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Parental validity should not be lazy

Parents also have an “expiry date”, and they provide education and support in the 10 years the child relies on most. Once the child reaches adolescence, parents will no longer be able to provide substantial influence if they try harder. In my opinion, if the parents neglected rearing when the children needed them, the children would rebel in the future, and the parents would only shake their heads and sigh. precision metal parts

Recently I visited friends and when we were all sitting in the backyard of a friend’s house to eat and chat, their eldest daughter went home. The eldest daughter, who is 18 years old this year, already does not live at home. She walked in with her cohabiting boyfriend. Both men had a cigarette in their hands; they wore a trendy new look, had a small tummy, and there was a tattoo on the back waist.

The boy has tattoos on his wrist and on his arm. The two men whispered to each other, talking and laughing, but the outsiders showed a disdainful look. precision metal parts

This makes me quite sceptical, and I suddenly realized that one thing is that in fact, parents and food, have an “effective period.”

When I first met the girl, she was only eight years old and was as big as my boss. When I went to her home 10 years ago, she could draw exactly the same words and pictures on a bottle of sake I sent in a short period of time. precision metal parts

A Chinese little girl can actually easily describe the “Japanese Kiyoshi Sake” and the cherry blossoms on the Liquor Brand in twos or three times. I was so surprised that since that time, I often asked her parents to take her to study. But they can always find a whole bunch of reasons that are not the reason to suffocate me.

What’s strange is that her parents slammed me on one side, but could show off to her again what her daughter had painted recently. Suddenly I realized that 10 years had passed so fast that it seemed like it was only yesterday. It is now 10 years later. precision metal parts

I don’t think her parents are now qualified to criticize their daughters because her parents have always focused on herself and never valued her education. Now that education is no longer possible, the reason is very simple. That is because the educational efficacy of parents has already expired. And her parents did not work hard within the “expiry date”.

When the children were young, the parents were omnipotent to them and they could all rely on them. This is the golden age of parental education for children. As soon as the child arrives at adolescence, the “expiration date” of the parent is approaching. precision metal parts

It should be said that the teaching and the work should all be done long enough. It is time for acceptance. This acceptance is the parent’s education policy and it is also the child’s ability to adapt to the outside world. The efforts of parents after “expiration” are more effective than they were 10 years ago.

I suddenly sigh. I told myself that I must help my child prepare for the future during the golden age. Because time really passed quickly, it passed quickly. I don’t want to sigh and shake my head in the future. precision metal parts

Yes! Parents have an expiration date. The child is a gift from God (or God) to us. When you do not cherish it, God (or God) takes this sweet gift back. precision metal parts

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