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Our precision machining tool is still a big growth

Chinese is a manufacturing superpower, the world’s second largest producer of measuring; measuring the use of power, but not the power, from research and development to manufacturing the overall technological level is relatively backward. Therefore, seriously restrict the transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry, especially the ultra precision machining technology has a very big growth space. From the analysis of the development of the deep in the time point of view, tool industry has experienced a period of rapid development, has formed a strong manufacturing capability and certain marketing ability, the future of the industry will be further to the high-end, professional, quality and service to expand the field, making the upgrade.

Manufacturing powers stable position

According to statistics, “12th Five-Year” during a total tool industry more than $100 billion in exports, total imports of nearly $60 billion, the average annual exports to maintain the speed of.2010 annual growth in more than 20%, export exceeded $30 billion, becoming the world’s largest tool manufacturing and exporting country.

In addition, through the “China international tool industry development forum”, “Shanghai international machine tools and Equipment Exhibition (CCTE Chinese tools)” was released, both at home and abroad for promotion, has milepost

Industrial Development coincided with the opportunity period

Emerging market developments, emerging technologies, sustainability policies and changes in consumer preferences have all made changes in the global economy

Further digitization, automation, new business models are changing from all walks of life, and the cutting tool industry is no exception. These factors make the disruptive technology trend of cutting tools: diversification, electric, automation, intelligent interconnection.

“13th Five-Year” period, tool industry backbone enterprises to all-round use of advanced forging, mold processing and repair, CNC multi station combined machine tool, and the controlled atmosphere heat treatment, high frequency induction heating, the transformation of traditional industries and environmental protection electroplating and other advanced technology, improve labor productivity, improve product quality, grade and added value, change the mode of development, high standard, high quality, high efficiency of the innovation and development of road.

At the same time, on the basis of strengthening exchanges at home and abroad, further promote the industry in manufacturing, sales, standards and testing aspects of construction, and enhance the voice of China’s tool industry in the global tool industry chain

In the domestic market, with the domestic professional manufacturing field increased demand and sales channel system gradually perfect, small enterprises are worried that the past sales, slow payment scenarios are greatly improved. The domestic enterprises can not only self built system, but also with the comprehensive strength of the trade dealers cooperation to jointly develop the market. The domestic market is stable, not only help to effectively resist the market risk of overseas enterprises, will also bring more business opportunities for the development of enterprises. No foreign markets do not, there is no domestic market instability.

Upgrade to service manufacturing

To service-oriented manufacturing transformation and upgrading, will become the future development direction of manufacturing industry. At present, the industry backbone enterprises are no longer limited to provide service to customer service, but the service forward (starting from design and development), joint development and covering the entire process, is trying to complete the upgrade from production to service-oriented transformation.

Although it has made a series of achievements in the domestic high-end professional service users, some tools manufacturers also have begun to high-speed railway construction, vehicle maintenance, to provide products and services of shipbuilding and other professional fields, but still faces difficulties and challenges in the development of the industry. The tool manufacturers in adhere to the pursuit of high standards, high quality, high efficiency, high profit at the same time, also we should strengthen the channels and build brand awareness, and strive to make the domestic high-end tools to gain more identity and influence.

“13th Five-Year” period, tool industry will continue to adhere to the shift from extensive to intensive change from labor-intensive to technology intensive, changing from quantity expansion to quality improvement, by low cost and low price to high value-added high margin improvement changes, from OEM to gradually increase the proportion of exports change independent brand, establish high standards, high quality, high efficiency development concept, the transformation of traditional industries with advanced technology, increase science and technology and R & D investment, improve the added value of products, realize the transformation from large to strong.


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