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How should 6S long stick?

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6S management is not on-site management of “special effects”, focusing on persistence. Experienced plastic gasket from China 

6S is a long work, not only the starting point, end point. One day can not change a person, a month can not. Through years of persistence, can let the employees develop consciousness; through three years of persistence, can let the staff to develop good habits; through ten years of persistence, can be integrated into the in a corporate culture. Experienced plastic gasket from China 

How should 6S persist for a long time?:

First, fresh every day — Methods and techniques change from month to month

Every day is very boring and stressed 6S, boring things, can be a theme each month, such as treasure hunt, tool cabinet big Xianbao, Qiangda knowledge contest, Guinness activity and so on, keep staff interest and freshness. Experienced plastic gasket from China 

Two, creative Sharing — 6S’s power station

The creative improvement refers to a breakthrough in the original basis, the formation of a new method, can play a better effect. A good idea, can solve a lot of the original problem, achieve unexpected effect. Actively use their brains through the staff themselves, set their own method to solve problems, and learn from each other and share, can form a good interaction situation, continue to hit a new spark, drive the activities to a higher level. Experienced plastic gasket from China 

So, share ideas is the 6S dragon punchline, is a tremendous power energy of the gas station. Experienced plastic gasket from China 

Three, honorary responsibility — continue to move forward, never look back

A phase of the implementation of 6S management, staff hand through improvement, experience tremendous changes in the scene, their work more physical and mental pleasure, this time can hold some award and star rating, the responsibility to the staff, put trust to employees, the honor to the staff. The staff from passive to active, to complete their work, continue to improve, continue to move forward. Experienced plastic gasket from China 

Four, institutions like religion – let 6S become our work habits

A good way to pass, we must insist on the implementation of the standardization system, so it is until it has become an important part of work in.6S, get a valuable experience in the process of implementation, such as the management method of equipment, tool placement method, the use of paint method, if not to enhance the summary, standardization the system, let more people benefit, then the hard work has no meaning. Experienced plastic gasket from China 

Enterprises should take 6S as a religion, form a system, and stick to it until they become our working habits

Five, evaluation and evaluation – perseverance is the key

6S visible effect, persevere is the key. Adhere to the 6S is more difficult than the implementation of 6S, many 6S the success of the enterprise have the same feeling. To adhere to 6S, only by the Department of cadres and staff awareness and consciousness is not enough, the unit leaders should regularly visit the site and functional departments should continue to adhere to the supervision, appraisal assessment. The assessment is completed according to the results, advantages and disadvantages, reflected in wages or bonuses. This can cause the attention of people. Experienced plastic gasket from China 

Six, Lean Innovation – let’s do better

The essence of 6S is the basis of on-site management, the enterprise has been in the foundation, has been wrapped step before, do not continue to go on the high-rise building, it is a great pity, develop advantage lost.

From the perspective of management, to maintain the 6S results, we must solve the problem, to prevent recurrence. Such as on-site rectification, if the material is so many, do everything possible to try to set the place, but also can not produce value waste. To do a thorough rectification, it is necessary to wait for the material placed in site, the need to reform from the production system, such as lean innovation, in order to solve the problem.

So, no matter from which point of view, we must pursue higher update management methods, to do better

Experienced plastic gasket from China

Experienced plastic gasket from China


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