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Please teach this to children, no matter what time it is

If your child is stolen things, you will let them catch the thief or let them find a teacher exposed? Read the following, you will know how to treat each person, is what we want to teach children. Please take this to teach children, no matter what the time is not late.

The dormitory, all in a nap. But the 3 bed girl secretly climbed up and crept to bed 1 Girls bedside, looked at each other after washing powder, carefully picked up 1 girls fell on the bed, washing basin in their own. When she finishes the series action after climbed up on the bed look at No. 1 bed position has not changed, still sleeping.

On the afternoon of the second day, bed 3 cleaned her clothes. When she took her own laundry bag, she felt her hands were heavy and she couldn’t do it!

Only a little bit of laundry detergent, but inside it is full of washing powder, fragrance, taste is also different from their original. A closer look at the bag, it is true, it is bought their own cottage brand washing powder

When she comes out of the bathroom, she sees the bed 1 in bed 3 and the girl’s laundry bag is dry. The girl in bed 1 is smiling at herself. The girl in bed No. 2 suddenly seems to be blocked

10 years later, at a classmate reunion, the girl of bed 1 was sitting with the girl in bed 3

No. 3 bed girl whispered to bed 1 girl said: “thank you for your action, your tolerance changed me, may also save a lot of life.”!”

The girl in bed 1 shows a surprised expression, and the girl in bed 3 says:

There was a girl who bought the cheapest shampoo in a street stall, and she was teased by her classmates because she couldn’t rub her bubble;

She will eat breakfast Steamed Buns in the afternoon, because the result of eating and taste can also be classmates laugh with mental problems;

She wore her father’s big black sweater to get out of the cold, and was laughed at by her classmates as clowns;

She went to the dining hall only a dozen vegetables with plain white rice, begged the master to eat vegetable juice, the result was regarded as offbeat.

The girl didn’t feel any love at school, only indifference and sarcasm. She made a lot of scissors to kick her hand, and she was fantasizing for a stab of pain until she saw her bag filled with washing powder!

“Thank you changed me, therefore also saved many lives! And I may have been like Majiajue as”

No. 1 bed. Later, smiled and said: “fortunately, I almost died 10 years ago! Please don’t thank me, thank my mother!”

In fact, when I see you secretly my washing clothes in the washing tub down in your, I don’t know what to do, I had to call my mother, my mother said to me: “if you do a lot of washing powder, will you steal?” I deny.

Mother said, “if you have a lot of laundry powder, you can give some to the people who need it.” so, I poured my laundry powder to you

Bed 3 is in tears

A simple sentence, a small move, change a person, and saved some lives may be stabbed to death, including his life! Never ignore the “treat” power! As parents, we will teach children. This…




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