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11 Tips for Successful Management of 6S Management

To be one: to work with the satisfaction of customers and employees. OEM service for precision parts

All corporate behavior is to create more profits. Customers and employees are the main source of corporate profits. The purpose of 6S is ultimately to satisfy customers, improve the overall quality of employees, and maximize corporate profits. In the implementation of 6S, we must closely focus on this topic, and can not be deviated. OEM service for precision parts

Tip 2: Support from senior leaders

High-level leaders must personally lead, organize and lead, and must take a resolute attitude when dealing with various disputes, resolutely oppose and stop bad awareness and management methods, and advocate and encourage change and innovation. OEM service for precision parts

Trick 3: Full participation

6S management is not a matter for individual departments and leaders, but for all employees to participate in the changes, because 6S involves a wide range, rich in content, is a management method for people, only from top to bottom this work as the focus When it is implemented, it can achieve the purpose of 6S management. OEM service for precision parts

Tip 4: There is a strong organizational guarantee

6S management relying on the general call, employees can consciously advance is impossible, we must establish an organizational system, implement a strong promotion.

Tips 5: Thorough 6S Spirit

“Why did you give me a red card?” “Isn’t this very good? Is there any need for improvement?” We must resolutely oppose this kind of bad awareness and wipe it out. OEM service for precision parts

Tip 6: Application of practical promotion techniques

In different stages of 6S implementation, timely application of fixed-point photography, red card operations, Kanban management, visual management, and other methods are effective.

Tip VII: On-site inspection of management personnel at all levels

The purpose, cycle, and content of the patrolling at all levels of management personnel should be clarified. The problems found during inspections should be periodically reviewed, follow-up actions taken, and results should be directed to improvement. OEM service for precision parts

Tips for improving the platform with 6S management

Through the implementation of 6S standard people’s behavior, to achieve cost reduction and quality improvement, transform the production process and create a harmonious working environment for the company.

Tips 9: Clear goals, work together

Breaking the goals one by one from the top down, each person has indicators on their heads, they work together, they move to one place, the decree is smooth, and employees who participate in various activities can actively participate. OEM service for precision parts

Tips for training 10: Training 6S atmosphere

Use various conferences, newspapers, placards, radio and television to vigorously publicize and let employees understand the purpose and methods of 6S management, and increase employee recognition. OEM service for precision parts

Tips for eleven: expensive

In the actual implementation process, many companies have experienced “one tight, two loose, three collapsed, four-fold” phenomenon. Therefore, it is expensive to carry out 6S activities. OEM service for precision parts

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