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The pen tip steel that the Prime Minister is concerned about has been developed for two years. What is going on now?

Produce a small ballpoint pen. plastic injection mould design
Need more than 20 processes
There are 5 grooves guiding the ink in the pen
Processing accuracy is to be achieved
On the order of one thousandth of a millimeter. plastic injection mould design
In 2016, the domestic nibble steel was finally released.
Cracked the “pen tip problem” proposed by the Prime Minister
More than this
Chinese steel companies are still
Iterative upgrade of nib material
“Dive to practice and drive the first”
Building a strong country
Iterative upgrade of the pen tip steel

Set “standard” plastic injection mould design
Add new products
Too pen head with stainless steel
Product iteration upgrade
Split line guide
On July 1st, the industry standard “YB/T 4642-2018 free-cutting stainless steel wire” was drafted by Taigang. At the same time, the new generation of environmentally friendly stainless steel pens developed by TISCO passed the test. Set “standard”, add new products, too pen head with stainless steel products to achieve iterative upgrade.
“Development and Industrialization of Key Materials Preparation Technology in the Pen Industry” is the national “Twelfth Five-Year” Science and Technology Support Program. Taigang, as a major participating enterprise, developed a successful domestic stainless steel material for writing heads in 2016 based on a large number of basic research. , filled the domestic gap. Taking this as an opportunity, Taigang’s production, sales and research team closely focused on the needs of users, constantly surpassing itself, continuously strengthening the process control, rapidly improving product quality and support capabilities, and achieving stable batch supply, with over 80% of domestic users. Stainless steel nib professional production enterprise. plastic injection mould design

With the deepening of the structural reform of the supply side, the upgrading of steel products has further accelerated. TISCO and the Institute of Metals and Pen-making of the Chinese Academy of Sciences undertook the R&D and industrialization of a new generation of environmentally friendly stainless steel for writing heads in the “13th Five-Year Plan” national key R&D plan – “New R&D and Industrialization of Environmental Protection Pen Metal Materials Manufacturing Technology” jobs. Based on the experience of stainless steel in the development of stainless steel for writing, Taigang has carried out in-depth research on the influence of chemical elements and heat and cold processing on the machinability and processing performance of the tip, breaking through a number of key technologies and improving the composition system. Developed a new generation of environmentally friendly stainless steel materials for pens with superior performance, and has applied for 3 national patents. At present, Taigang’s new generation of environmentally friendly stainless steel for writing has been put on the market. plastic injection mould design
From filling the product gap to formulating relevant standards, and then successfully developing new products, the development and production of the pen tip steel has been accelerating. Taigang people will continue to adhere to the innovation drive, carry forward the spirit of artisans, make localization of key materials, and make unremitting efforts to accelerate the construction and manufacture of strong countries.

Too pen sharp steel

Taigang’s independent research and development of the pen tip steel has solved the “pen tip problem” proposed by the Prime Minister and changed the situation that China’s pen industry materials have long relied on imports. plastic injection mould design

The industry standard of China’s first “free-cut stainless steel wire for writing”, which was drafted by Taigang, passed the examination and approval of the National Steel Standards Committee and filled the gap in the standard of such products in China.

Taigang successfully developed a new generation of environmentally-friendly stainless steel materials for pens, successfully passed the test, and has applied for 3 national patents.
Too pen sharp steel cooperation users cover more than 80% of domestic stainless steel nib professional production enterprises. plastic injection mould design

Environmentally friendly and lead-free! Shougang’s new round ball tip material passed the review
Recently, Shougang Jitai’an New Materials Co., Ltd. “Lead-free super-cutting stainless steel wire for ball-point pens” has passed the judging by the China Metal Society.

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Gan Yong and from the China Institute of Metals, China Special Steel Enterprise Association Stainless Steel Branch, China Pen Association, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Shandong Taigang Group, Northeast Special Steel Group Research Institute, Qingtuo Group Research Institute, Jinrui Pen Industry After more than 10 experts and other serious questions and discussions, they unanimously determined that the results have reached the international advanced level. It is recommended to speed up market expansion and further promote the application. plastic injection mould design

For many years, Shougang Jitai’an New Materials Co., Ltd. has adhered to the development path of production, research and research and product innovation, and has developed and transformed a number of high-end alloy materials with leading level at home and abroad. Following the development of lead-free ball-point pen heads in 2016, it is super-easy to cut. After the stainless steel wire material, in the first half of this year, it successfully developed a new generation of stainless steel materials for environmentally friendly lead-free ballpoint pens. The R&D and market transformation of this product not only meets the requirements of national environmental management, but also fills the domestic gap. plastic injection mould design

The expert group believes that the research results of the “lead-free super-free cutting stainless steel wire for ball-point pens” project have reached the international advanced level, with the following characteristics and innovations:
For the first time in China, the use of super-easy-cutting stainless steel in the design of ball-point pens has been proposed to replace lead with yttrium, which overcomes the technical difficulties of increasing the tendency of bismuth alloying and ingot cracking, and makes the lead content below 10ppm (the lead-free standard in the EU is lead content). Under 30ppm), the “lead-free” environmental protection of the whole process of material use and its processing and manufacturing is realized in the true sense. plastic injection mould design
For the first time, the three-phase lined electroslag furnace of alkaline lining and alkaline slag was developed to control the high-sulfur super-free cutting stainless steel. The precise oxygen content control range and special control solidification process were designed. Cutting performance lays the key foundation.
For the first time, the oil-lubricated drawing process for large-size high-alloy wire rods has been developed, achieving the goal of high surface quality, high dimensional accuracy and high performance consistency. plastic injection mould design

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