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Breaking the monopoly between the United States and Japan, China won a key technology for core making

On April 16, 2018, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced a ban on ZTE, which greatly aroused the attention of the Chinese people to the chip. One of the two biggest areas of China’s economic upgrading is the automobile manufacturing industry, and the other is the integrated circuit industry. The pace of semiconductor breakthroughs cannot be delayed. Nearly a month after the ban, breakthrough news finally broke out. China has won a key technology for making core products… Precision Machining China | Low Cost CNC Machined Service.‎


China won a key technology for core making! Over the past 26 years, domestic high-end electronic resins for chip production have been successfully developed.

What does this breakthrough mean? With the fermentation of ZTE and the renewed warming of independent chip heat, the “Chinese core” dystocia has once again become the focus. As the core material of the chip, the technology of photoresist and photoresist resin has long been monopolized by foreign countries. Relying on imports, it is in the dilemma of being stuck.

The Sanquan Group has developed high-end materials for many years, breaking the monopoly of the United States and Japan, and officially taking the lead in the world. According to experts, this will greatly accelerate the development of China’s independent chips. Precision Machining China | Low Cost CNC Machined Service.‎


“PM2.5 is a very fine particle that everyone is familiar with, and its diameter is less than or equal to 2.5 microns. But we have developed this key material for manufacturing chips. If it enters even PM1.0 dust, this material is a waste product. Cannot be applied to the chip.”

Tang Yilin
Tang Yilin simply stated the harsh environmental requirements for the new core-making material “Ultra-Purity” and “Ultra-Uniform”, which is a combination of “ultra-pure” and “ultra-uniform”.

The difficulties encountered in the development process were far more than that. In 1992, Tang Yilin had started to set up a team to start R&D of phenolic resins and tried to produce them. However, due to backward production equipment and lack of core technology, they experienced many setbacks. Failed to make a good product. In desperation, we can only look overseas. In 1997, after strict selection and multiple rounds of negotiation, Shengquan finally reached a cooperation with British Haworth Minerals and Chemicals Co., Ltd. and introduced the most advanced phenolic resin production technology in the United Kingdom. Precision Machining China | Low Cost CNC Machined Service.‎

“The core technology is subject to human beings is the biggest hidden danger, but the core technology depends on the aboriginality is impossible, only self-reliance.” As a person, Tang Yilin profoundly understand the meaning of this sentence.

Because of this, while introducing foreign capital, Tang Yilin never let go of his own power and introduced a series of R&D backbones headed by Li Ningning, a former general engineer of Tianjin Resin Factory; in 2007, he established the “Phenolic Resin Technology” in cooperation with the Chemistry Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The Research Center has introduced and developed a number of aerospace and military projects including rocket-resisting ablative materials. Later, it established a doctoral workstation and cooperated with a number of institutions in research, production and research. In 2011, it introduced advanced technologies from Japan. The epoxy resin production technology has built the largest electronic grade special epoxy resin workshop in China… Precision Machining China | Low Cost CNC Machined Service.‎

The R&D process was full of hardships, but it has finally achieved satisfactory results. The reporter learned that the successful localization of “novolacs for photoresists” has attracted a number of photoresist companies (“chip” upstream companies). , Purchase this high-end material for “core making”.


In 2017, according to the globally recognized standards for unicorns, Shengquan was officially recognized as a “unicorn” by the National SME Share Transfer System Company under the China Securities Regulatory Commission. At this time, their independent phenolic aldehydes have already served as a major task in many national projects. Precision Machining China | Low Cost CNC Machined Service.‎

Among them, the advanced resin material, light-core steel, serves high-speed railways and maglev trains; the newly developed specialty resins and high-end composite materials have broken the monopoly of foreign technologies and have been used in military products such as national aerospace vehicles, rockets, and missiles; The ball started from “Shenzhou 8” and was continuously used in the “Shenzhou” series.

Following the success of Shengquan Spring on the road of technological innovation and the success of the manufacturing technology of new core-making materials, Tang Yilin told reporters his sentiments: “China never lacks chip technology, nor does it lack materials for chips, but lacks chips. The enterprises on the chain have become a cohesive force of the rope. What is lacking is the endurance of the enterprise to study in depth. “Using 26 years of exploration has finally grinded out its own “core making” key materials. He attributed his own success to the following: “We have been able to successfully develop R & D because the scientific research team has an endurance that does not come back without breaking through. This can provide some reference to the long-running Chinese chip research.” Precision Machining China | Low Cost CNC Machined Service.‎

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