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As an office worker, these eight techniques help you to do more with less.

There is an old saying: “There is no credit or hard work.” It sounds reasonable, but in today’s era when the winner is king, is “hard work” really good quality? Compared to what you do, the boss We should be more concerned about what you have done and what effect has been achieved. precision parts manufacturer

In this fast-paced era, the daily workload of most people has reached a level of difficulty. Even top talent falls into the “efficiency trap”: Try to squeeze out more time to work and force yourself to compress the rest and recreation time.

A student who is far from the ocean, he learned his MIT diploma in self-learning within 12 months and became the youngest graduate in MIT history. At the same time, he runs a blog, participates in TEDx speeches, travels to four countries, and learns four. The language of the door, but also fitness, reading … … limited time, so many things, where his efficiency come from? precision parts manufacturer

Let’s take a look at some of the practical efficiency improvements he introduced in the Super Efficiency Handbook.

Limited time
Set a time for your different tasks. Do not stop working until the task is completed or when it is out of time.

The limited time can repulse your inner procrastinating demon from two aspects:

1. Short time (ideal for 30 to 90 minutes): This is more acceptable than continuous work over several hours. precision parts manufacturer

2. The sense of urgency: The only way you want to finish at a specified time is to finish the tasks you have received as soon as possible. A limited time will stimulate you to speed up.

The real benefit of limited time is that you will work until you exceed the set time. Once you inject momentum into a task or project, you will be more likely to continue working.

Dynamic catalyst
Revisit the chemistry class in middle school. Remember the catalyst? The catalyst is a chemical that accelerates the reaction, but it does not react on its own. precision parts manufacturer

The dynamic catalyst reduces the activation cost of the start of the reaction and saves the energy you need to start the action. Although the reaction can occur on its own, the catalyst accelerates the entire process. Here are some examples of catalysts:

1. List your goals in a table. I often put my target list on the computer desktop. When it is needed, it will always give me motivation.

2. Make a public commitment. When you plan to do something, tell it to your boss, colleague, or a friend that the pressures will keep you motivated. precision parts manufacturer

3. Sticky notes. Write your thoughts on sticky notes and put them in your home. They will remind you of what you need to do.

Reading notes
When reading, taking notes with a binder is a useful method. This allows you to record some good ideas, statements, and interesting information while reading a book.

1. It helps you to grasp the core idea of ​​a book. If you want to go back to this book and find out the key information, you only need to read the 2 to 4 pages of notes instead of the 200 to 400 pages of the book. precision parts manufacturer

2. It is faster than the page corners and the underline. Taking notes on books is fast, but afterwards you want to see them much slower. Recording on a notebook allows you to recall the book faster.

3. Your memory is not perfect. I found that the knowledge in a book can only be active in my mind for about a month. Notebooks can be used as a tool to restore memory. precision parts manufacturer

Make your time top-heavy
Most people’s time schedule is light and heavy, which is contrary to the point of view in the “Super Efficiency Handbook.” People with bad schedules (head and foot) tend to delay doing what they least like. They will put the hard-to-do, long-time, and brain-difficult tasks in the end, and tend to do some simple tasks like mail processing. The result is that people who are not doing the most important jobs are already exhausted.

A top-heavy schedule means to put the most important work of your day on the beginning of the day. You can also arrange by the weekly target system, that is, if it is closed on Sunday, you should put more work on Monday instead of Friday or Saturday. precision parts manufacturer

Closed open loop
Open loop is the natural enemy of efficiency. Open loop refers to a task that does not have a clear stop point. If you don’t have a stop point, you won’t work on a cycle. Procrastination, excessive fatigue, and sloppy work are the consequences of the opening. Look at the following two to-dos:

1. Write a blog.

2. Write 4 articles to the blog, reply to comments, and add a new program.

The first is an open loop. How do you know when you can finish it? We can use a new perspective to look at the open-loop incident by closing it. For example, to-do item 2, set a clear time node for when you finish blogging. precision parts manufacturer

15 minutes rule
15 minutes is all you need to fight temporary depression. The 15-minute rule means to do 15 more minutes whenever you want to give up. The energy of a person fluctuates up and down, and hard work will drain your energy. Usually, for another 15 minutes, you will spend this difficult period and restore your spirit.

Using the 15-minute rule will also increase your self-discipline. Self-discipline is like a reserve fuel bank when your energy is exhausted. A further 15 minutes can help you fight depression. precision parts manufacturer

Gear theory
High productivity is not an easy task. Don’t expect to improve all your habits at once. If you slowly ascend, gradually expand from a simple change, the effect will be better. Gears only work if they move in one direction. You can increase your productivity by improving your habits one by one.

Suppose you want to start a habit of getting up early. If you get up at 7:30 right now, changing to 5:00 is a bit too sudden. You can change to 7:00 or 6:30 to start the first 30-day trial period. After one month, wait until this habit is fully developed, you can change to 6:00 or 6:15 again. precision parts manufacturer

Batch processing
Batch processing is the art of putting similar tasks together at the same time. You can concentrate on replying to emails at one time of the day, instead of spending the entire afternoon on this matter and replying one at a time.

Batch processing is a great trick for several reasons:

1. It eliminates the beginning and deceleration phases of work. Complete a task requires a fixed amount of power. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to start working at full speed. precision parts manufacturer

2. It can keep you in the same mood. The dual-stream theory implies that we treat different kinds of work with different moods, and play a role in improving production efficiency. With batch processing, you can maintain a state of mind to handle specific tasks. precision parts manufacturer

Batch processing simplifies your workload. By dealing with a large number of jobs at once, you can reduce the amount of work your mind needs to remember. precision parts manufacturer

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