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The parting is not good, can the mold be used?

In order to remove the plastic parts and the runner system and removed from the closed mold, and placed in order to insert the mold properly into two or several parts, these can be separated from the contact surface, known as the parting parting surface representation method:

  1. when the mold is separated, both sides of the parting face are moved;
  2. when the mold is separated, one of the templates will not move and the other will move:

The number of A. parting faces is: single parting surface, double parting surface, multi parting surface

The shapes of B. parting surfaces are: plane, inclined plane, stepped surface and curved surface

  1. parting surface and mold opening direction are: parallel to the mold opening direction, vertical to the mold opening direction, and the opening direction of an oblique angle.

This is the parting, each required course design. But when parting there are many places, often because of some personal habits, or some factory style of doing things, prone to many problems. If so do die out after the discovery of.Sorry, too late, therefore, before parting lot must do the preparatory work many times, to get the products began to draw 2D, 2D structure up to express the structure, process, have to play 3D. Painting 2D, the structure of things can think, can be found. Some such as touch to wear, what to wear. It rarely inserted can be done comprehensively. Therefore, 3D before parting, some of the basic analysis and inspection of products, can save a lot of trouble. Back here to talk about the general will do what inspection before parting:

  1. the thickness of the product: this problem is a primary problem. If not checked, the general problem of the time is that the products die out. This change is very troublesome. The wall thickness uniformity, not a thin one thick. The uneven thickness, easy go to glue not smooth and shrink. The bone has shrunk the most trouble, generally do not insert, if the water is OK, there is water then had to pick up the idea of water. Oh, enough you. So, beginning before parting, I used to see a bit thick bone, in no assembly under the condition of direct reduction, too lazy to ask.
  2. volcano: this thing a lot of customers to the product, the screw column where he is generally a long column directly. Basically there are no painting products when the crater, then fix it yourself, don’t ask them, white also asked a question he would not. Help you do, people want to be lazy, people who told the customer.
  3. after the draft angle draft mode to say, as long as it is not a place of assembly, you can pull out, don’t exaggerate it. What a bone like, pull up is also very fast. If it is before the mold will have to communicate with the client. Smooth fine, small degree is not the problem. Some small draft you can trim angle. A texture, the requirements of the draft angle, reference pattern to do. Before die many times are to change the appearance of the surface, to repair the basic product engineer is there own fix, as long as you come early enough.
  4. points: the thin steel in general, preliminary review, a general glue is quite obvious, but some places to remove the insert is not easy to see, not before the demolition, the feeling is not sharp, can insert a split out and found, if the product structure, do not change the law and that there is no way, it is pointed sharp. But you have to notice before, left a posterior to themselves. Because you have right to say, or your own trouble later.
  5. parting line and parting line: Generally speaking, typing the problem or not, is mainly to deal with some of the corner, R angle, plug. There will be some local sealing glue is too small, not enough to plug or inclination, before and after the mode is not good, sometimes appear upside down the situation. Sometimes the invisible, the actual mode split found the problem.
  6. hole and shaft: some holes, a shaft must understand what use, relates to the assembly of things, Chaimo must pay special attention to. Do it because of breaking, dislocation, and assembly, people will snap.
  7. bit penetrating orientation: involves penetrating, whether before or after the touch after the die die die die. If you take off the front group front, so will the side where the number of fronts, good repair, will not affect the appearance. Although the number of front and you do not have to repair, but its location directly influences to the quality of the products

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