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Historical description: “four factories one” in the tool industry of New China, do you understand?

The “four factory one house” of the new China Tool Industry. precision CNC machining.

Before the founding of new China, there was no independent tool industry in China. There were only a few small workshop workshop. In.1949, only a few bits, taps and so on were produced by Shanghai tool factory and Shenyang tool factory. precision CNC machining.

Shenyang tool factory later moved north to Harbin, and set up for the development of the first tool factory in Harbin.20 century 50s, China has built Harbin Measuring & cutting tool factory and Chengdu Measuring & cutting tool factory, at the same time to conduct a comprehensive technical transformation of Shanghai tool factory and the first tool factory in Harbin, the formation of a new China tool industry four key work by this factory.  precision CNC machining. Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan and the amount, plus 1956 the establishment of the original Tool Research Institute of the Ministry of machinery (Chengdu Tool Research Institute’s predecessor), which is China’s tool industry force at the core of the “four factory”.

There are a lot of topics about the new China tool industry. Limited to the length, we only pick a few frames from the “mechanic”. precision CNC machining.

Kazakhstan: new Chinese first manufacturing precision tools factory

Harbin Measuring & cutting tool factory (now haliang group) began construction in 1952, trial production in 1954, 1955 officially put into operation, it is the first new Chinese manufacturing precision tools factory. Haliang has a special historical status in the history of China’s tool industry, it is not only the founding of the “156 key projects” in the only tool industry the project, and it has to Sichuan Province five reconstruction of the five large scale tool factory, this is haliang for historical contribution to China’s tool industry to make. precision CNC machining.

“People’s Daily > is concerned about the construction and operation of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan in 1954 began trial production,” people’s Daily > then made written reports, which are a vivid description:

China’s first manufacturing exquisite tool factory plant construction project, the state-owned Harbin Measuring & cutting tool factory has been completed ahead of schedule. precision CNC machining.

In Harbin new industrial area, stands in a new building. The central tower fourteen meters high tower of light yellow, the three storey building and office building tools factory, deep red cutting plant, the composition of a picture. The brightness dazzles the eyes. precision CNC machining factory, furniture factory edge sound of the machine operation, instead of the mixer, hoister etc. all kinds of construction machinery sound. The workshop has entered the trial production plan period, milling cutter, various specifications made out of the tap, reamer, screw plate and drill bit are very delicate.

All the scene in the factory is showing the modern tool factory, which is equipped with first class technology, on the eve of all production.

“People’s Daily” reported different words, < mechanic magazine made a continuous pictorial illustrations, reports, from the salt bath heat treatment plant to the new cutting tool quenching, on-site guidance from Soviet experts to ordered the reconstruction of Dalian machine tool factory workers team, from the operation of optical curve grinder to mill the first twist drill. The mechanic > has retained many precious historical moment, so that we can still feel the builders “irrepressible joy today.” precision CNC machining.

Go to work : Create a new product editor to visit the customer The predecessor of the Shanghai tool factory was Co – xing Iron Works . After the takeover of the People ‘ s Government of 1949 , it was named as the Shanghai tool factory . During the period of ” One Year Five ” , the comprehensive strength of the industrial workers was greatly enhanced . During the period from 1957 to 1959 , the technicians of the company engaged in a series of 30 new products , such as circular saw blade , spline broaching tool , small module gear hob and spiral groove tap . In 1979 , the staff of the company was named the National Gold Medal for the straight – handle twist drill made by the above – workers . precision CNC machining.

Chengdu Tool Research Institute of engineers do doggerel promotion of new tools

Chengdu Tool Research Institute of engineer Zhang Hanchao from mechanic (cold processing) >1977 first years since the creation of “machine clamping reground lectures. precision CNC machining.This tool was one of new projects for the promotion of key columns. The lecture of Zhang Hanchao’s practical, vivid language, popular readers welcome. As in the first” what is the hard alloy not grinding tool “, he put the features of this tool are summarized as four doggerel, catchy, easy to remember, to replace the blade time” is a song for example:

The welding tool adjustment accuracy is difficult, long time.

When automatic machine tools stop for a long time, it is difficult to adjust the cutting tools.

It is convenient to adjust the cutters without the different grinding tools.

The knife blade rod does not turn, the machine work busy.

In 1992, Zhang Hanchao also opened the “cemented carbide transposable tool technology lecture” in the Journal of machinery workers, which was also welcomed by the readers. precision CNC machining.

The review of the 30 years of reform and opening up: the road of independent innovation must be taken

Since the reform and opening up, great achievements have been made in China’s tool industry and many new problems have emerged.

In 2002, mechanic workers organized the application survey of cutting tools, and published the “analysis report” and “data statistics” in the ninth phase of cold processing in 2002, which has been well received in the industry. precision CNC machining.

30th anniversary 2008 is the reform and opening up, the magazine organized the second “cutting tool application investigation”, Chinese CMTBA tools branch secretary Shen bolstering departure in metal processing (formerly < < > > cold processing machinery workers) issued a document, he analyzed the formation and experience of our modern and efficient tool development and developed countries the gap, and pointed out the importance of innovation:

China’s tool industry has developed to a new height today, and at the same time, it stands on a new starting point, facing a more arduous historical journey of modernization. It has a long way to go.

Today, we look back on the way we go. A basic starting point for future development is that we must formulate developmental strategies from the perspective of globalization. There are no second options. China’s broad tool businesses must be aware of this. precision CNC machining.

The sustainable development of modern efficient cutters in China must unswervingly take the path of independent innovation.

(Shen Zhuanghang: < the development of modern efficient cutting tools: a review of the 30 year development of the Chinese tool industry, the seventeenth phase of cold processing in 2008)

The beauty of a riot of colour “innovation”

More than 40 years ago, comrade Duan Jiwu, a comrade in the first tool factory in Harbin, published the article in the people’s daily. It vividly recorded the scenes of technological innovation carried out by Harbin Yigong comrades. Today, their enthusiasm for innovation is still very infectious. precision CNC machining.

I write it, write it, don’t stop writing, write this flower. This a riot of colour change every flower Huadu innovation is so exciting. I The brightness dazzles the eyes., will write down a fiery red, wrote in the new climax of this leap in production workshop (Duan Jiwu: “colorful! Red can not finish”, April 26, 1966 “people’s Daily”)

For us today, the new Chinese tool industry is a riot of colour can not finish “, there are many colorful historical picture. A text written in a riot of colour, not finished, ten articles about it, but to look forward, look back, we will pay attention to, in the thousands of color,” the most beautiful a background of innovation. ” precision CNC machining.

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