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This is how a factory is declining…

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When a factory is in the development stage, some factories are steadily moving towards higher goals, but many factories are self-declining in the expansion! You may have read the following story too many times, but this phenomenon is a true portrayal of many factories, and it is worth thinking about every factory manager! Customized Non-standard plastic molded products

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Once upon a time there was a mountain, a temple in the mountain, and a monk in the temple.

One monk carried water to eat, two monks carried water to eat, three monks had no water to eat!

OK, the story officially begins! Customized Non-standard plastic molded products

When the abbot of the main temple learned that the poor on the mountain could not even eat water, he sent a chairperson and a secretary to jointly solve the problem.

After the abbot took office, he found that the key to the problem was poor management, so he recruited some monks to set up a temple management department to formulate the division of labor.

In order to better learn from the advanced experience of foreign countries, the temple selected Tang Seng and other leading cadres to study abroad; in addition, they also specially spent money to invite priests from the Catholic Church and the Christian Church to teach MBA.

The foreign priest stayed soon after leaving a few farts, one fart is called BPR, the other fart is called ERP. Customized Non-standard plastic molded products

The secretary was not idle either. He believed that the key to the problem was that the talents were not fully utilized and the temple culture was not well established, so he established the Human Resources Department and the Temple Labor Union, etc., and carefully embarked on the competition for appointments and appointments. Transitions.

After a few days, the results came out, and the three monks began to carry water desperately, but the problem was that they couldn’t drink enough.

Not only that, the young monks are busy carrying water, no one in the temple chanting scriptures, as the days go on, fewer and fewer guests come to burn incense, and the money for incense becomes tight.

In order to solve the income problem, the temple management department and human resources department held meetings for several days, and finally decided to set up a special water-carrying department for logistics and a special incense burning department for the market front desk.

At the same time, in order to better carry out its work, the temple promoted more than a dozen monks to serve as deputy abbots and assistant abbots, and appointed small abbots, deputy abbots, and assistant abbots in each department.
The old problem is finally alleviated, add WeChat: Yuki7557 will send a copy of the macro program tutorial, but the new problem comes again. The monk in charge of chanting at the front desk always complained that thirsty water was not enough to drink, and the monk who carried water in the backstage also complained about the shortage of manpower, the demand for water is too large and the lack of accuracy makes it difficult to serve.

In order to better resolve this contradiction, after a meeting, it was decided to establish a new department: Drinking Water Response Department, which is responsible for coordinating the front-end and back-end conflicts.

In order to facilitate communication and coordination, each department has established a corresponding contact monk. Although the coordination has been achieved, the effect is not satisfactory. A careful study revealed that it was caused by inaccurate water demand and insufficient water wells.

As a result, various departments held several meetings and decided to strengthen the prediction of drinking water by the monks at the front desk and the satisfaction evaluation of monks with water carrying monks, so that the front and back offices signed agreements, scored each other, and improved the assessment mechanism.

In order to facilitate scoring and assessment, the monastery specially purchased several computer systems, including water-carrying statistical system, incense burning statistical system, ordinary pilgrim donation analysis system, big pilgrim donation analysis system, etc. At the same time, the incense money management department and the incense money accounting department were established. , Well Drilling Strategy Research Department, Well Drilling Construction Department, Well Drilling Maintenance Department, etc.

Because the numbers from each system are always inaccurate and inconsistent, a technology development center was established to be responsible for the maintenance and secondary development of each system.

Due to too many departments and insufficient office space, the temple set up a comprehensive department to solve this problem, and finally decided to turn the temple into an office area. Pilgrims were only allowed to burn incense outside the mountain gate.

With more departments and officials, there will naturally be more documents and meetings. In order to reduce the number of documents and meetings, the General Office took the lead in convening N meetings on reducing meetings and issued a “document on reducing documents.”

At the same time, in order to streamline the organization and improve efficiency, the monastery also established a streamlining organization office, an organization reform research department and other departments.

Everything seems reasonable, but the issue of incense money and drinking water still cannot be resolved. What’s the problem? Some monks suggested that an analysis meeting should be held every month, and the business analysis department came into being.

Analysis requires a lot of data and reports, but the system is always unable to do so, so each department assigns some monks to manually count, fill in reports, and work for the system.

The monastery has become lively like never before. Some monks are desperately carrying water, some are desperately chanting, some are desperately coordinating, and some are desperately analyzing…they are busy, the water is still not enough, the incense money is not enough use.

What’s the reason? This monk said that the process was not smooth, that monk said that the task decomposition was unreasonable, this monk said that the department’s responsibilities were unclear, and that monk said that the assessment was not strong enough.

Only three people knew the crux of the problem best, and those three were the first three monks. To put it simply, there are too many fucking idlers! They said: “Blind analysis all day long! What the fucking process problem, responsibility problem, interface problem, assessment problem, obviously is the problem of bloated organization! I knew it today! , It’s not as good as the three of us consciously and self-disciplined at the beginning! Now it’s good, we have brought in such a large group of brain-disabled people, one by one who doesn’t do serious things and there are five fucking people, and they can’t get rid of like shit!”

The three people couldn’t bear it, and they dared to report upwards and asked for more manpower to carry water. After crossing several levels, the chairperson and the secretary finally received this request, which was summarized and analyzed by the quarterly meetings of various departments.

After several intense discussions, some monks can finally be transferred from other departments to provide support, but these inter-departmental monks can’t carry water at all, and the monks who carry the water are pointing their fingers at them, and the monks who carry the water ask again. , I acted as the leader of the monk team carrying water. After evaluation, the Organization Department of the Headquarters believes that the three monks have more than professional expertise and insufficient management capabilities, and maintain the status quo after some encouragement and persuasion.

After another year, the monastery turned yellow, and most of the monks died: people found a few corpses by the well, which were exhausted; thousands of corpses were found in the monastery, and they died of thirst.

There are still a few monks who have not died of thirst. They have moved to other monasteries. They are “high-level monks” and have brought “advanced management experience.”

This is the reason why many factories have closed down: the headquarters are getting bigger and bigger, the grassroots are getting busier, the costs are getting higher and higher, and the customers are getting more and more dissatisfied.

This is the characteristic of many Chinese factories. If they are single, everyone is sensible, smart and clever. Once combined, it becomes extremely complicated. You count me, I count him, he counts you. As a result, these ingenuities cancel each other out!

So, a group of wise people add up to become a bunch of two fools.

You don’t fall for someone else!

Don’t forget what the core of your survival is during the development of the factory. When your management breaks away from this core, the road of factory decline has begun!

Customized Non-standard plastic molded products
Customized Non-standard plastic molded products

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