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What do employees do when they play mobile phones during work hours? The solution came

Why do employees watch mobile phones during work? Have you thought about it? printer parts

The answer is nothing more than two points:
1, the work is completed
2. Lost job interest
1, the work is completed
2. Lost job interest
The first kind of staff is naturally very efficient. This type of employee is also what many companies want to have. If an employee is busy flying around during work, employee b is better than “walking,” which is sufficient to illustrate the efficiency of work between the two. printer parts
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The second type is “escape” and obviously dissatisfied with the existing work. At this time, it should be communicated in depth. Why is it not satisfied? Benefits issues? Salary problems? Problems with work schedules? Or the interpersonal relationship with the staff? To in-depth understanding of these types of employees needs to be mentioned: human management.
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Humane management promotes many core management thinking, one of which is equality awareness. printer parts

The management of the company should treat the ordinary employees at the bottom level as having equal awareness, but not all the conditions of the managers are the same as those of ordinary employees. This is a kind of consciousness and respect. However, treating employees with a “higher class” mentality is a management taboo.

In such management thinking, employees’ self-esteem will be affected, and long-term results will create knots and even grudges. Once grudges are accumulated, it will be less effective for the company’s production, let alone increase production schedules and product information.
Now many companies choose to use WeChat groups for work communication. There are hundreds of pieces of information in large and small work groups. There are indeed some problems in facilitating communication:


Overcoming the barriers of time and space, the communication between employees is more convenient, faster, more efficient, and saves money.

It is conducive to coordination among departments, solving problems encountered in work quickly and effectively, and improving work efficiency.

Allowing leaders at all levels to grasp the progress of work at any time and place, but also for the lower and upper levels of equality and provide convenience. printer parts


At present, some companies use the WeChat group to create a large number of N groups, resulting in a group of employees. Each group has hundreds of messages every day. Big burden.

“In the past, I had to deal with telephone calls, e-mails, and text messages. Now I have to add a WeChat. If a leader says something in the group and he doesn’t see it, it will end up being the right thing.” Many employees who use WeChat communication will complain as follows: . . . . . .

For companies, too much use of their communication will also affect the employee’s concentration, reduce work efficiency, and it is also a waste of human cost for the boss.

Maybe you also have such feelings, do not read WeChat during work hours, will miss a lot of important information, but often see, they will be distracted, unable to concentrate on work, resulting in work inefficiency.

What do you think about the phenomenon of management staff watching mobile phones during work?
There is a saying in the performance appraisal: What do employees do when you assess?

Give employees rewards and encourage them to work hard instead of “punish them if they don’t work hard.” printer parts

If the employees did not do well or made some insignificant mistakes, the manager said: “You can’t do anything, how to do it.” Do you think that employees will really listen to you? Usually left ear and right ear out.

The manager said: “You did a good job this time. That is, XXX still needs improvement in some areas. If you can improve it, it will perform better.”

In this way, employees can feel two things: equality and self-awareness. The sense of equality is that his self-esteem is respected by the manager. Self-awareness means that the self-perceived performance of the manager’s words is good. The actual situation is clear in his heart. In addition, the manager says that the XXX places are insufficient. This makes them feel ashamed of their own lack, and they feel that they are constrained by the leadership.

If employees make mistakes (affecting normal work), they can be punished appropriately. Most of the company’s managers are blind to one eye for minor mistakes that don’t matter, but in the meantime, they should also be given warnings. More should be rewarded.

Always remember: the reward is greater than the penalty, must be greater than!

How do companies see employees working to play mobile phones?

First of all, there is an essential difference between playing mobile phones and watching mobile phones. printer parts

Playing a mobile phone usually refers to playing games, chatting, etc. Watching a mobile phone usually refers to looking at information, information, and the like.

In the past two years, the Internet has developed rapidly. In particular, the mobile Internet has reached a penetration rate of almost 100%. The formation of mobile phones and the Internet has been closely related to people’s lives and work. It has gathered most of people’s time. It has been difficult to leave the Internet regardless of life or work.

Another problem is that most people are now playing mobile phones at work, because factors from other things such as family and friends after work cause many people do not have much time to play mobile phones after work.

This is also the case, I ask you will give most of the time to the phone after work? the answer is negative.
If one thing develops into a trend, all we have to do is to go home instead of blindly trying to change it. printer parts

The development of the Internet has caused people to become lazy with it. It has penetrated into all aspects of people’s lives and work. The existence of the Internet has become a habit for people.

The company can properly regulate the phenomenon of employees watching mobile phones. For example, if you can’t play games, you can look at information or ensure that production schedules and product quality are properly relaxed, but if you use a forcible management tool to strictly prohibit this phenomenon, it is It is not proper, but it is also the lowest and oldest management method.

Such companies are certainly unable to retain talent.

It is like wearing “old glasses” to see new issues. This shows that the company’s management thinking is still at the bottom, and it has not been rectified along with the development of society and changes in the psychology of the crowd. printer parts

Appropriately give employees the freedom to avoid employee grievances and cause unnecessary hidden losses.

Militarized management is not suitable for all companies. Before implementing militarized management, the company should consider whether it has the ability to implement it for a long period of time. It also needs to clearly understand the conditions under which the company’s militarized management strategy will continue.

On the basis of ensuring good productivity, the management system should be properly relaxed, rewards and penalties should be clearly defined, staff treatment should be improved, transparency and humane management should be explored, and the talent potential and self-awareness of employees should be excavated and nurtured, so that the company’s development in the future will gradually form a spirit and culture. . printer parts

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