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The hardest reform in the world is to kill oneself

Huawei’s goal is to become a world-class company, but at the same time as the scale expansion, the short board of its own management capabilities began to appear. precision machining custom made aluminium

In order to achieve such a goal, what problems should be solved first in Huawei? Ren Zhengfei was thinking hard, and his numerous overseas visits and exchanges with world-class companies, especially his visit to the United States at the end of 1997, have made Ren Zhengfei more and more convinced that the answer he is striving for is immediate and immediate. Began to act. precision machining custom made aluminium

Although there are many subjects that can be studied, only one company that truly qualifies as a teacher and is willing to give Huawei as a teacher is IBM.

Another reason that Huawei is locked in learning from IBM is that Huawei also faced the business transformation that IBM faced at the time. Huawei’s most likely direction of transformation is the transformation of telecom equipment manufacturers to telecom solution providers and service providers. This can also draw on IBM’s experience. Although there are differences in the product area, management is interlinked. precision machining custom made aluminium

After spending a lot of money and making great efforts, the teacher finally invited in. However, the students began to have problems: Huawei has just experienced a doubling growth for five years. Sustained success makes the staff full of self-confidence and persistence. The good feeling. Micro Signal: Lean Production Promotion Center.

The independent development process also seems to prove that although Huawei’s own things are not the best but are most applicable, the helmsman of this large ship of Huawei has realized that it must learn and determined to introduce foreign brains, but the “hull” is still under inertia. Continue to operate in the original mode.

When IBM first started training for concept introduction at Huawei, many employees competed to sleep on the table, and some of the cadres were also late for leaving early.

Obviously, changing ideas has become the most important issue that Huawei needs to solve in order to advance business process changes. precision machining custom made aluminium

In August 1998, Ren Zhengfei, who has always been adept at using internal opinion to deliver ideas, published an article titled “Not a Short-lived Hero” in “Huawei Renmin Bao”. He pointed out that the most difficult reform in the world is to reform his own. Life is the most painful to touch your own soul, but Huawei’s goal is world-class, and the second venture is inevitable.

Later, he also issued a series of speeches in succession, telling Huawei that people cannot engage in characteristic management of Huawei, that is, to digest the mature management of the world.

Ren Zhengfei’s strong personal influence played a key role. After several strong and even indiscriminate promotions, the surface resistance was effectively contained and the integrated product development project began to run. precision machining custom made aluminium

However, at the operational level, there are still problems. One of the most important reasons for Huawei’s success in the Chinese market is to rely on “wolf spirit” and rely on keen sense to grasp the market demand and quickly introduce products.

IBM’s consultants have placed great emphasis on the process standards and the operation of standards, and Huawei people feel that they are obviously not suited. precision machining custom made aluminium

In accordance with the normative process, many product development plans have been developed for more than three months, effectively reducing the huge waste of subsequent development and production problems. The long-standing habit of Huawei is to ignore the plan, emphasizing desperation, and like to change while doing it.

This kind of thing even happened to Ren Zhengfei himself. In 2001, when the launch time of high-end router products was nearly two years behind Cisco, Ren Zhengfei gave orders, all procedures were disrupted, and a large number of backbones were transferred to high-end routers. . precision machining custom made aluminium

Without going through the integrated product development process, Huawei was able to bring high-end routers to market in a very short period of time.

Although this is only a “special case,” it is enough to illustrate the difficulty of change. But after a painful process, Huawei finally tasted the benefits of change. precision machining custom made aluminium

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