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[HR] performance system construction (two) how to set performance appraisal target?

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The performance of system construction, we should first establish the performance plan, performance planning is to determine the focus of the assessment, setting assessment objectives. How to set performance goals, different companies of different practices. Some of the company in accordance with the annual target to break into the sector, some companies are set up and the department itself, is a combination of job settings, some the company is combined with the phase of the task set, and so on. So, excuse me: your company’s performance goal is how to set? China precision metal manufacturing Manufacturer

Reference analysis:

Employee performance appraisal target is the key to good performance appraisal. The business sector index is too low, no incentive effect, interest distribution of personal income is too high is not conducive to the future performance appraisal is also easy to form the unfair distribution in the company; while the index is too high will cause too much pressure, is not conducive to business department staff enthusiasm the transfer functions can not be quantified. The index will also cause the assessment form phenomenon. Here I do share this experience: China precision metal manufacturing Manufacturer

First, the business department performance evaluation indicators set – business departments to assess the main assessment of the completion of economic indicators

1, at the beginning of each year, according to the business sector on a calendar year the actual completion of business indicators, calculated in accordance with a growing proportion. The main indicators include: sales revenue, sales, profits, capital, capital turnover rate.

2, the data will be adjusted according to the company’s development strategy after the calculation of the data. If the company intends to increase import and export business, it should increase the value when the evaluation index is set. China precision metal manufacturing Manufacturer

3, the adjusted data and the company’s business meeting, adjust the distribution of resources at the same time to complete the next annual economic indicators needed, as example to increase the import and export business indicators need to increase or adjust the personnel, the need to increase investment funds controlled.

4, develop business sector index is actually a process of the game, all will put forward the proposal to revise the data, which will be directly related to employee benefits, so in the process of formulation must comply with the company’s development strategy, reflects the characteristics of policy guidance; at the same time, strengthen the performance incentives, assessment to effectively play the role of incentives. China precision metal manufacturing Manufacturer

Two, the establishment of performance appraisal indicators of functional departments the non business department mainly inspects the key performance indicators of the staff and other departments’ satisfaction evaluation and other factors. China precision metal manufacturing Manufacturer

1, the establishment of key performance indicators for non business departments is based on employee’s job requirements, job descriptions and competency model!

2, to develop key performance indicators to follow the quantifiable and specific standards, time requirements of principle. Many qualitative, fuzzy evaluation standards will result in the actual assessment process random subjective judgment, lost the seriousness and effectiveness of the evaluation work. So the assessment indicators must be quantifiable in actually, observe and measure index.

3, the performance evaluation indicators should be formulated by the department heads and staff, the reason is that we can fully consider the views of employees, while subordinates are likely to recognize this standard, in order to consciously, voluntarily, from the heart to achieve this performance standards. China precision metal manufacturing Manufacturer

4, data base problems. Performance appraisal data must be supported by the data, the data support should be provided by the corresponding departments. In the selection of index data base, should also use the external data as much as possible, to avoid the Department, and even the assessment of the phenomenon of self-evaluation

China precision metal manufacturing Manufacturer

China precision metal manufacturing Manufacturer



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