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Nissan acknowledged that the tail gas and fuel consumption test fraud, the stock fell 5%

Nissan Motor Co., Japan’s second-largest automaker, admitted on the 9th that it had problems with exhaust emissions and fuel consumption measurement at five plants in Japan. Nissan Motor announced that it will hold a press conference at 8:00 am GMT to explain the vehicle emission testing procedures at the Japanese factory. Affected by this news, the company’s share price fell 5%, per share fell to 999.5 yen (about 60 yuan), fell to the lowest level since April last year. plastic moulded components

Nissan opened a series of investigations after it exposed the inspector qualification scandal last year. The disclosure shows that Nissan still has a long way to go to restore its reputation.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. conducted a sample survey of 2,187 vehicles in its five factories and found that 1,171 vehicles had the above-mentioned fraud problems, accounting for 53.5% of the total number of samples. plastic moulded components

According to Japanese domestic regulations, new vehicles are required to be tested for exhaust emissions and fuel consumption before leaving the factory. After the above-mentioned factory modifies the value of some non-compliant vehicles to normal values, a certificate of conformity is issued and the factory is sold. In addition, when some vehicles perform exhaust emission and fuel consumption detection before leaving the factory, the driving time, temperature and other indicators do not meet the test standards. The invalid test results obtained under such conditions are written into the test report as official test results.

Nissan Kangyu, executive director and chief competition officer of Nissan, responsible for production and development, said at the press conference that the main reason for the problem was that the factory was not equipped with supervisors with testing knowledge and skills. If the factory quality inspector does not get qualified test data, it will take time to retest. Because the delivery time is tight, the quality inspector will improve the detection efficiency through fraud. plastic moulded components

Nissan said it will conduct a comprehensive investigation and will take “appropriate measures” to prevent such incidents from happening again. However, Nissan did not disclose how many vehicles involved in data fraud, or whether the fraud involved vehicles produced abroad.

Nissan said that vehicle data has been re-examined to ensure that all vehicles except the GT-R model have data in compliance with Japanese laws. Nissan did not provide more information on the GT-R data issue. The GT-R is a high-performance sports vehicle from Nissan. plastic moulded components

In October last year, Nissan Motors had exposed scandals of unqualified auxiliary inspectors participating in vehicle inspections and recalled 1.2 million related vehicles. Nissan then opened a series of investigations. The disclosure is part of the survey and may be disclosed as the investigation progresses. The analysis believes that the Nissan acknowledges that the emissions and fuel consumption data are fraudulent, the company’s reputation or further damage, the performance is seriously hurt.

The BBC reported that Nissan’s test system did not meet the legal requirements, but also changed the evaluation criteria, although its severity is not as bad as that of Volkswagen’s exhaust emissions detection, it is still shocking. According to the report, this matter is not related to Nissan’s individual manufacturers, but to almost all Nissan automobile production plants in Japan. This also shows that this is not an accident. plastic moulded components

In recent years, the scandals of large global automakers have continued. In 2015, Volkswagen in Germany exposed the fraud scandal of exhaust emissions detection. Through the fake software, the amount of air pollutants emitted by the vehicle during the test was up to standard, and in actual driving it was several times or even several times. The scandal involved more than 11 million vehicles worldwide, and the scale was shocking. Last month, German regulators issued a 1 billion euro ticket to Volkswagen for the scandal. plastic moulded components

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