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[Workplace Story] President of PepsiCo who interrupted the speech

Carl Willer Oppen, President of Pepsi. precision cnc machining china

The most indispensable word in the secrets of business and personal success is: Integrity. However, we, especially the “quasi celebrities” who have just achieved success, often fail to achieve the two major enemies of this point: the superiority of our achievements and our excessive “utilitarianism” complex.

When the president of the Pepsi Cola, Carl Wille Op, spoke to the University of Colorado, a businessman named Jeff met through the lecturer’s organizer Jokal. Carl promised, Jeff sat waiting outside the university auditorium. precision cnc machining china

Carl spoke highly of university students, talked about his entrepreneurial history, and talked about the principles that business success must follow. Unconsciously, the time has exceeded the appointment time agreed with Jeff.

Just as Carl continued to speak with enthusiasm, he discovered that someone had pushed the door out of the auditorium and went straight to the stage, turning away without saying a single card.

Carl took a look at the business card and said on the back: “You and Jeff Howe were about to meet at about 2:30 in the afternoon.” Carl suddenly realized. Micro Signal: Lean Production Promotion Center.

On the other side are college students who need him to persuade and instill Pepsi’s thinking. They are the driving force behind the development of the enterprise, and on the other side, they are just a businessman whose name is not seen. precision cnc machining china

As a result, Karl did not hesitate to say to the college students: “Thank you all for listening to my speech. I originally wanted to continue discussing some issues with you, but I have a date and I cannot miss appointments, so please forgive me and I wish everyone good luck.”

In the thunderous applause, Karl quickly walked out of the auditorium. After he found out that he was waiting for his Jeff and apologized to him, he continued to tell Jeff everything he wanted to know. As a result, they had been talking for 30 minutes for the original 15 minutes.

Later, Jeff became a successful businessman. He told his friends about this experience. Everyone had confidence in Pepsi and decided to distribute and promote Pepsi. precision cnc machining china

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