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Even the prime minister to 6 enterprises, what is out of the ordinary?

High-Quality precision CNC China Manufacturer. The mention of prime minister Li Keqiang, the first impression of you is probably the one word: busy.

If you want to add two words, that is: very busy. High Quality precision CNC China Manufacturer

However, there is a business, let Riliwanji Premier Li Keqiang 6 consecutive field trips.

6 times in a row? Yes! Of course you don’t lie. Quality

This company is Dalian Huarui group Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the Dalian heavy industry). Recently, Premier Li Keqiang attended the Davos forum during the summer of sixth, made a special trip to Dalian to understand the heavy industrial upgrading, entrepreneurship and innovation. High Quality precision CNC China Manufacturer.

What is the reason for the prime minister, like the look of this enterprise? The quality you can take you to see the enterprise in the end what excels.

The prime minister praised the product: big man with great wisdom. High Quality precision CNC China Manufacturer

First look at a recent heat transfer press down down down

In Dalian heavy industry study, development of a spring base is 12 meters long and weighs 237 tons of silver “big man” to allow the prime minister to stop. When it is learned that the global single most heavy crankshaft, the long stroke marine crankshaft, the prime minister took the initiative of roughness measuring instrument to measure the quality of the index. High Quality precision CNC China Manufacturer

He clasped his hands close to the measuring instrument, crank shaft, eyes glued to the digital display screen. The results quickly displayed on the screen, “Ra0.33 micron! It can greatly lower than the requirements of Ra0.8 micron delivery standards. The prime minister is also very satisfied with this index, praised the” big man “is not only type, and precision high and advanced technology. Chinese manufacturing” praised the big man with great wisdom. High Quality precision CNC China Manufacturer

Why should the Prime Minister for a marine crankshaft so interested? The reason is simple: the crankshaft is the key component of ship engine, known as the marine diesel engine is the “heart”. Because of its weight, high precision machining, manufacturing technology is difficult, so the industry agreed that whether they have the crankshaft manufacturing capacity. To some extent, on behalf of the shipbuilding industry level of a country.

Dalian heavy industry have made large crankshaft manufacturing high ground, is the only one, the world’s fourth master production techniques of large butt type crankshaft and has a diameter of 4.5 meters above the rotary long stroke crankshaft manufacturing capabilities of enterprises, to achieve a major breakthrough in large, oversize crankshaft of domestic development, provides important support for the our country from shipbuilding to shipbuilding power. High Quality precision CNC China Manufacturer

As a result, there has always been a great concern for the Chinese prime minister to come to Dalian and to be interested in the most marine crankshaft in the world.

Gorgeous counter attack: “little brother” turned the industry boss”

If only this is the case, the quality of Dalian heavy industry will not be favored by the Prime Minister for 6 consecutive times. But in fact, it is precisely the process from large to strong that the real portrayal of China’s hardships, Phoenix Nirvana and the world will be reflected.

The last century at the end of 90s, the world shipbuilding industry was flourishing, but production was crankshaft Han, a few countries, such a monopoly, and give priority to the supply of domestic enterprises. Their products so China shipbuilding industry often met with one or two times higher than before the price to buy the crankshaft, so during “fifteen” in China companies to give up millions of tons of overseas shipbuilding orders. High Quality precision CNC China Manufacturer

Around 2000, Zou Zhiming Dalian marine diesel factory director specifically to visit a South Korean enterprises, hoping to import several pieces of marine crankshaft. The Korean enterprises boss end up liquor cup jokingly said: “you can drink a few cups I’ll sell you a few.” for the “axis” if thirsty without Zou Zhiming hesitate even dry 10 Cup.

In 2007 produced the first Dalian heavy crankshaft crankshaft company, it can be said is the latest entry “little brother”. Just 8 years later, the “little brother” has now become the domestic industry “boss”, the rapid development of Korean major competitors, on the taut nerves. This year, the crankshaft the yield is about 350, a Dalian heavy industry will produce 130 or so. In large butt more than the crankshaft, occupy the domestic sales of 40%. High Quality precision CNC China Manufacturer

The 2008 world financial crisis led to a serious decline in the international shipbuilding industry, the shipbuilding industry reshuffle is inevitable. The production of high value-added, high-tech ships and large container ships to get more orders in the world. It is expected to this point, the Dalian heavy industry in accordance with the production of core products, product development strategy, the future reserve products “the idea, in a large, oversize crankshaft butt production into a huge force to break the monopoly on the Korean technology.

tireless efforts : Precision forging of ” Chinese core ” To promote China ‘ s economic development , the high – end , the focus , the difficulties and the breakthrough are all in the manufacturing industry . For the mechanical manufacturing industry , the precision is the fundamental of quality . The production workshop and assembly site of Dalian Heavy Industry Crankshaft Co . , Ltd . is one of the most familiar places for the measurement room director , Zhao rock , of Dalian Heavy Industry Operation Department . During the nine years working in the metering station , she can ‘ t remember how many day and night are spent here . ” In the overall process of the development and production of the crankshaft , the testing technology and the production demand are tightly combined , and only the quality measurement and testing service can be provided to solve practical problems . ” Since the crankshaft is not allowed to be replaced during the life of the ship , the accuracy of the crankshaft is very high . This high – precision measuring instrument can also have a problem . After several observation in the production workshop , the outer diameter micrometer is originally put in a special constant – temperature greenhouse , and then taken out again when the temperature of the crankshaft is to be measured . After finding the root cause of the problem , they are placed on the frame , the measuring risk introduced by environmental factors is reduced . The measuring chamber is also provided with 13 processing , and the inspector carries out the training for the use and maintenance of the outer diameter micrometer , and carries out theoretical and practical operation tests , and the qualified rate reaches 100 % . During the initial crankshaft machining process , the ” convex ” , ” concave heart ” In this paper , the problem of wide knife detection is solved , and the accurate data of wide blade angle is given , which solves the problem of wide blade angle accurate data , and solves the problem of wide knife grinding and ensures the precision of crankshaft machining . In order to measure the radial runout of the crankshaft , there are ( 100 to 500 ) mm crankshaft gauges to monitor the amplitude of the crank opening and closing . In the absence of a crankshaft gauge test standard , the crankshaft gauge calibration method is developed as an enterprise standard to meet the traceability requirements of the crankshaft gauge . ” We pressurize ourselves and do more to obtain more accurate measurement data . Microsoft.TeamFoundation . Modeling.dll ” In the overall process of development and production of the crankshaft , the test technology and the production demand are closely combined , and only a high – quality measurement and detection service can be provided in order to solve the practical problems . ” In the face of a series of professional terminology , which is basically unknown , Dalian Heavy Industry from the management to the workshop workers , there is no emphasis on quality improvement and promotion of a strong atmosphere . In numerous day and night , it is the concerted effort , continuous improvement and innovation of all the people who do not have a division of labor from the top to the bottom , so that the qualified rate of the products can be 100 % , and the precision of the products can be made globally so that the prime minister can not resist the great wisdom of China .

The joint force of the hospital and enterprise: to carry out the pursuit of quality to the end

According to the production demand, Dalian heavy industries equipped with 605 measuring equipment for the crankshaft. In the opinion of the general manager of Dalian heavy crankshaft company assistant Lang Xuegang, these devices can not only accurate measurement, but to win important weight customers. Once, a South Korean customers to the factory visit. The quality of products and some worry about him. See the saddle type level in the world’s most advanced Dalian heavy use of the wet film thickness wheel, immediately dispel the doubts.

In December 31, 2011, Dalian heavy industry detection / calibration laboratory for the first time to China National Accreditation (CNAS) approved.2014 in December by the accreditation, technical ability that the laboratory has to the customers to carry out 39 test items and 59 calibration services. This marks the level of laboratory management, testing / calibration ability has reached the international level more than 100, test data from the international national accreditation. It not only improves the quality level of the company, but also played an important role for Dalian heavy industry for the international market.

According to Zhao Yan, they have a 44 person team of high quality measurement at present, by the quality supervision department authorized the establishment of 31 enterprises the highest standards of measurement, realizes the company more than 2.5 pieces of equipment for measuring the self-test rate reached the highest measurement 96%. cannot check and require traceability standard device was sent to Dalian City metrology testing research hospital.

Dalian City Metrology Research Institute president Lin Zhao told the quality of Jun, Dalian heavy industry is the service of their large customers, the annual two will sign the service agreement, verification fee may be quarterly, and give a discount, to provide convenience for enterprises. The equipment manufacturing industry is the dominant industry in Dalian, the transformation and upgrading of the current. Cannot do without the measurement of protection and support ”

Dalian heavy industry enterprise culture minister Han Long said, “at present, the world shipbuilding industry is still in the transformation and upgrading, despite the pressure, but our models, high precision, advanced technology product advantage is more and more obvious. To the world, we have confidence!”.


After reading the above description, you think the quality, can attract Premier Li Keqiang 6 consecutive investigation of the enterprise, is a representative of the Chinese manufacturing to wisdom made the most China backbone in the process of upgrading the power. The prime minister can obtain favor 6 times, it is deserved. High Quality precision CNC China Manufacturer

In Dalian heavy industry study, Li Keqiang said, to promote China’s economic development towards the end, key, difficulty and breakthrough in the manufacturing industry. To seize the national implementation of the “2025 Chinese manufacturing” opportunities, efforts to promote the equipment manufacturing industry of intelligent transformation, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. He said, “your slogan is to use Dalian heavy equipment world, also is to let Chinese equipment shows our quality in the world market, competitiveness and brand effect. Hope Dalian heavy shoulder this responsibility, innovation and creation”

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