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[HR] performance appraisal promotion and Implementation (three) how to properly deal with assessment complaints?

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There are unsatisfactory, good appraisal scheme and implementation will therefore encounter complaints examination is normal. There are a variety of assessment of the complaints, if dissatisfied with the examination procedures, there are objections to the results of the assessment, that unfairly, and so on. Seriously deal with and properly handle all complaints. Are managers and HR in performance management job. China plastic molding material Manufacturer

Well, please:

1, what kinds of complaints have you encountered during the implementation of performance appraisal?

2, how do you deal with it? China plastic molding material Manufacturer

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Generally, there are two kinds of complaints: (1) objection to performance appraisal indicators; (2) questions about performance results

1, for the performance evaluation indexes such as the current financial questions. There is a cost index, in fact only responsible for financial statistics, does not directly control the cost, so a lot of financial personnel of this index is in doubt, this situation has recently appeared particularly, when the setting is to consider quantitative assessment indicators the concept of data collection and the degree of difficulty, but some departments do not index his department should bear and control. In this case we will find Qiguanbu person consultation, see whether you can modify the index, if there is unreasonable part will promptly modify the index. China plastic molding material Manufacturer

2, performance results for the question, this is definitely put forward in their performance score under the conditions of low, in fact our company’s performance depends on the current leadership subjective scoring will sometimes have big, paries. Many employees are likely this month performance score the highest performance salary is high but it will the next month is very low, with the performance salary is very low, the strange thing is always love to take their own staff wages this month and last month compared to the wages, rather than the standard wage compared, so there is a lot of difference two months salary situation, we are very dissatisfied with this situation of human capital can only explain department, department leaders can let scores help explain.

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