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[HR] Performance feedback and interviews (V) Performance feedback and interview summary

Performance feedback and interviews are the highlights of performance management. Through performance feedback and interviews, supervisors and employees conduct good and in-depth communication on performance issues, summarize successes and failures, and encourage well-facilitated parties to analyze and summarize performance shortcomings, and formulate next-step performance improvement plans. Continuously improve employee performance and standardize the purpose of company performance management operations. So, how come performance feedback and interview? What are the tips and precautions for operation? What to do if a supervisor is unwilling to do performance interviews or employees do not agree with the results of performance interviews? And so on, today’s study, we have conducted extensive and in-depth study and discussion on the above issues around the theme of “performance feedback and interviews”. There are no shortages of opinions and experiences of some cattle people that are worth learning from. It is summarized as follows. Hope It helps and inspires you. product design process

[One of performance feedback]: How to do a performance feedback interview?
After investigation and statistics, it is found that most of the companies that do performance assessment still have performance feedback interviews. However, most of the participants think that the effectiveness of interviews needs to be improved. How to do a good performance feedback interview, the participants shared many good ideas and experiences:
1. If must be personally interviewed by the supervisor;
2. Pay attention to the details of the interview and the creation of atmosphere (time, place, opening);
3. Don’t talk to people, talk about behavior and event descriptions, and frivolity assessment;
4 interview methods and techniques can learn from “Hamburger principle” and “BEST” rules. product design process
More importantly, there are no hard-witted theories and tools. We must adopt different communication methods according to the personality characteristics and personality of different employees. Don’t forget to reach a consistent performance improvement plan after the interview.

[Performance Feedback 2]: How to help employees develop performance improvement plans?
How to help employees develop performance improvement plans? The students shared many good experiences and practices. The summary is summarized as follows:
1. Collect all kinds of data, data, forms, and key event records of employees’ performance assessments, and make preparations for the prerequisites;
2. Through performance interviews, we analyze and reach consensus on the insufficiency of employees’ performance problems. The reasons for poor employee performance are internal and external causes, external factors such as company system policies and process atmosphere, etc. Internal causes are employees’ attitudes, knowledge or Skills, ways of doing things, etc., one by one to analyze and solve; product design process
3. Discuss appropriate solutions and improvement measures in light of insufficient factors. For example, if there are problems with the company’s related systems and processes, then feedback to relevant personnel and follow up on the reply; employees’ attitudes and attitudes, lack of knowledge or skills will compensate for problems. , and clear training initiatives and time. Finally, an improvement plan with action measures, implementation schedules, responsible persons, inspectors, feedbacks on implementation progress, etc. will be formed. The schedule shall be signed and confirmed by both the supervisor and the employee, leaving a copy for real-time control review. Status, and give a copy to the HR department, HR should also be tracked and checked.

[Performance Feedback No. 3]: The department manager is not willing to do feedback interview. What should I do?
After investigation and statistics, it is found that it is a common phenomenon that department heads do not want to do feedback interviews. Why does this happen? We must analyze in-depth the reasons behind it:
1. The form of performance appraisal is too formal, and the supervisor refuses to agree and refuses to talk; product design process
2. Insufficient managerial performance interviewing skills and lack of relevant skills training, supervisors do not know how to talk about it;
3. The performance evaluation criteria are ambiguous, the results are not quantified clearly, and coupled with the lack of strong enough key data, behavior and event support, it is difficult to talk about performance evaluation results with employees, especially poor performance performance, let alone performance improvement plans. Therefore, the supervisor did not dare to talk about it because it was easy to talk about it.
Obviously, most of the company’s performance appraisal itself has problems. This requires us to improve various aspects of performance appraisal from the aspects of performance appraisal methods, appraisal indicators formulation, target validation, assessment process records, and results statistics. Strengthen the performance of supervisors and professional skills training in interviews. Two-pronged approach and joint improvement can fundamentally solve this problem. To do this well, it is necessary to create and cultivate a good performance culture. product design process

[Performance Feedback No. 4]: What do employees do not agree with the feedback results?
This phenomenon is similar to the previous days, and it is also a problem that companies often encounter. Why does this happen? The cattle people combined their own business conditions and also gave some in-depth analysis of the reasons:
1. Too many performance assessment indicators are too qualitative and quantitative, leading to unclear evaluation of evaluation results. The employees understand and supervisors are inconsistent and think that they are doing well. They only have problems in the evaluation of supervisors.
2. Employees believe that the cause of poor performance results is more external objective reasons or internal institutional processes, rather than their own reasons, and they do not agree with the assessment results;
3. The assessment objectives set out problems. The staff thought that the objectives were set too high or the standards were too strict. It would be difficult to achieve any hard work.
4. There is a problem with the communication methods of the supervisors themselves. They fail to master the communication interview skills and lead to misunderstandings. Looking at these reasons, it is also a systematic problem of performance appraisal. We need a more comprehensive macro thinking to solve it. product design process

Practical application: performance feedback and interview diagnosis and improvement
Self-review and introspection improvement, many students have summarized the problems in their own corporate performance feedback interviews. There are many problems, nothing more than “no performance interviews, interviews in the form, the supervisor is reluctant to interview, employees do not Accreditation of the results of the interview and no results in the interview.” The reason is that the entire performance appraisal system is not perfect due to the lack of proper understanding of the importance of performance feedback interviews, insufficient preparation for interviews, inadequate training in interview skills and methods, and research on employee personality. Insufficiency and lack of communication methods, lack of awareness of interview goals and results, etc.
To solve these problems is not overnight, and we need to continue to improve. Visible, do a good job performance feedback interview, do a good job performance management, long way to go ah! Students, work hard together! product design process

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