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The lost old Ford

Ford is a famous American founder of Ford Motor. He has made great contributions to the development of auto industry and motorcycle industry, and has been awarded the first Class Medal by the President of the United States. order CNC parts

Ford is a big player in the auto industry in the United States and the world at large. But no one is perfect, and so is Ford.

At one point, there was a heated debate within the Ford Institute of Technology about whether to use “water cooling” or “air cooling” for car internal-combustion engines. Ford was a proponent of “gas cooling.” So the newly developed N 360 sedan uses an air-cooled internal combustion engine.

At the Formula one Championship in the United States, a driver drove a Ford “air-cooled” car to race. On the third lap, the car lost control of the car because it was too fast, and the car crashed into the fence and the fuel tank exploded. As a result, even the driver was burned to death. order CNC parts

The incident triggered a sharp drop in sales of Ford’s Air cooled N 360 car.

The technicians asked to study the “water-cooled” internal combustion engine, but Ford still refused. In one case, several key technicians were ready to resign. Ford’s deputy general manager felt the situation was serious. Call Ford: “do you think it is important to be a general manager or a technician in the company?” “Ford answered with surprise:” of course it is important to be general manager. “Wechat ID: lean production Promotion Center.”

The deputy general manager said mercilessly, “then let them go to the water-cooled engine.” Ford suddenly realized that, and without hesitation, he said, “Okay!” “later, several technicians developed marketable products, which boosted the company’s sales. order CNC parts

The technical staff who wanted to resign were all appointed by Ford.

Ford is on a healthy track. One day, a middle-level manager at the company, Waldo, said to Ford, “I think the company’s middle managers have all grown up. Should you think about developing successors?” “Waldo’s words were implicit but expressed a desire for Ford to resign. order CNC parts

“you’re right,” Ford said repeatedly. “if you don’t remind me, it’s time for me to step down. Why don’t you quit today?” A few months after the handover, Ford ceded the chair to someone else.

A man, no matter how high his position or great achievement, will inevitably make one kind of mistake or another, be able to know himself and listen to the opinions of his subordinates contrary to his own. This is what every outstanding entrepreneur should have in mind. Especially when subordinates have put forward their opinions on business plans in the softest and most circuitous way, it is also a time to test the “minimum requirements” of entrepreneurs’ minds. order CNC parts

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