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The old machine tool companies have collapsed one after another.

Over the past year or so, the machine tool industry has slowly recovered and many companies’ orders have been softened. plastic prototype
However, for some old machine tool companies with a long history, it has entered a cold winter.
Dalian machine tool bankruptcy, and debt more than 20 billion, suspected of defrauding 600 million yuan.
Long March machine bankruptcy reorganization.
Kunming machine tool delisting. plastic prototype
A series of “beyond the expectations” were expected, and no matter what the old machine tool companies are still in difficulty.
The shocks and pains that struck once and again caused the industry to be upset. As some of the machine tool companies that have collapsed are listed companies, they have also aroused more attention in various fields. Each financial and economic media has recorded what is happening from another angle with a sharper stroke than the machine tool media.
At the same time, all this has alerted some old leaders of the machine tool industry who have already retired to the second line. They are grieved, run, and work hard. With deep feelings for the industry, they hope to do something for the industry.
Shen Liechu, former vice minister of the Ministry of Machinery Industry, is one of the oldest voices recently vocalized. He has also commissioned the machine tool magazine to organize and publish his articles several times. The day before yesterday, Mr. Shen, who was in his 80s, had just returned from a business trip and called the Machine Tool Magazine to confirm the situation concerning the Dalian Machine Tool and the Kunming Machine Tool. His anxiety was moving.
The following is the latest article by Minister Shen. Since the Machine Tool Magazine has been deeply cultivating the machine tool industry for more than 60 years, Minister Shen hopes to allow more people in the machine tool industry to see this article and seriously reflect on it.
The mistakes have been cast, and they have already become ones. They can be counted as a last resort for the teacher of the future. plastic prototype

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Falling machine tool industry

Deputy Minister of Machinery Industry Shen Lichu

Kunji delisting

The beginning of the article states that “the predecessor of Shenji Group Kunming Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was established in 1936, when it was founded, it was renamed as Kunming Machine Tool Factory in January 1953″, and in 1954 it developed the horizontal boring machine T68, and has since developed 200 successively. A variety of technology products”, including:
More than 140 kinds belong to “China’s first station”. plastic prototype
The company’s products have won more than 80 scientific research awards.
18 or more quality awards,
Kunming Machine Tool Factory was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1994.
Become a domestic A-share and Hong Kong H-share company,
It is still in Yunnan Province and the domestic machine tool industry,
The only company listed on the domestic and foreign markets!
I have repeatedly praised the Kunming Machine Tool Plant in the past. In the “precision machine tool battle” in the 1950s and 1960s, it developed circular engraving machines, long engraving machines, T4163 and T4280 high-precision coordinate boring machines, and Shanghai Machine Tool Works. In the industry is known as “the two pearls.” plastic prototype

Kunming Machine Tool Factory

This bitter lesson is worth reflecting on. Now the leaders of the Kunji group including the chairman, general manager, and finance are all sent by the Shenji Group.
What kind of responsibility should Shen Machinery Group take?
What are the responsibilities of independent directors and directors in the board of directors?
What are the responsibilities of the supervision department?

Allegedly, Kunji’s finances were very difficult, and the aging of production equipment was not updated. However, it invested heavily in the construction of over 10,000 square meters of heavy-duty plants and was preparing to produce the heavy-duty machine tools Schyyers acquired in Germany. Many people object to it because the heavy machine tools produced cannot even pass through the tunnel’s caves! plastic prototype

Dalian Machine Tool Plant

A letter: “Cheng also leads, defeat also leads”
The author wrote a letter on December 16, 2017, and now extracts part of the letter:
“According to the spread of information on the Internet and the transmission of information within the industry, two major news in the machine tool industry, shocked the industry: First, ‘Dalian Machine Tool Plant bankruptcy’, and second, ‘[Heavy] eight ministries of the State Council jointly support, Shenyang Machine Tool It is necessary to engage in big events.” Although the matter is true to be verified, the two machine tool groups are indeed the “giants” of the Chinese machine tool industry.
According to the statistics of the American Golden Cut Association in 2006, Shenji Group ranked No. 1 or No. 2 in the ‘Top 500 Machine Tools in the World’ and Dalian Machine Tool Group ranked No. 8. Shen Kai Group has undergone reforms, restructurings, restructurings, and listings since its reform and opening up, but it is still a property of local state-owned enterprises. Dalian Machine Tool Group has been restructured, restructured, and transformed into a private enterprise. In recent years, there have been some rumors that the actual situation is unknown. However, on May 1st, 2014, I wrote an article “Analyzing how the machine tool industry emerged from the predicament from reality and history” and mentioned some clues. I wrote a letter to the competent authority on June 16. This situation occurred three years later. It was both unexpected and unexpected. plastic prototype

Machine Tool Industry Breakout Problems

The machine tools industry ranked first and second place Shen machine and Dalian machine tool, and so on, it is worthy of consideration by the competent authorities. Shen Machine, Dalian Machine Tool or 04 special focus on the support of the unit, how could this happen? This shows that starting from the technical and financial aspects alone can not solve the problems of the machine tool industry out of difficulties. This is worth reflecting on the competent authorities, federations and industry associations. I have asked relevant parties and said that nothing can be done… plastic prototype
I believe that in the process of realizing the dream of a strong nation in the new era of Xi Jinping, there will be people who will take on and solve these thorny problems. The lessons of history tell us that Cheng also led and lost leadership.
Since then, I have repeatedly expressed my opinions with the leaders of the competent business departments: First of all, we must rescue and solve the problems in the country, such as the Kunming Machine Tool Plant, which has an important position in the country, but it has proved to be ineffective. This fully shows that the market mechanism is Cruel.
In this period of more than half a year, there have been continuous occurrences of the listed company Huadong CNC being taken over by Weigao, a private company in Weihai; Hanchuan, Shaanxi’s machine tool is in trouble and facing bankruptcy. There are many discussions in the industry. Which machine tool company will be the next one?
Experience and Lessons: The rebirth of rebirth needs to “make your own life” plastic prototype
The experience is still valuable and the price is higher.” The rise and fall of a company, the internal cause is the main one, and the external cause is also an important condition. Of course, it is hoped to walk on the edge of the company’s profit or loss, or be in a loss-making state and have a greater influence in the industry. Dare to identify problems, be good at reflection, be brave enough to shine swords, solve problems with their own strength and get out of difficulties.It is painful to reform your own life, but in order to “rebirth”, you must overcome difficulties or you will only repeat the same mistakes. Former predecessors.
I understand the leadership of some companies. They don’t want to get out of difficulties, but the heavy external factors have trapped their hands and feet, which requires the competent department or the supervision department to solve problems for the company. From the situation reflected by some business leaders, it can be heard that there are too few people in the snow. plastic prototype

Shenyang Machine Tool Plant

In addition to the less favorable conditions in the machine tool industry, such as the well-established machine tool industry, most sub-sectors and companies should correctly assess themselves: Is the gap between the advanced level and the world expanded or reduced? This can not only look at one or two R & D prototypes, samples, but to see the level of industrialization, profitability and sustainable development capabilities. Industrialization is more difficult than the development of prototypes and samples. In some companies, their samples and prototypes will not cross this “valley of death” and become commodities. So we can’t use only prototypes and samples to measure our level. Businesses that do not have a market cannot live, and companies that do not benefit are also unsustainable. It is suggested that we use the two goals of Xi Jinping’s modern economic system in its new era: quality first and efficiency first to measure the gap between our benchmarking companies and advanced countries. Without recognizing backwardness and disparity, it is impossible to develop and narrow the gap with the advanced world level. plastic prototype

In my opinion, the fundamental problem lies in the enthusiasm of the “machine tool man.” The leaders and technical backbones of some famous enterprises have left, and especially skilled workers, technicians, and craftsmen who have practical experience and control of know-how have left the industry. They either start their own businesses or work for foreign companies.

At the International Machine Tool Fair, it can be seen that many Chinese who serve foreign companies are elites in the industry. They know the actual situation and market demand of China’s machine tool industry, which intensifies the competition between local companies and foreign companies. “Ten years of trees, a hundred years of tree people”, some of the company’s people distracted, the staff left, this is the most terrible. plastic prototype

Centennial Tree Man
This year marks the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up. In accordance with the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress, we must further expand our opening up. Foreign-funded enterprises have completed their layout in China. The machine tools and equipment required for China’s manufacturing industry can be purchased in China. Is the machine tool company prepared for ideological, strategic and measures?
This can only be proved by practice.
The author has already been over 84 years old. He has more than enough energy and can only appeal and sigh! plastic prototype

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