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All bosses who talk about money are juggling

“Boss, please humiliate me! Use money!” precision machined parts

Most of us now live in a very “good” life:
If you don’t agree, you’ll work overtime.
If you don’t agree, you should fill the soup.
We always look at the news that Ali, Huawei, and Tencent employees are constantly becoming rich.
Always carelessly holding the unfamiliar chicken soup to appease the already broken heart.
Even so, we do not have the courage to revolution. We are always used to being in the status quo.
But I’m sorry, those employees who have dreams and 100% enthusiasm, if they really work very hard and hard, then the boss’s return must be worth their money.
The boss who dares to talk about money is a good boss! ! precision machined parts

Do not be proud of giving employees very little money

The boss of the startup company likes to boast about giving only a little money to the employees. They are willing to follow suit.
This is divided into two situations.
On the top of the list, the company has just been established and it is totally unprofitable. This can be understood.
But for a long time, very little money was issued in a year or two. It can only prove that you are incompetent.
Ma Yun’s father said that companies that do not make money are simply rogue.
Second, the company makes a lot of money and is not willing to give it to employees. precision machined parts
This kind of aggressive boss thinks he is shrewd. He was silly.
Can only clarify the boss’s format is too small.
A good boss will surely know that employees are the soul of the company.
The company does not rely on you to be able to grow big with one person. Without a group of good employees, you are not. Your company is not.
The more bullish boss, the more able to recognize the main character of the staff.
Ma Yun’s father said, “I think that the workers are on top of the list and the customers are the second. Only the employees are happy and our customers will be happy.”
In the ordering of the boss’s value, the interests of employees should be surely on the front.
The boss of a startup company should really not be proud of the fact that employees are using less money. Instead, they should be proud of their employees’ use of money.
How much you pay attention to employees directly reflects how much you pay.
No matter how nice your words are, employees in your mind are only worth so much money. precision machined parts

Don’t just talk about dreams and talk about money

The bosses are very lofty. They like to talk about wishes, talk about feelings, talk about learning, talk about experiences, and talk about growth.
Why not talk about money.
In order to give employees less money, talk nonsense.
The most typical example is the first to paint the pie: Xiao Zhang, do his best, this project is done well, the bonus is not a thing! precision machined parts
Zhang once heard that the chicken was full of blood. After three or four months of overtime work, the dog became tired. The project was completed and the boss did not move.
Courage to ask the boss, the boss looks aggressive:
“Bonus? Bonus?
Xiao Zhang, you have to say you, ah, young people, do not move money at all times. The most important thing for you now is to learn things and to gather experiences.
Do not be so fame! There are many more things that are more important than money in the world, such as the desire to accomplish your own worth.
If you care too much about money, your realm is low!
Let’s go and do a good job, let’s say, wait until our company is in a better situation, options, equity, and ultimately you, fuel ah! ”
Is this set very familiar?
Every boss is like a training class, and the system is exactly the same.
Do not use the wishes of the workers to deduct and squeeze them.
Those who have desires and really want to pursue their desires should be given more, not less; they should be rewarded, not rewarded. precision machined parts
What is more important is that, as soon as one wants to fully seek for aspiration, it is essential to make a living.
Some companies only make two or three thousand yuan a month, and the livelihoods of employees have become questions.
Do not say buy a house, rent can not afford to rent.
Besides, prices are so high nowadays, food, clothing, housing, ah, fever, fever, ah, honoring parents, ah, classmates get married, which do not need money.
As the boss, we have the responsibility to prevent employees from worrying about basic livelihoods and to allow them to live with dignity.

Do not kidnap employees with the word “business”

“Entrepreneurship” is not your excuse for squeezing workers.
Yes, due to entrepreneurship, we must be passionate about our struggle. precision machined parts
But not because of entrepreneurship, we should be poor and we should be hard pressed.
Employees of start-up companies have sacrificed their time, health, face and security. They should get higher rewards.
In fact, I will talk to my own employees. Don’t just spend money every day in the eyes, don’t look for cost-per-day every day, don’t do much with the money, you have to fight for a higher policy, and the future is good. To the thing is permanent – but these have a serious condition, I will certainly see you pay, I affirm your money, use money to express.
I think the best part is that the workers do not stare at the money and the boss gives enough money to give enough time.
Both sides establish the greatest sense of security and trust.
When Ma Yun started his own business, he did not make money at all, and we followed him with grief. Shi Yuzhu broke the company and the workers did not abandon it. Why? As the workers know that if one day makes money, the boss will definitely not lose himself.
Many of the bosses once started their own businesses think themselves of being lofty and lofty. Therefore, the international community should be accustomed to him. The employees should cooperate with him in all aspects and help him complete his dream free of charge. precision machined parts
Is it hair?
Employees are not your relatives and mothers!

Do not be afraid that your employees can make more money

Hate to the boss is afraid that the employees make money. Originally, the employees had high incomes, clarified that the employees created value, and the company’s overall benefits were good.
As long as the compensation system itself has no doubts, high employee income is a good thing.
First and foremost, high-income earners can earn higher cohesion and loyalty.
Many bosses are always worrying about the loss of talented people, and they still do not understand why.
Ma Yun’s father said that the employee’s leaving factors are various and only two things are most true:
1, money, did not give place;
2, heart, grievances.
The boss must work hard with the employees, earn more and make more points, earn less time and send less points, and employees can understand.
You just use the workers as a tool to make money, and flicker them. The company earns tens of millions of dollars a year. It runs Mercedes-Benz and buys villas. The year-end bonuses only send employees treasure, and they don’t want to return when they return. what. precision machined parts
How can employees be loyal to you?
Where you need to be an employee, what you need is purely silly.
Second, high-income earners can earn higher power and fighting power.
Just let the staff know clearly that I will try my best to get a high reward, and they will announce the small international to create value.
If there are countless ways to encourage employees, then money is undoubtedly the best one.
Many bosses are particularly fond of meeting with employees, talking about the company’s policy, saying that the number of billions to be earned this year, how much market share should be improved, but the employees are indifferent.
As the company makes money, it doesn’t give us anything at all, and the employees feel that they’re off.
There is a saying that I like very much. Measuring the strength of a company does not depend on the position of his boss on the list of wealth, but on the position of his employees who have wealth in the society.
Also, do not think that high income for employees is a waste of money, which is clearly saving money.
To give employees high income, it will save the cost. This point, Ford Company said, Shi Yuzhu also said. precision machined parts
Because of its high income, it can attract the best talent and arouse the greatest energy of the employees. The company can create the biggest profit, complete the virtuous cycle and sustainable development.

Don’t feel that giving salaries to employees is alms

When many bosses make money, they always love and feel the meat they cut.
Originally, this was not the money you sent to employees, and it wasn’t giving. It was their own earning.
How the boss sends money to employees and how much money they send is not only about conscience, but also about respecting and respecting the value of work.
Another point is that the boss always knows that he is the master and the worker is the family. precision machined parts
This is so irrelevant.
Bosses and employees have superiors and inferiors in the resolution plan, but there is certainly no hierarchy in the personality.
In fact, between modern companies, bosses and employees, it should not be an employment link but a cooperative link.
If the company wants to be stronger, the boss needs to change his understanding and the narrow idea of ​​“I give you money to work” will definitely not work.
If you think this way, the employees will feel that if they only make money by working, they may not be fully involved in the company and care about the fate of the company.

Of course, I don’t mean that every boss should give no money to employees regardless of conditions or earnings.
What I want to say is that you can’t always give only 3,000 workers, but they plausibly ask them to pay 30,000 yuan. This is not humane. precision machined parts
Also, be honest with your employees.
I want to promote one of the most useful ways to comfort workers. red! package!
The employees are in love, the family has an accident, and the economic situation is in doubt. If a red envelope cannot be solved, there are two.
Do the bosses know that the average life span of Chinese companies is only 2.8 years, and each company is very likely to die. How can the company’s life span extend?
The boss’s understanding of money is very important.

If every boss learns to use money to corrupt workers, the international community will become a beautiful world.
In the end, I would like to say that many workers will turn this article into a circle of friends, but the boss may not necessarily.
Dare to turn this article into a circle of friends is the real good boss.
So, dare? precision machined parts

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