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From the perspective of quality management, 10 suggestions for “new enterprise”

Ten suggestions for quality management on new enterprises

The newly established company belongs to the initial stage, it is recommended to do the most basic quality management work in the early stage, and establish a quality management system is a good choice, lay a good foundation in the early stage, the future will be better and faster development:

1, all the staff of the company, including the management, establish a good quality awareness

Slowly discard the previous bad quality values, this proposal from the training work, post evaluation, directly from the consulting company to ask the teacher to come

2, gradually improve the company’s various aspects of the system and process

Must be refined to all aspects, everything in accordance with the process and system of work, and organize all personnel learning process and system

3, the executive power should be established

For the company to develop the process and system must be implemented and implemented in place

4, everything that happens in the company should be recorded

Easy for later verification

5, product inspection should be made SIP, all in accordance with the standard inspection

The related work of SOP, and to organize the evaluation on staff skills training and post operation, must be in accordance with the SOP. If the latter operation method with better, can be reported to the Department of leadership, by various departments to review the changes SOP, and give awards to the staff.

6, to establish a system for supplier management, and to develop quality agreements

Control supplier according to supplier management and quality agreement and audit supplier when necessary

7, after the establishment of the quality system, the regular organization of the company’s system audit, product audit, process audit and so on

The audit of the problems, formulate measures and implement to the person and date, later review

8, the external and internal quality problems must be recorded

Set up quality improvement team by quality organization, find out the real reason, formulate relevant control measures and preventive measures, and revise relevant documents

9, for product inspection, comprehensive consideration and refinement, determine the key and key characteristics of size, can make the inspection fixture making inspection tools, to make inspection tools should also consider more efficient measurement method, further reduce the measurement error.

10, gradually improve the test equipment, regularly carry out the relevant test of the product

Especially in the early stage of new product development, relevant test verification must be carried out, and third party testing institutions should be sent to the test which can not be implemented inside

11, establish and perfect the evaluation and incentive system of the Lord, reward and punishment

Let our staff have hope, have power! Give employees a feeling of home, a sense of belonging!

The establishment of a company is not easy, and we hope to establish a better quality concept and values at the beginning. Do not produce for production, but for quality production. Only in this way can our enterprise become bigger and stronger!



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