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Oil King Rockefeller’s $1 tip

In a dirty and messy waiting room, a tired old man was sitting on the seat next to the door. The dust and mud on his shoes showed that he had gone a long way. The train entered the station and began to check the tickets. The old man stood up unhurriedly and prepared to go to the ticket gate.

Suddenly, a fat lady came out of the waiting room, carrying a very large box and apparently trying to catch the train, but it was so heavy that she gasped.

The fat lady saw the old man and shouted to him, “Hey, old man, take the suitcase for me, and I’ll tip you later.” the old man, without thinking about it, walked with Mrs. Fat to the ticket counter.

As soon as they checked in for the train, the train started. Mrs. Fat sweated and said happily, “thanks to you, I’d have to miss the train.” as she said, she took out a dollar and handed it to the old man. The old man accepted with a smile.

Then the conductor came over and said, “Hello, Mr. Rockefeller. Welcome to this train. May I help you?” ”

“Thank you, no, I just had a three-day hike and now I’m going back to New York headquarters,” replied the old man politely.

“what? Rockefeller? “cried Mrs. Fat,” God, what am I doing when I ask Mr. Rockefeller, the famous oil king, to give me a dollar tip for carrying my suitcase? “she was busy apologizing to Rockefeller and asking Rockefeller to give her the dollar tip with trepidation.

“you don’t have to apologize, ma’am, you didn’t do anything wrong,” Rockefeller said with a smile. “I made this dollar, so I took it.” Rockefeller put the dollar solemnly in his pocket.

Story philosophy

Success is only seen by others as a halo on your head, just like the old woman’s later trepidation; And the true winner should be “invisible” to his head, and the halo does not change much, just as Rockefeller thinks he is still an old man despite being the richest man in the world.

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