticism, we face a crisis of survival, not deep self reflection, self motivation, team life light lit morale, illuminate the direction; no self criticism will not rest on its laurels, humbly absorb advanced things outside, can not break the guerrillas, limitations and habits of eight way, raise yourself to a global company management level; no self-criticism, I would not keep inside Convergence of pragmatic culture style, because it will be achieved some success and wunderkind, carried away, on the road across the mud fell into the trap; no self criticism can not be excluded, inactive ingredients in the process of establishing a quality management system, reduce the operation cost; no self-criticism, not the cadres at all levels tell the truth, do not listen to criticism, not learning progress, we can not guarantee the correct decision-making and implementation. Only long-term self criticism, it has a broad mind; only long-term self-criticism, have a bright future. Self criticism let go today; we can move forward we can go far, depending on how long to continue to adhere to the self criticism.

Others say that I am very great, in fact, I only know that he did not understand, I also do not understand technology, management and finance, my advantage is good at introspection, reflection, like a sponge, will be good at others’ advantages, strengths of absorption came into their own thinking, logic, language and behavior. Confucius is today, we are not saints, why not.

Review of core network for 20 years of history, we are all in advance. Self criticism, from the development of HJD48 simulation PBX switch to JK1000, then to A machine, C machine, B machine, 128, 201 campus card, A8010, no one is not constantly improve your yesterday no. Yesterday, not today, in the wrong, backward criticism at the same time, we also self cultivate, grow up a group of great heroes team. But the understanding of truth is repeated. The SPC’s success yesterday, so that we in the next generation of product planning to deviate from the trend we use the iNET to deal with the soft exchange customer demand at the end of the.2001, the China Telecom chose to include Ericsson, Alcatel lucent, SIEMENS, ZTE, including five experiments, HUAWEI was excluded from the door, suffered a major setback for.GSM MSC from G3 to G6 there has been no market breakthrough.UMTS was V8 In case of failure of the.3G circuit domain core network packet domain, PS and HLR have long-term investment returns, short-term also did not seize the opportunity. We are facing severe winters in the core network. When we realized the mistake to stand up on NGN, many times I have to go to Beijing, is still not a test board the opportunity. We proposed the Bantian base for the requirements of the test will not agree. We deviate from the customer demand as the center, complacent, how much to pay the heavy price. Of course, finally get the China Telecom’s tolerance, that we in the China land, stand up.

Self criticism is endless, as it is never too old to learn, to accompany us for life. To learn is to be self critical to the old, learn what to do, is to make their own progress. What is the correct call progress, yesterday is not correct. When we regain NGN success when we G9 and AIS in Thailand again fell down, dropped from the network.HLR in Thailand, Yunnan collapsed Bureau, another alarm. We have not formed the habit of self criticism, we would not be in the delivery of the China Mobile T Bureau, the success of HAJJ. Saudi security, make self judgment results obtained brilliant, changed the world technology development history, also changed the direction of development of our core network. So far, our core network throughout the world, by the end of June 30, 2008, net sales of 280 million core cable line; GU core net sales of 830 million users; CDMA core network 1.5 The new market share of the mobile core network is 43.7%, and the new market share of the fixed core network is 24.3%, all of which are the first in the world.

You should remember the old staff, the afternoon of September 1, 2000, exactly eight years ago, also in this venue, R & D system organized thousands of people to participate in the “Central Research Department will stay dead as a bonus prize to the R & D backbone” conference. The research because the work is not serious, the test is not strict, blindly innovation from stay die material single board device, in order to put those generated by the fire online ticket, framed up hundreds of backbone as “prize” to the R & D system. When the R & D system to ask for my advice on the conference, I put up from the mud man is the sage “this word to them. I think, eight years ago, the self critical assembly, and the recognition of the general assembly after eight years, is its inherent antecedents and consequences. It is because we firmly adhere to the self criticism, constantly reflect on their own, constantly surpass themselves, only With today’s achievements, there are thousands of saints present here. brass components

Self criticism is not inferior, but confidence, only the strong will of self criticism. Only self criticism will become strong. Therefore, we put forward the media gateway UMG, key technology and market the world’s first slogan; PS HLR for ten years, never abandon, continue to struggle, has built the industry’s most competitive products; STP from birth now has been signaling online strongest performance, the best quality of the products. With the unification of the entire core network architecture and network platform, the core competitiveness will be further improved, the main products are all the core network is proposed to achieve the industry’s first competitive goal. I especially appreciate the change of each terminal, the industry will create a great company, such as the popularization and the rise of personal computer to create a Microsoft based network deployment; IP created Cisco; Internet search and advertising achievements Google; today, we have ushered in the broadband business transfer from fixed to mobile operators, strengthen terminal customization and resale industry changes, we believe that this change will also create a great company, perhaps HUAWEI terminal. So how to do the core network product line? We sincerely hope that with all of you together, together to seize this historic opportunity to create a new legend!

Self criticism is a weapon and a spirit. All the collar of the HUAWEI

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