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How to manage a R&D team? Good summary!

Many managers have a wrong understanding. They think that in team building, it is only necessary to grasp the technical construction. In particular, the R&D department team, such as what structure, framework, specific technology, training, and performance is enough. Many times, we can think about it. Will the team be successful in building technology? In fact, that is not necessarily the case. You can consider whether your team has the following problems: precision spindle

Because a good team, the key is people, technology can teach, can learn, but if the team’s non-technical factors can not be built, the team will eventually fail. For example, let us give some common examples to analyze Everyone will meet such a team:

1) The team is busy all day long, everyone is working hard, and there is not much communication between them. The team members feel that they are doing repetitive work every day, like code robots, writing code in a good framework, feeling no sense of accomplishment. precision spindle

2) In the team, there are many cows, and ordinary members only account for a small number. Ordinary members feel a sense of crisis, stress, and feel that there is little room for development.

3) The team members have cows, but the technical manager or project manager is not necessarily the most cattle. Therefore, the cattle are secretly unhappy, and the boss does not know how to control these cattle.

4) The team has always been chaotic. Although the team is working hard, the team with all kinds of objective problems is overwhelmed.

5) The team members are unstable, mobile, and resentful.

…………….. There are many other situations.

Personally, in a technical team, we must pay attention to the team’s humanistic psychology, we should focus on the following aspects. precision spindle

1) Team member goal consistency construction

People are different, but since a team must have a common goal, this must be clearly publicized with the team members at the beginning of the team formation, whether you are building a new team or taking over halfway. A team. A good way to make a suggestion is to take this goal out of the first contact with your team members or through discussion, even in writing, and then in the early stages of team building. This propaganda evangelizes this goal of your team. The goal is to be simple and executable, so that team members feel that there is information and encouragement. Of course, long, medium and short goals can also be formulated.

Because in the early stage of team building, the better you put this goal in the team, the deeper the impression of the members, the easier it is to implement later. Some teams at the beginning of construction, they are going to engage in various technical specifications. If you have technical problems, even the team’s goals are not over-the-top. As a result, your members will lose confidence and lose their goals in the future development path. precision spindle

2) Identify the situation of team members

This is not to say that you need to know their general personal information, team leaders, to fully understand the full range of each member’s situation, such as personal interests, advantages and disadvantages, specialties, etc. This can generally be at the beginning of team building, by letting them The way of introduction, but in fact, it is best to do some research, for example, the simplest is, if you take over a team midway, you can use electronic survey form, let them do a simple questionnaire, let them write themselves The profile of the profile, write on the previous team building opinions, write about the problems that have appeared in the previous team, let them express their opinions, which is sometimes better than the interview, because the human mind is like this, there is resentment, Can be written (can be anonymous), but some people are very reluctant to interview the boss.

It is recommended that the recommended method can cooperate with the company’s HR, engage in more professional research, and recommend the investigation of type 9 personality. It is an internationally authoritative personality survey. Through this, you can quickly understand the personality characteristics of employees and facilitate future management. . precision spindle

3) Let the team members feel psychologically fulfilled

After you understand the situation of the team members, you know their personality characteristics, then you have to start to manage them differently. People in a team want to get attention, promote, pay attention, so they have to be Satisfaction. But in reality, due to the limitations of objective conditions, it is generally difficult to rely on the strength of your team to make the team members’ ideas satisfied. For example, they say they want to raise their salary, but you are not a department manager. You alone say that adding to them is subject to many conditions, but you should think about what you can do for your hands at your level.

For example, when you find that your subordinates are quite active and learn a new technology, you need to realize that you can provide him with help in this area. Because people’s psychology is often In this way, he is interested in a certain aspect, and if he is self-motivated, he will improve himself wholeheartedly. This is especially true for people who are engaged in technology. He will eliminate all difficulties. If he finds that the company or team can not satisfy his desire, he will It will shake or even consider leaving people. Therefore, if you realize it, you should first communicate with him immediately, understand his situation, and communicate with him about his interest, so that he psychologically feels that he is valued. , appreciated, encouraged, helped. And your words will often give you a lot of encouragement, even though he is not interested in things that he is interested in, even he is better than you, but In fact, it doesn’t matter. For example, you can say: “This aspect of your research should be very promising in the future. I will take a look with you when I have time to help you see what is going on and see if you can help. You solve it. In addition, you can go to the bookstore to see the book written by XXXX, or Helpful…”, in this case, the other party will feel that your boss is good. There is also something that should be let your hands know, published, and learned things can be reflected in the team and the project to varying degrees. . precision spindle

People in the team, there is competition, everyone wants to learn what they have, their own opinions, do not use in the team, in this case, employees will feel that they have a position in the team, competitive. But everyone knows, This is often difficult to achieve completely. It is limited by various conditions. For example, your team uses Framework A, but many of your members start to self-learn Framework B. Then, you can think about whether it can be inside some , small, insignificant projects, let them show their skills? If not, can they let them use the things they have learned to rewrite some old small applications?

For example, your members have learned UML newly, but your company’s documentation never uses UML. Then you can consider letting him try to draw UML diagrams in his own documents. This is actually a good way, and it does not affect you. The overall situation, in short, the method is definitely there. A good way for you to think about it is through regular knowledge sharing models, such as establishing an electronic blog, an electronic knowledge base, and regularly letting team members submit the knowledge they have learned, or Every week, every month at regular meetings, the team members are required to share the knowledge they have learned recently. This gives them a stage to show, although not necessarily a big project, but it is enough to make the team members feel satisfied. They can make them feel that they are not really “code robots”. If they are feasible, they are even defined as a performance appraisal standard, which will encourage everyone to form a positive learning atmosphere. precision spindle

4) Fully care about your members from the humanities

IT is a tired word, this is indeed a fact, this is not a fact that you can change a team leader, such as frequent overtime work, etc. But sometimes you can care for your members from the human body within your ability. For overtime, it is best to let your team members feel that you are a leader who advocates overtime in the early stages of team building, because I believe that no one likes to work overtime. Don’t avoid mentioning the usual cold tone: If you don’t finish, work overtime to get it done. Because it will give employees a bad impression. To be honest, if you are a responsible employee, you will consciously work overtime, you don’t need to remind you. You should give your staff an impression, that is Advocate to work hard to solve the problem as much as possible, and do not advocate overtime (although in fact your company may work overtime often, but don’t say it from your mouth). precision spindle

There are also some small things to care about them, such as trying not to arrange female employees to work overtime too late, arrange a good break, and strive for relevant benefits for employees; usually more privately organize some cultural activities with your members, such as going under exercise , sing K, eat a meal, instead of pushing these to the company HR to do, in order to be a close friend of your team members.

Take care of the interests and needs of the employees as much as possible. For example, after the employees are working, during the overtime work, some people like to listen to the music a little, play the game, and the rhythm hopes to slow down a bit. In fact, you must grasp it well, without violating the company system. In the case of combining your own project work, you must also consider the employee’s feelings and interests, because your team members are first of all “people”, if the needs of them are hard tied, in the name of the system Reject, then it won’t make your team members feel warm. precision spindle

5) Regularly communicate with your members on a one-on-one basis

This is actually a very good method. Single-on-one communication can be done through EMAIL, QQ, interviews, etc. Sometimes it doesn’t need to be too formal. Too formal will give members a feeling of oppression and tension. Everyone should chat in a relaxed atmosphere. Regularly understand each member’s thoughts and thoughts, sometimes you have to rely on your brain to remember, don’t be straightforward, bring a pen with this book, talk to your members in the conference room, the first look at the first look You have. The topic of chatting can be talking about work, talking about life, etc. The key point is to find out the difficulties encountered by the other party. Some of the other parties may only dare to talk to you separately. So, it is time to find your members. Talking about it alone, I guess this effect is still very big.

6) Combined with Agile XP

This is actually a very proud practice, it is indeed some effect, such as the daily meeting in XP scrum, you can consider the different people in your team to host each day, this can give them the opportunity to exercise, let them There will be some sense of accomplishment. precision spindle

7) Let the team members have a sense of ownership

A good way is to let the members of the team regularly make reasonable suggestions every month, and then you can read out their opinions one by one at the meeting, and then discuss whether there is a good solution, can solve the problem, and shoot on the spot. The version, if not, can be turned over to the company. The advantage is that your members are psychologically aware that they are fair in the team, everyone has a voice, everyone will be valued and concerned, continue to go on Will stimulate their initiative.

8) Encourage your members

For team members’ products, we should encourage them more. Even if the members make mistakes, they should also point out that they should not say anything, “How do you do it, do it?”, especially at departmental meetings. For the employees who have made mistakes, we must consider the words carefully. We must consider the personality characteristics of the other party, otherwise it will cause great trouble. There is also a good suggestion, that is, let your encouragement, praise, and fullness in the whole team, such as in XP. In the use case card on the whiteboard, simply write “GOOD”, the whole whiteboard will see a lot of red GOOD, which will make your members feel happy and excited, QQ, MSN a simple message encouragement, will let them Feel warm. Also, at each meeting, it is recommended that everyone give a certain amount of time to praise, which will make members feel psychologically valued and successful, and then point out the shortcomings. Start by saying their shortcomings directly. precision spindle

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