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[Workplace Story] Lost Old Ford

Ford is the founder of the famous “Ford Motor Company” in the United States. He made great contributions to the development of the automobile industry and the motorcycle industry. He had won the “First Class Medal” issued by the President of the United States. plastic pipe fittings

Ford is a pivotal figure in the automotive industry in the United States and even the entire world. But no one is perfect, and Ford is the same.

On one occasion, inside the Ford Institute of Technology, there was a fierce debate over whether the internal combustion engine of an automobile was “water-cooled” or “air-cooled.” Ford is a supporter of “air-cooled”, so the newly-developed N360 sedan uses “air-cooled” internal combustion engines.

In the Formula 1 championship held in the United States, a rider raced Ford’s “air-cooled” racing car. On the third lap, the car was out of control because of the speed. The car hit the wall and the tank exploded. As a result, the driver was also burned. plastic pipe fittings

The incident caused a sharp drop in Ford’s “air-cooled” N360 sedan.

The technicians asked to study “water-cooled” internal combustion engines, which were still rejected by Ford. At one go, several major technicians are preparing to resign. Ford’s deputy general manager felt that the situation was serious and he called Ford: “Do you think you are a manager at the company or is a technician important?” Ford replied, “Of course it’s the general manager. Important.” Micro-signal: Lean Production Promotion Center.

The deputy general manager relentlessly said: “Then agree with them to engage in water-cooled engines.” Ford suddenly realized, and he did not hesitate to say: “Okay!” Later, several technicians developed products to adapt to the market, Make the company’s sales soar.

All of the technical staff who wanted to resign were assigned to the Ford.

Ford has entered a healthy development track. One day, Valdo, a middle-level manager of the company, talked to Ford and said: “I think that the company’s middle-level leaders have all grown up. Should you think about fostering a successor?” Valdo’s words were subtle but they were expressed to be Ford. The willingness to resign. plastic pipe fittings

Ford once said, “You’re right. Don’t remind me of forgetting. I really should retreat. It’s better to resign today!” For a few months after completing the handover process, Ford took the chairman. The location was given to others.

Story philosophy
No matter how high a person is or how great a success he is, he or she will inevitably make one kind or another of mistakes, be able to have self-knowledge, and be able to listen to subordinates and their opinions contrary to their own opinions. This is every excellent entrepreneur should Have a chest. Especially when subordinates have expressed their views on corporate plans in the most gentle and roundabout way, this is also the moment to test the “minimum requirements” of entrepreneurs. plastic pipe fittings

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