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[HR] Performance Appraisal Results Application (V) Performance Results Application Diagnosis and Improvement

Through a few days of study, I believe that everyone has a clearer understanding and understanding of the application of performance appraisal results, and compares their own company’s performance results with the status quo. Combining with everyone’s successful experience, do you have any gains and come together to diagnose? And improve it, please ask: plastic bushings
1. What are the problems with the application of your company’s performance appraisal results?
2, how will you improve and optimize?
Reference resolution:
The development of a company is closely related to the evaluation of business performance. If a company does not have a standardized performance appraisal process, the company will lack completeness and will directly affect effective operations. If the reward and punishment decisions are not linked to performance, they will not be fair and impartial, and rewards and punishments will not be convincing. This will largely eliminate employees’ enthusiasm and enthusiasm for work. Over time, forming a habit, seeing it after curing, and then changing, will become a subculture of the company. 1. The result of performance appraisal is the main basis for the employee’s bonus distribution and salary adjustment. Staff assessment results are divided into four categories: excellent, good and bad. The employee’s monthly assessment score is linked to salary and linked to the year-end bonus. According to the employee’s year-end assessment results to determine the year-end salary adjustment or salary reduction, or stop at home.  plastic bushings

2, for managers through the analysis of performance appraisal records to assess their performance during the period of service, according to the results of the evaluation on the really incompetent work, or poor performance assessment. Excellent people can be promoted with higher salaries. For good ones, they can raise salaries. For those who are incompetent, they can terminate the labor relations according to law. plastic bushings

3, performance appraisal results can also be used for training education analysis. Through the results of the evaluation results, it is possible to find out the level of employees’ knowledge of professional knowledge and the mastery of job skills, so as to make the next step in the training plan for employees and improve their overall quality. Conversely, performance evaluation can also be used to verify employee training results and restrict each other.

4. The result of performance appraisal can also be used as the selection basis for excellent employees at the end of the year. Otherwise, the results of the selection may not be effective enough. Usually, many companies rely on voting, recommendation, etc. to select, and often the result is not convincing, and the use of performance evaluation as a basis will break the previous method and be more fair and equitable. plastic bushings

5, for the employee’s conditions of dismissal. Those employees with poor performance, that is, these employees are no longer aggressive, are unable to work for three consecutive months, or are unable to meet the standard for six months of performance assessment within one year, and will eventually be eliminated. The

The Enterprise Management Department (Human Resources) should document and sort out the performance evaluation results. It is possible to diagnose problems existing in the company through performance evaluation results, such as errors in management mechanisms or processes, so as to analyze the results and help solve the problems and lay a foundation for the development of the company. plastic bushings

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