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Ein Seefischereiangestellter sagte, dass es tatsächlich ein Erfolg ist, Mahjong zu spielen und Arbeit zu verrichten!

Seventy-seventh edition people, poor childhood, hoping to make a comeback in the future, so they are willing to suppress themselves, work hard and fight silently. After the 1990s, when children grow up, they are relatively rich. They do not care about their salaries at all, but they care about freedom and interest. Therefore, if the company can set its work to be the same as playing every day, then many management problems will be solved.  precision wire edm

The summary of a seafloor fishing employee concluded that, in fact, playing mahjong and doing work is a success! You think about it. When you played mahjong, you sat opposite me and I accidentally dropped mahjong on the ground. Lost your feet. Will you complain that it’s my fault or just picking up the cards? OK, it’s all right now, silently, right? Why don’t you blame people for making mistakes? Because if you want to play cards and you want to win, don’t So much nonsense, direct hurry to play cards is the most important!

Those who play mahjong must join a “small team” to work hard. If we have an appointment for playing cards at 8 o’clock, but at 7 o’clock, three people will be together. Three missing ones will surely give the ones that didn’t arrive. phone. Think about it, that guy is blaming the other three, “Is it better to say eight? Why are you wrong when you arrived early, what do you urge me to do?” Or hurry to say sorry, I arrived as soon as possible! I hate not always willing to take a taxi At this time also for the other three, come to the taxi! precision wire edm

Excuse me, the mentality at this moment – using his own actions to comfort his teammates – is to work. It is much healthier!

Those who often play mahjong will say good things in advance. But often the situation is that when you say 12 o’clock, it’s 11:30. When the guy loses the money, he proposes it. I’m a few brothers. I’m back today. Can I add more classes and more laps? Usually it’s not everyone. Do you agree that when you work overtime, how can you complain?

Those who played mahjong never complained about the environment. When it was hot again and it was bare, it didn’t feel uncomfortable. No table, move a box to fight! Old age, poor health, as long as the beginning of touch cards, immediately energetic, energetic! Put into it, all the external bad environment, but also like clouds, not to mention, suddenly Forgetful of it. precision wire edm

The people who play mahjong are all consciously and spontaneously practicing their skills! Nine and six, 70,000 and 90,000, purely hand-touched, the difference is really tiny! But you see, those who play mahjong have nothing to practice. The fingers look like long eyes. This is no one to force, conscious effort hard, where do you come from?

There is also a huge advantage for those who play mahjong: lose money and never blame others. Those who are inferior to others are all stupid or stupid. Never said, “You must be cheating! You blame yourself. Lao Tzu loses money!” This is a much healthier mentality! If people work at work, everyone does not complain about others but instead finds reasons from them. Attitude, which companies can not “squeak” the growth!

Basically, everyone reads these “playing mahjong theory” and it is estimated that they will slap. What I want to say is the same as what we have been doing. Our management is actually what I call “support the table.” precision wire edm

In every human nature, they like to play and don’t like to work. Only the 70-odd version was a poor child, and he was so heavy that he was willing to suppress himself, work hard, and fight silently. Now, after the 1990s, when children grow up, they are relatively rich and will give up many material pursuits for freedom. Therefore, if the company can set its work and play it the same way every day, many management problems will be solved.

Therefore, it is useless to use management analogy to play mahjong, and you have to really do it. So I said “a table.” Hold the table in the company and let mahjong fly for a while.

One of the characteristics of mahjong is fairness. Relatively speaking, everyone follows the rules. Those who come down one night and then do their luck also have the opportunity to play several cards. So everyone loves to play, rookie also like to play with. Therefore, in the XX network, some rewards, such as a hard and wide one day, 400,000 on the same day, then everyone in the company wins, winning a spring clothes. Each week’s performance is a new high, it is also inevitable that everyone in the company has rewards, and has formed an unwritten rule. C store began to eat from a crown, has been eating five crown rice … …

The second feature is that mahjong has more or less luck, making the game full of suspense. For example, the sometimes rewards throwing darts, and how much money it gets. Sometimes taking red packets, maybe one hundred, maybe one thousand … Sometimes the next day’s turnover is quiz, the most accurate one is only thousand (Originally 90% of the winning ingredients come from Mongolia!) For example, the latest new game is if Two days have a hard home page, who first brush out, the first screenshot to the Q group, on the unique 999 yuan, the results now everyone becomes a night owl, fight character, to see who first brush out, and screenshots … even The latest “Culinary Competition” for the Qingming Holidays is also dominated by luck: Everyone has bought strange snacks for each holiday, then put them together, who is more creative in the competition, and then won the big prize… precision wire edm

The third characteristic of mahjong is that in the end, people who are more diligent and hardworking, and who are more clever in their efforts, will be able to win more by extending their time. For example, XX network recently got a sub-library, in Dashanzi, called “mountain bank.” Time International Building this library, called the “National Treasury.” The two libraries started playing games. The fastest prize in the day, the most prizes in the week, and the zero-error awards… In short, the mountain bank PK Treasury, playing and playing, which library is more diligent, is also reflected… Of course, the ultimate customer satisfaction also comes up. For another example, if the pure XX network can sell more than 10 million yuan in May, the most diligent and core player will be on vacation in Maldives… This is the hard work of the competition.

In macro terms, a core element of the mahjong management law is: quick wins and losses and a quick start. As if playing mahjong for a night, it was actually a lot of games. If you play all night, you only have one card and only one player wins. I guess Mahjong will never be so prosperous now. precision wire edm

If children work every day after the 1990s, they will have such a strong sense of game. They will be happy if they win, but they will not lose if they lose. They only hope to quickly open the next game. If the gambling is not lost, they will be able to win! Once a thick atmosphere is formed, I’m afraid that children’s shoes are difficult to throw in, and play! precision wire edm

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