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[lean school] action analysis (four)

Experienced precision metal works China Manufacturer. The first two principles and case explanations for understanding the principle of action economy

Four basic principles of action economy. Experienced precision metal works China Manufacturer

Reduce the number of actions

  1. is there any extra search, selection, thinking and reservation?
  2. is it easy to grab and assemble? Experienced precision metal works China Manufacturer

The 3. to the second, third type of action, we must consider the measures to reduce and cancel.

  1. to the first type of action, we should explore the use of jig, change the order of action to shorten the action time, easy to work.

Both hands work at the same time

  1. for simple operations, both hands and feet can be used at the same time, which can not only improve work efficiency, but also keep the balance of the body and reduce fatigue. Experienced precision metal works China Manufacturer

Shortening the distance of the action

  1. is there an unnecessary big action to do the homework, especially if the distance from the object is too large?

Easy homework

  1. can the basic number of primes be reduced?
  2. is it in a difficult position that is difficult to operate?
  3. is it an action that needs great strength?
  4. the improvement of action not only improves the efficiency of the operation, but also takes into account the comfort of the operation.

Three elements of action improvement. Experienced precision metal works China Manufacturer

Action method

There are many ways to implement a job, and even the same method, the implementation of the operation varies from person to person, so there is a best way to do it.

Job site layout

Through Moore analysis, most of the operation time is mobile, grasping and relaxing items. These actions are closely related to the location, location, height and placement method of materials, fixtures and machines, so we must consider the convenience of operators to consider the layout of the workplaces. Experienced precision metal works China Manufacturer

Jig and machine

To replace the work of hand, foot, eye and head, to reduce the fatigue of the operator, and to gain several times the strength and correctness of the human. Experienced precision metal works China Manufacturer

Basic principle 1: reduce the number of actions

The more the number of actions, the longer the operation time. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary actions, the placement of materials and tools is easy to use, minimizing the number of actions, or completing more than 2 actions at a time. Experienced precision metal works China Manufacturer

Action method

Canceling unnecessary operations: reducing the number of second classes and the third types of action by the analysis of the pheromone. Experienced precision metal works China Manufacturer

Reducing the number of actions by fixing the electric soldering iron

To improve the position of the front electric soldering iron is not fixed, and it is held by the right hand. One operation needs 5 actions. The improvement plan is the location of the fixed electric iron, and the number of actions is reduced from 5 to 3.

Eye reduction: the eye has the function of identifying the object, usually acting before and after hand and foot. The activity of the eye is too large and too frequent, which will delay the movement.

Use a reflector to reduce eye activity. Experienced precision metal works China Manufacturer

Before the improvement, the workpiece is loaded into the fixture, and the workpiece is judged by the oscilloscope. The improvement program looks at the oscillograph waveform through the two reflectors, and the head can hardly move, and at the same time, it can see the waveform in the work piece and the oscilloscope. Experienced precision metal works China Manufacturer

Merge two or more movements

Use a double tube syringe to reduce the movement of the coated resin.

Before improvement, we use single tube syringe to coat resin on both sides of the wiring post. The double pipe syringe is used to improve the scheme, and the resin is reduced to half the time on both sides of the wiring post at the same time, and the operation is also easy and feasible. Experienced precision metal works China Manufacturer

Job site layout

Put tools and materials in the fixed position at the front of the operator: avoid looking for, bending, extending hands and other actions. After reaching a certain level, you can reach your objects by unconsciously reaching your hands. Experienced precision metal works China Manufacturer

Place the label at the front of the operator.

To improve the former operator’s label from the left side, we must turn around. The improvement plan will change the label stand to the front of the operator, extend the label to the operator, and shorten the movement distance from 40cm to 15cm..

The tool material is placed in the condition of easy operation: reducing the turnover action during the operation and the predetermined action. Experienced precision metal works China Manufacturer

Use the clamp placing cylinder to cancel the action of “changing the clamp holding mode”.

Improvement effect: canceling the action of changing the grip of the clamp.

Tool materials are placed in the order of operation: it can reduce the search, select the other action, and light the work. Experienced precision metal works China Manufacturer

The tools are arranged in order to facilitate the operation. Experienced precision metal works China Manufacturer

Jig and machine

Use a tool material box that is convenient to grab the material of the tool.

Simplify the grab with a corrugated plate. Experienced precision metal works China Manufacturer

The part is placed on the corrugated plate in favor of clamping the part with the clamp

Combine more than two tools into a tool. Experienced precision metal works China Manufacturer

Combined with a multimeter.

Using the fast moving clamping mechanism: the principle and type of the mechanism are introduced in the principle of fixture design.

The clamping mechanism of the press plate is used instead of the screw clamping mechanism of the handle to reduce the clamping time.

Operate the machine with one action

Fast switch.

Before the improvement, it is necessary to move the handle to open the switch. After the improvement, only one action of the button is needed to open the switch.

Basic principle two: both hands act at the same time

People often hold a workpiece with a hand instead of a universal clamp and so on, resulting in waste of action. Therefore, we should always notice that we should use both hands in the operation while improving the worksite and fixture so as to facilitate both hands to work at the same time.

Focus: is a hand waiting in an empty hand? Does it happen? Experienced precision metal works China Manufacturer

Action method

At the same time, both hands start to complete and perform at the same time: in the process of operation, one hand is idle, which not only causes waste, but also aggravates the burden of the other hand, resulting in the imbalance of movement. Of course, it is still feasible to have both hands at the same time.

Both hands insert the element into the circuit board at the same time

At the same time: the hands of symmetry, reverse trajectory repeated the same is the most natural motion, if the direction of movement of hands symmetrical, can also achieve mutual movement of hands balance, rhythm of the action, to further eliminate the deviation in the hands of time, to prevent operation error.

Symmetrical arrangement of tool materials

Before the improvement: in the asymmetric operation, the operator must turn the body, the body is poor in balance, and easy to fatigue.

After improvement: the operator does not have to turn the body in a symmetrical arrangement. Experienced precision metal works China Manufacturer

Job site layout

Arrange the scene at the same time by both hands.

The work that can be carried out with both hands is also poor due to the poor layout of the worksite. It is difficult to use both hands to move. The most ideal situation is to arrange the job site on the left and right sides.

The layout of the symmetrically and asymmetrical site.

Fixture and machine

The principle of both hands at the same time:

When taking a long time to hold the object, a fixed tool should be used as far as possible.

For simple homework and the work that needs strength, try to use the tools that can be used enough to do the homework. Experienced precision metal works China Manufacturer

A tool designed to perform both hands at the same time

Use a fixed tool to fix the object that needs to be taken for a long time

Example: in the operation of screw tightening in the workpiece, because the workpiece is unstable, the left hand holds the workpiece A, the right-hand assembly B, tightening screws and so on. In the improvement plan, the fixture is fixed, and the left hand is liberated to facilitate the simultaneous operation of both hands.

Effect: the number of movements was reduced from 8 to 5.

A tool used to make use of the foot.

Design tools and fixtures for both hands

Improving the tail of a bent washer with a pincer

Improvement program: open 2 small grooves on the operating table, both hands at the end of the 2 gasket into the groove, and then bend the tail.

Effect: reduce a number of actions. Experienced precision metal works China Manufacturer

Problem: please use the mot analysis method to analyze the pre – and post improvement of the mot.

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