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No matter how good your product is, you are always 18 months away from failure

The most important Moore’s law in the information technology industry makes Microsoft always have a sense of crisis as an important driving force for the survival and development of enterprises. precision machined products

“The number of integrated circuits on integrated circuit chips is doubled every 18 months, and performance will also be doubled.” Moore’s Law was originally a trend forecast for the development of information technology. At the beginning, Bill Gates had already realized the potential crisis behind the “18 months” behind the law.

In fact, in 1983, Microsoft had begun to promote Windows 1.0 to the outside world and hoped to become the graphical user interface of the Atari ST computer (Atari was founded in 1972, the ancestor of the home console industry), but Atari could not tolerate the slow development progress of Microsoft. Finally, Digital Research’s GEM graphical user interface was chosen as an alternative. precision machined products

This means that if it is not the most important operating system development project at Microsoft’s development strategy at that time, if it is not launched as soon as possible, the competitiveness and market of its products will quickly disappear with rapid technological progress. To this end, it is under tremendous pressure and the company is facing unprecedented obstacles.

At that time, although the design of software and the debugging of the program were increasing, the programmers were in a highly stressed state of work, but when the software that was written was handed over to Bill Gates for review, the program still went awry. precision machined products

Bill Gates was so furious that he snapped the table and asked, “Where’s Ballmer, where is Ballmer?”

When he heard Gates’s cry, Ballmer rushed in. He still didn’t know what was going on. He came in with the breakfast still in his hands.

“Are you still eating dinner?” Bill Gates shouted at the documents on the desk. “How could I make a mistake? I have to warn you that by the end of the year I couldn’t finish the job successfully, I couldn’t produce the product, you guys got a roll.” Get up and go!”

The Bill Gates’ classmate and closest friend at Harvard then knew that Gates would not easily light up on him. precision machined products

Realizing the seriousness of the problem, Ballmer hurriedly put the breakfast down, called up the programmers who had just slept, and told them, “We must test it again and we can’t make any mistakes, otherwise we’ll all be fired by Bill. Squid!” Micro Signal: Lean Production Promotion Center.

Eventually, Microsoft officially released windows 1.0 in November 1985. However, the impact of this experience on the company was extremely far-reaching. Even when Windwos 3.0 was released in 1990, Ballmer filed the matter and said, “We There will never be an extension event like Windows 1.0!” precision machined products

It can be seen that the awareness of crisis in Microsoft and Bill Gates has always affected the growth and development of the company. precision machined products

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