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5 days rapid improvement breakthrough: Lean office improvement

Breakthrough in Weekly Improvement of Office Business Processes. precision metal machined part

-Definition: The Breakthrough Law for Corporate Office Processes is the use of lean manufacturing principles and tools to make breakthrough improvements to the company’s office processes.

– Improvement Tools: Flow Chart, Process Flow Chart, Histogram, Brainstorming, Influence/Difficulty Analysis, Standardized Operation… precision metal machined part

– Improvement goal: The rapid improvement of office business processes focuses on shortening the company’s operating cycle time through the optimization of corporate office processes to improve the company’s non-productive department operational efficiency and information flow.

Weekly Improvements in Breakthroughs in Office Work Process Processes (5 Day Improvement)

Preparation Phase:

1. Improvement project selection is the selection of the topic. precision metal machined part

– Select according to the enterprise’s target strategy;

– Select according to departmental key performance indicators (KPIs);

— Finding the subject through the VSM method, the closer the project is to the client, the more it will be prioritized.

– requirements of other departments; precision metal machined part

– Frequent problems faced within the company, such as the following possible improvements:

Warehouse inventory reduction, production picking process improvement, cash reimbursement process improvement, reduction of departmental filing documentation, model/new product evaluation process, reduction of mold verification cycle, and shortening of supplier certification cycle.

2. Goal setting.

Establish clear and challenging goals; precision metal machined part

3. Resource preparation.

Including information related to office procedures in advance preparation, and contact related departments or related suppliers in advance to prepare for support;

4. Team.

Determine the team members according to the selected project. For some projects, the members must have certain decision power and the power to promote other departments to do things. In addition, the same team should not have too many similar functional personnel, to avoid bias, not easy to break through, pay attention to the proportion of the distribution, the staff to 12 to 15 people is better. precision metal machined part

Implementation phase:

A five-day breakthrough in rapid improvement is now outlined in its daily agenda as follows:

1. First day of training

Improve the concept, principles, and tools of lean office business processes for all team members

2. The next day understand the status quo and identify opportunities for improvement

— Define goals and scope; precision metal machined part

— Draw the current business flow chart of the company;

– Define each step;

–Calculation process steps, VA, NVA, handover, delay, etc.;

–Calculate the current cycle time;

– Define waste;

— Review the objectives and scope of the plan to formulate preliminary improvements;

— Improve bulletin

3. On the third day, improvement was implemented and new office procedures were developed

–Identification can reduce steps; precision metal machined part

— Continue to optimize office procedures, eliminate delays, reduce approvals, and reduce long-term cycle time;

— Develop new office procedures;

– Recalculate the steps, cycle time, value-added ratio, and number of documents for the new office process;

– Simulation of new office processes;

— Review objectives

4. Fourth day of continuous improvement, standardization

– Simulate and implement some new office processes;

— Formulate standardized documents;

— review standardized documents; precision metal machined part

— Optimize new office procedures and summarize improvements;

– Improve report preparation;

–Set critical control points

5. Day 5 Regular If the first four days are going well, the fifth day is basically a meeting reported to the company’s management.

— Standardized office processes;

— Follow-up 30-day tracking list;

–Report to management on improvement results. precision metal machined part

The flow of improvement in the business process and the rapid improvement of the production site are basically similar, except that the tools used are different. Problems at the production site make it easier to use the eyes and data to clarify the problem, but the office business process is not easy to find the problem. Only after visualizing the problems through VSM, flowcharts and other tools, can the true problems be found. precision metal machined part

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