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In the company, these five words must not be said!

Speaking is an art. Although we may not all know how to speak, some words are less safe to touch as the “bottom line” in the workplace. Applying the words of a netizen, “If you don’t do it, you won’t die.” In the following sentences, the workplace is the most “dead”, and the location of the “landmine” is announced to the public. We hope everyone can avoid it! product prototype

This is none of my business – death index NO.1

Colleagues misunderstood: You think that you are a safe person. When you don’t know what to say, leading colleagues have already labeled you “negligent”. product prototype

Interpretation: Can you find what you are doing, but it does not matter to you? Are you a member of the company? The company’s business is not your business? Since it is your business and why does it matter for you? This is the most unprofessional workplace “Ray” language, do not want to be dismissed do not want to be isolated, do not say such words. You think that this is not your business. You think that you must be absolutely safe. As everyone knows, in the eyes of the boss, you and the company are on a boat. Isn’t this sentence you are not responsible for evading your responsibility and drawing boundaries? For colleagues, the next time no one wants to cooperate with you, it will prevent you from being “bite” by you. If you do too much, you may be sent out by colleagues in the future. product prototype

proceed if you can! – Death index NO.2

Colleagues misunderstood: This is probably what I have heard so far for the most “powerful” words. “To force” to me can not use words to retaliate with him. In the face of such colleagues I can only say, Oh!

Interpretation: “Your trip to you” is a buzzword for this year, expressing the hearts of many designers. It is said that there are a thousand Hamlets in the eyes of a thousand readers, and the same is true in the workplace. It is normal for the “executive” and “planner” to have different ideas, so communication is especially important. Of course, for the people in the workplace, the words “you go on you” are still in your heart, and companies will absolutely not need someone who can be replaced at any time. product prototype

This has always been the case – the death index NO.3

Colleagues misread: Has it been so? Why do people still do things? The entire robot was placed on the assembly line and several answering machines answered the customer’s phone. During the interview, you do not need to retest the final test so that the potential for screening and screening, but also worry about doing KPI year-end assessment? With a standard process, everybody can keep the performance bright forever. product prototype

Interpretation: While the scientific management of processes is certainly necessary, things are not static. The customer’s request is rising, and the development of science and technology is changing with each passing day. Self-improvement is carried out in minutes and seconds. Having encountered problems that inherent processes and methods cannot solve, if you can propose new workarounds or optimize this inherent set of process management to increase efficiency, why not? Convenient to people, and you can also write a performance in the performance. product prototype

I can’t do it/I don’t know – The death index NO.4

Colleague misunderstood: Wake up, this is not a question of answering the teacher in class, you can use this kind of mindless words to perfunctory, you have graduated! Even if you can’t even do the work in the company, what do you do when you come to work? Promotions and bonuses will be thought of, but if you go beyond the ability or the scope of your duties, you will shirk. If you don’t, you will never have to be a “actor” or “after the film” for a lifetime.

Interpretation: The company is not a school. In school, you pay for tuition but you don’t use your brains. In the company, when the boss sends you a salary, you always say “can’t come” or “don’t know”, then you can do it early. No school will ever start. Although a colleague is not a teacher, you can ask “you can’t come” to learn. Not every colleague will give you a cold face. And for “don’t know” things, at least you have to figure out what part of your area of ​​responsibility. Waiting for you to “do not know” beyond the scope of your duties is also clear. It is time for you to advance. product prototype

I don’t have time to do it – the death index NO.5

Colleague misunderstood: Time is squeezed out, you have time to Taobao, brush microblogging, but you told me that there is no time to do work to do! Even if you are busy right now, you can say “when I finish the first thing you do”, it’s better than “I don’t have time to do it”! The company hires you to come to work, not to go online. product prototype

Interpretation: “I don’t have time to do it” is often said from two kinds of population. One is a new person in the workplace, who is not familiar with the business, the efficiency is too low and leads to “no time to do”; the other is the workplace elderly person. With regard to her qualifications, I don’t do it. Of course, neither the elderly nor the new people should use “time is not enough” as an excuse to send work. This will make other colleagues and even the boss think that you are not professional enough and not dedicated to work. product prototype

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