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Eliminate wasted Lima _ Lean production

precision machined components OEM Manufacturer. Integrating lean tools and processes into your management, you will eliminate waste from the supply chain management in a good way.

Imagine working on the supply chain in a perfectly harmonious environment, and the amount of raw materials sent to the factory floor is very accurate. Timely and accurate production of the products and quantities required by the customer. The finished materials are then quickly delivered to the final destination without any unloaded waste in transit. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

Ensuring that employees oversee the process and manage ineffective needs is not a one-off process and requires continuous improvement. This is essential for lean success. If employees can identify waste, they can identify waste at work and eliminate it. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

This ideal solution may be difficult to achieve, but most companies are using lean principles for day-to-day management. Lean originated in manufacturing. The idea was pioneered by Toyota in the 1950s. The principle has spread to supply chain management, helping companies transform. It allows companies to produce in small quantities. Increased communication within and with suppliers and increased market adaptability of the enterprise. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

“Lean is all about eliminating waste,” said Eric Lail, vice president of customer service and continuous improvement at Transport Insight, a third-party logistics company that uses lean principles. The workflow was improved and the delivery period of 60% was shortened. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

They also found that when a company leader completes a value flow chart, the flow chart usually visualizes the company’s process and identifies inefficient process work. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

The flow chart can expose the amount of time wasted in batch processing by the company, which results in the delay of quality control to the end of each process. At the same time, workers will need to delete throughout the batch and conduct defect checks. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

As a result, some companies are hiring lean consultants to oversee distribution and manufacturing. Donald Fountain, vice president of operations for an enterprise, said: “once the value flow chart is complete, it can help the enterprise improve its plan;” How to dig deep into each process is a question worth studying. ”

Automobile manufacturers promote lean success. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

The main idea of Lean is to guide the process change on time operation-only at the time required, the quantity required to manufacture the required product.

The auto industry has refined this idea through its timely sequencing system. If Toyota, for example, needs a white Corolla with beige seats, they will start building a car. At the same time, inform their suppliers that they need beige seats within 220 minutes. The seat suppliers start making seats when they receive the demand, and then supply the seats to Toyota for installation. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

Although this approach has been well implemented in the automotive industry, other industries can also be applied. To achieve this seamless production needs to be coordinated with suppliers as partners. Share as much information as possible. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

At the same time, this kind of cooperation also means mutual trust and commitment. If the company tries to change suppliers with tough means, it will probably end in disappointment. Instead, it should approach the partner with long-term business relationship. Discuss with them what changes are inevitable and let them see changes within their own companies. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

So, when you need to manage up in the supply chain, you need to have significant results, otherwise you can’t prove your commitment. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

Although Lean focuses on producing the desired product within the time required, early forecasting is essential to achieve this idea. Some analysts tend to say lean does not involve forecasting. This is not true. It involves different levels of prediction, and the question is what kind of decisions you make with the data. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

The product may not be manufactured in the middle of the forecast, but the company should provide them with all the information they need, so that once the enterprise expands, the supplier can also adjust the shift mode. Hire more people or procure additional ingredients to deal with them.

In addition, properly partitioning the warehouse and retrieving the items in the warehouse is another important factor in the efficient manufacturing of the factory. We can divide the material into three categories: athletes, repeaters, and strangers. The memory unit is allocated accordingly. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

Athletes are used very frequently, and the production of products cannot be without them. They are permanent occupants of warehouses and occupy dedicated, easily accessible production space. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

Repeaters are like hotel lodgers-goods that are adequate and manageable and can be used as the basis for warehouse supplies. They will occupy a place in the warehouse, but each time in a different space. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

Strangers are special order items that occasionally appear in the warehouse and do not allocate storage space in the warehouse.

For example, in a plastic company, the ultimate person would include resin, etc. When the company team went through the manufacturing process, they realized that the key components were stored on top shelves that were difficult to get, and that the bottom floor had no core production equipment. But full of brooms and other operating tools. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

Each production line needs to be replenished, with specially trained workers having to use forklifts to place the required raw materials on lower shelves. The production operator can then use the ordinary hydraulic car to move.

Efficient processes are important for creating Lean Warehouse. By changing the extraction path of items, Warehouse can fundamentally increase productivity by 33%. At the same time. Managers begin to use the map to analyze existing paths and suggest new ones. Imagine using such lines to represent the movement of warehouse personnel, and the manager understands these paths. You can start arranging more efficient movement paths. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

Try and test

In order to compare existing approaches and make recommendations, managers will follow the material extractors through the entire warehouse and measure the time for them. The manager then displays the data to the material extractors. And demonstrate how much time the new path can save. If managers can explain the reasons behind their decisions to people, they are more likely to have employee support.

Other lean warehouse solutions involve making sure that space is used as efficiently as possible. Rotary, for example, held an improvement event in the packaging area. Lean tools can promote continuous improvement. But improvement activities are aimed at assessing a particular problem and finding solutions. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

During Rotary’s packaging improvement campaign, managers ask employees if they are used to storing items in a specific area and find that they have not been used in the years.

Rotary’s Lean Coordinator immediately replied, “I’m sure there are employees who are using these items!” “… Even though he shuttles through the area every day, they have not found any problems with the objects because they are deeply rooted in the habit. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

As a result, the company reorganized and planned the layout, freeing up 3,200 square feet of space, providing a workspace for material zoning and other more valuable jobs. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

Lean programs are usually designed to shorten time and reduce resources, but the ultimate idea is to promote growth. Lail says: “Lean is the release of resources. “so you can try to do more with the resources you have.” successful lean operations are 30 percent lean tools and systems, and another 70% is culture. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

In order to maintain all lean improvements Rotary carried out a reading evaluation for each shift and department to review safety quality actual delivery price and cost.

At the same time, companies need to encourage standardized specifications and continue as required to ensure improvement. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

Of course, there are many companies that don’t understand the opportunities they have to make process improvements because they are used to running the same business every day. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

Therefore, standardization of processes and work processes is essential for lean operations. Companies can increase productivity by 20% by adopting job standardization, Hopper said. Both labor and inventory are key to cost in warehouses, and both must work together to achieve greater lean returns. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

For example, customers of electronics companies where Hopper worked together need to build a new distribution center. Because their facilities are up to capacity, when Hopper sees the same wide-screen televisions on multiple passageways in the same area of the plant. Hopper asked them, “Why store so many of the same products?” ”

The company told Hopper that the bulk purchase of televisions was an opportunity to purchase-a chance to get a discount. So they have to store a lot of products until they’re ready to sell them. If they want to avoid hoarding inventory in warehouses, companies can do it by establishing communication between different departments. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

Elimination of duplication

To raise transport requirements, such as a shortage of drivers and capacity, how to make a good plan becomes more important. Set up dedicated routes, not random arrangements, to achieve lean transport objectives. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

Raw materials will move around the world, leaving or arriving from distribution centers and factories, and companies that push lean supplies should find a lot of overlapping waste in the supply chain. It is not necessary to waste in the function of supply chain. Waste often exists between interfaces. The changes lead to the emergence of these wastes and the reduction of efficiency.

Some companies find that integrated software systems can help manage overlapping areas of the supply chain, but there is a groping process and a succession of systems in each handover. Can cause part of the loss of information. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

Manhattan United, a beverage manufacturer, uses a seamless technology platform to connect transportation, warehousing, manpower and area management systems. When trailers enter the area. The formula has pre-selected the order goods that the truck will take away.

The formula takes into account factors such as order form, trailer capacity, place of origin, destination, and integration opportunities. These factors are evaluated to achieve the goal of reducing mileage and limiting fuel costs

Because the movement of goods is considered a waste in Lean, any way to reduce the cost of transportation will ultimately help the supply chain to become more lean.

Technology can help the process become more efficient, but management culture and people are important components of the lean supply chain. Lean is not an end, and it is not just an activity. Lean never ends. It is an indispensable part of continuous progress towards excellence in operational management. precision machined components OEM Manufacturer

Keeping lean is critical, as all good processes become ineffective over time. Today’s solutions may not solve tomorrow’s problems, but companies need to keep looking for improvements. In this way, the greatest success can be achieved through lean.

At Avent. Lean culture integration activities range from daily periodic reform to revisiting value flow charts and rethinking operational issues. These small improvements make daily work more efficient. Guide employees to lean principles and make them accept and manufacture. Change. Avnet has become a part of the culture of the company.

Avnet employs 20000 people around the world, and if 20000 people feel the benefits of lean and are willing to work for it, it would be a fantastic start.

When you and your team have a clear understanding of lean tools, you can eliminate waste in your operations in your own way.

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