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It’s not difficult to be a leader in a good factory! It’s perfect to reach these 13!

Whenever a leader interprets something, he must think about the purpose of arranging this work. How to do this can achieve the goal most quickly. Do not say one step at a time and work like a robot. Precision CNC Parts China | Get Custom Prototypes in Days.‎

Strengthening the level and quality of grass-roots managers is the guarantee for stabilizing the strength of enterprises. Outstanding team leaders can greatly enhance the competitiveness of production enterprises.

First, with quality management capabilities

1, quality standards and assessment;
2. On-site quality control: Quality inspection is performed in accordance with standards, and good and bad products are distinguished. No matter how stringent the inspection is, it is impossible to turn defective products into good ones. Therefore, the quality is made by each station.
3, quality tracking. Precision CNC Parts China | Get Custom Prototypes in Days.‎

Second, with output management capabilities

1. Control in production;
2, after the production of data tracking.

Third, with personnel training capabilities

1, skills training;
2, different types of personality management;
3. Communication skills and mentality adjustments. Effective communication is an indispensable leadership and management skill. Do not communicate emotionally and scold and criticize employees. Please think with them about what to do and put it into action.
4. Improve employee stability rate.

Fourth, with on-site implementation capabilities

1. The handover class is implemented;
2. Use equipment tools to implement;
3. New employee management and implementation;
4, the implementation of abnormal file management. Precision CNC Parts China | Get Custom Prototypes in Days.‎

Fifth, have the capacity of scheduling

1. Formulate the production plan, including scheduling plan, follow-up plan, commissioning plan and weekly plan;
2. Coordinating personnel, orchestrating process capabilities.

Six, with the ability to successfully change funds

1. Preparation before changing money;
2, when the change is implemented;
3, change exception handling.

Seven, with cost control capabilities

1. Material application borrowing;
2, inventory standards.

Eight, with the ability to complete the Nissin

1, before the class meeting;
2, on the goods, under the goods, film, application, reporting abnormal machine. Precision CNC Parts China | Get Custom Prototypes in Days.‎

Nine, can create a lively production site

1. On-site 6S management and maintenance
2, to create a live atmosphere;
3, ready to meet the inspection factory inspection ability.

Ten, master the salary system

1. Q&A about the salary question of lathes;
2, the carpenter daily attendance control.

XI. Competence of various departments

1. Upstream departments: Planning Section, Business Section, Nuclear Material Section, and External Relations Department;
2, downstream departments: quality inspection, after the entire workshop. Precision CNC Parts China | Get Custom Prototypes in Days.‎

Twelve, equipment management capabilities

1, the daily maintenance of equipment;
2, improve self-protection skills.

XIII. Management concept update capability

1. Rationalized and lean production receiving execution;
2, encourage the idea of ​​gold.

The leader of the team needs to be prepared to assume the position, and is determined to do his duty with due diligence, strictly follow the rules and procedures, pay attention to quality, and flexibly use the various resources around to ensure that the production is completed as planned, creating a harmonious atmosphere of the production environment Correct your work attitude, set a good example, and set an example for the carpenter! Precision CNC Parts China | Get Custom Prototypes in Days.‎

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