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The best mold people often leave the job first, but not because of the money!

When it comes to resignation, the reason people think of the first time is that the money is not in place. However, I feel that more people are not leaving their jobs, but leaving the boss and leaving the company is a grievance. pcb board assembly

I think that HR has to work hard to find a suitable candidate, and it is necessary to “unscrupulously” to retain the excellent employees who are ready to quit. It is really hard to leave!

Retaining good employees seems to be difficult, but it is not true that most of the mistakes made by many managers can be avoided, but once managers make mistakes, the best employees often leave first because they have the most choices. . pcb board assembly

If the company can’t let good employees put themselves into the work, they can’t keep good employees. This should be common sense, but there are still many people who don’t know.

The departure of a good employee is not sudden. In fact, their interest in work is gradually exhausted.

Some foreign scholars have spent a lot of time studying this phenomenon and call it the phenomenon of “power reduction”. Outstanding employees are like dying stars, and their passion for work is slowly diminishing. pcb board assembly

“’Power reduction’ is different from flameout because employees are not in serious crisis. They seem to be doing well: investing a lot of time, working with people to complete tasks, and meeting speeches are impeccable. But at the same time, they are silent. The ground is under constant blow. It is conceivable that in the end they will only leave.”
In order to prevent “power reduction” and retain top talents, companies and managers must realize that their own practices have led to a slow decline in employee enthusiasm. The following eight practices are the most harmful. If you want to retain good employees, you must avoid:

Make a bunch of stupid rules

Of course, the company needs rules and regulations, but it is impossible to formulate short-sighted and sloppy rules and regulations. Whether it is an overly strict attendance system, or the overtime pay for employees, or even a few extra rules, it may drive people crazy.

If a good employee feels “big brother” and looks at himself all the time, he will feel too much pressure and choose to change jobs.

Indiscriminate treatment of employees

The method of treating everyone equally is applicable to school education, but it is not suitable for use in the workplace.

For the best employees, this means that no matter how good they are, the treatment is the same as the fool who can only punch in and out of work. pcb board assembly

Tolerate employee’s poor performance

It is said that the level of a jazz band depends on its worst musicians. No matter how good the other musicians are, the audience hears the worst musicians, as well as in the workplace.

If the company does not punish employees with poor performance, they will drag down the performance of other employees, especially the best employees. This can happen if the manager has insufficient emotional intelligence and cannot effectively deal with the problem of poor performance.

Not sure about the employee’s performance

Managers tend to underestimate the power of praise, especially the role of outstanding employees who are extremely in need of incentives. Everyone loves honor, especially the employees who work diligently and wholeheartedly, and reward individual contributions. This shows that managers pay attention to it.

Managers need to communicate with employees to find out how they like to reward their good work performance. pcb board assembly

Don’t care about employees

More than half of the employees left the company because of poor relationship with their superiors. Smart companies will ensure that their managers know how to be professional and not human.

Such managers are proud of the success of their employees, understand the difficulties of their employees, and allow employees to accept challenges, even if the process is painful.

If the boss never really cares about the employee, then the flow of his staff will be higher. No one wants to dedicate more than eight hours a day to a boss who only knows how to give orders and only cares about performance.

Do not describe the company’s development blueprint for employees

It seems to be very efficient to keep assigning tasks to employees. However, for excellent employees, it is unclear whether the company’s blueprint may be the main reason for their departure. pcb board assembly

Good employees are willing to take on a larger workload because they really care about their work, and these jobs must be valuable.

If they don’t know what their value is, they will feel alienated and feel that there is no direction. They don’t feel self-worth in this company, they will go elsewhere to find value.

Employees can’t pursue their hobbies

Google Inc. requires employees to spend at least 20% of their time “doing what they think is most beneficial to Google.” These hobby projects have spawned excellent Google products, such as Google Mail and Ad Network, but their biggest role is to cultivate highly focused Google employees.

Outstanding employees are often full of enthusiasm, giving these employees the opportunity to pursue their hobbies, improve their work efficiency and job satisfaction, but many managers limit the scope of their work to a small space. pcb board assembly

This kind of manager is worried that if employees are allowed to expand their attention and pursue their hobbies, their efficiency will be reduced. This kind of worry is superfluous.

Studies have shown that if employees are able to pursue their hobbies at work, their brains will always be excited, and the efficiency at this time is five times the normal efficiency.

Work has no fun

If the employee is bored, this is the manager’s problem. If the employees are not happy, they will not be fully engaged in their work.

Fun is the main force against “power reduction.” Good companies will be clear: it is important to let employees relax properly. For example, Google is doing everything it can to make things fun, such as free meals, bowling alleys, and fitness classes. pcb board assembly

Google’s intention to do this is simple: if the work is fun, employees will not only perform better, but will also be willing to work longer, and even use it as a long-term career.

All in all, in the face of employee turnover, managers tend to blame others, but ignore the crux of the problem – employees are not leaving, but leaving the boss, leaving the company。 pcb board assembly

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