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The gap between Chinese and Japanese Enterprises: “the spirit of craftsmen” and “brand building”

Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and industry research institutions of Japan data research company, Japan more than 150 years of corporate history up to 21666, and in the next year and 4850 will be 150 years old birthday, year after year after year will greatly and there will be 7568 full 150 years old birthday. manage the entire production process from start to finish

In China, the oldest enterprise was founded in 1538 after the 1663 Liubiju, scissors time-honored Zhang Xiaoquan, plus Chen Liji, Guangzhou Tongrentang pharmaceutical, and Wanglaoji three enterprises, more than 150 years old Chinese existing only 5. After the planned economy period variation, inheritance, in fact, the name has been greatly reduced. the production process

The average life expectancy of Chinese SMEs is only 2.5 years. The life expectancy of group enterprises is only 7~8 years, which is 40 years compared with those of European and American enterprises, and the average life span of Japanese enterprises is 58 years.

Japan is known as the “craftsman”, its technical structure enterprise groups like “Pyramid”, the chassis is excellent for hundreds of years a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises. These enterprises have different, perhaps less than a hundred employees, but the long-term to provide high technology enterprises, high-quality parts, raw materials of many small and medium enterprises. Have some intermediate products in the world market, the absolute share of intermediate technology, and even many of them alone.

Japanese natural character of the pursuit of the ultimate perfection, rigorous, dedication, excellence, when that technology is not perfect and not get shot. In technology development, Japan has three indicators ranked first in the world: one is the R & D funds accounted for the proportion of GDP ranked first in the world; the two is led by enterprise R & D funds total research funding the proportion of the world’s first; three is Japan’s core technology patents accounted for more than 80% first in the world.

This means that the whole country of Japan attaches great importance to technology development, but also tell us why the Japanese technology can not only economic unparalleled in the world. The construction of factories, and efficient operation. Japan is still a big gap in the economic base construction, enterprises not only lies in the surface of TOYOTA, Matsushita, SONY, Canon, Hitachi., but more fields in the international market “Invisible King”.

China is still far away from power and has a long way to go. If we want to become a real economic power, we cannot rely on real estate, stir up finance and blow up IT bubbles. We need to learn from Japan’s pragmatism and build solid industries through solid support. the production process

There are many reasons for Japanese longevity enterprises focused. Japanese longevity enterprises do better than Europe and Japan, pay attention to enterprise investment strategy, focus on long-term investment and investment benefits, often consider decades after the market positioning and change. The Japanese enterprise is a society, pay attention to employee benefits. The emphasis on the interests of shareholders from the modern capital. In theory, Japanese companies do not have a capital interest in western enterprises is so high, but they can continue to maintain the long-term interests. the production process

How do we think about Chinese enterprises? the production process

Pursue differently

In my impression, most entrepreneurs Chinese, especially in Jiangsu and Zhejiang entrepreneurs seem to have a talent for making money. So, many people in the industry, small achievements, they immediately started the “diversification” strategy, investment real estate, investment securities. Good Daxi Gong, quick success is characteristic of habit, Chinese business people are such people, so it is not surprising.

While the Japanese entrepreneurs give the impression seems to be more interested in the product itself. This time I went to Japan, and Japan a young entrepreneur exchange, their company is an automobile bearing automobile bearing. To tell the truth, in my eyes is really a small product, not what great. But he said his products. And start dancing, eyes shining, seem particularly enjoy the process of design and production. I ask, originally his father is chairman, his brother is the general manager, he is in charge of technical director, vice president. The company is small, one hundred people, but the customer service is TOYOTA, Honda, SUZUKI these the famous company. Their home like no other business. Did he say, light-bearing need to study things too much, generations have not studied thoroughly, which have the energy to do anything else?

From the difference between them, I understand that Chinese people only make money, and Japan is the cause of doing business. The two results can be imagined. There are tens of thousands of enterprises in Japan, but there is no one hundred years in Chinese real sense. That’s the reason. the production process

In fact, we carefully look at the world famous brand, whether it is Nintendo, Microsoft, Nikon, Mercedes, Toyota, McDonald’s, they seem to always focus on one area, always in their industry more and more deep, more and more have fun, bigger and bigger. And our business, including Haier, Lenovo, the Chinese brand, we are not completely successful, also began to engage in investment, real estate, and even healthcare products, busy making money and serious neglect of the typical, worthless. This is probably China between our brands and Japanese brands where the gap.

Remember some time ago CCTV reported a Zhejiang area, this area can quickly have a product of global top production capacity, but also within a short period of time and give up the original industry in an industry, and then quickly become another industry in the top three but no matter. What industry, the plant is always so shabby, equipment is always so simple. So, they cannot afford and they are exposed to wind and rain, earn some money, but the accumulation of wealth is not sustainable, they did not get the respect of your peers.

I was in Tokyo when the center of the promotion of small and medium enterprises, led us to visit the leadership has a few words let me remember: “now you Chinese too much, your learning ability is very strong, like running, we ran in front of you behind, you catch more and faster, we are increasingly worried about being you catch up. So, we have to innovation. To innovate, we must increase investment, increase investment will have to raise prices, so that we can keep a slight advantage in the cruel competition, we can live. So we must focus on innovation, we must, we must strive for excellence that is, you forced ah”

To tell the truth, when it comes to these words, my face is burning, his words on the surface of said in praise us, that we have a strong ability to adapt, but actually we don’t understand the focus and innovation in criticism, copycat, plagiarism. Our technical level and ability can’t become Japan the threat, just say it, we should know China. There is an old saying, a difference in the world, let alone a lot? the production process

With the rapid development of Chinese economic reform and opening up, from the enterprise to the people have become very impetuous, cocky, boycotting and raving Chinese economic development of Japan does not need help, it is an arrogant, ignorant, stupid. China production technology, a number of core technology and equipment from Japan, and can not be replaced. National life aspects are also filled with Japanese technology and products, even if the core technology of domestic products is still inside Japan, but all this is unable to substitute. China jipinjiruo for hundreds of years, I have even the basic situation of their own are not clear, there is a little achievement especially arrogant. This is very dangerous. So, I want to say is that entrepreneurs love should be products and brands, rather than money. Money is a result of the operation rather than business goals.

Different understanding of Technology

China in the eyes of the entrepreneur, technology basically is equal to the advanced equipment, so Chinese boss equipment than a buy advanced, but was reluctant to invest in training technicians, training staff boss is less and less. Remember to do when a furniture company corporate image design, heard a true story: a furniture company’s boss is willing to spend 7 million 500 thousand to buy a Japanese equipment, but it takes 400 thousand training a group of technicians is reluctant, that they do not know how to operate the machine itself, only to spend 500 thousand to repair. In fact, such examples in China meet the eye everywhere. the production process

Far not said, say us for example. Chinese businessman back camera than a high-end, from the Canon 50D to 5D-MAX2, and 1DS-MAX3, a more than a professional, than a high-end, but a closer look, they are used to buy dummies. The camera is easy, because we “not bad money”, but was reluctant to take the time to learn, to study. I have a lady, I see her photos and asked me what type of. I said I was Canon, only ten thousand or twenty thousand. She said her family’s camera is Canon, a more than 150 thousand, but the shot effect is not good. So I took that as long as people, narrow equipment, shot out of something on the top, this view is clearly a bit funny and stupid.

Japanese with Chinese is not the same, they buy equipment may be very careful in reckoning more willing to spend money, but learning technology and digestion technology is more willing to spend money and energy. To make an inappropriate analogy, our equipment is 100 points, their equipment may be 80 points, our ability to use maybe only 30 people. Use 95 points, 100 x 30%, only 30 points, and 80 x 95% with 76 points. They beat us 100 points with 80 points of the equipment, this is the gap, but also the soft power gap. Therefore, the equipment is not the most important, the technology is the most important.

The key technology is a comprehensive digest and fully grasp. In fact, if an enterprise engaged in the design and production of a product, the information that they have the resources and technology will be more and more systematic and in-depth, the advantage is more and more obvious, any new entrants want to be in the short term overtaking is not possible.

China and Japanese companies the gap can be summed up in one sentence: the surface can understand, can’t learn, it does not adhere to. As a simple example, Japanese day workshop floor to clean ten times, so as to keep the environment clean and the quality of the products. After listening to the Japanese people, guarantee ten once a day, a lot of our first three days, unremittingly. Ten no problem, past a week, ten times eight times, eight times five times slowly, five times two times, the last three days, every five days, once a week can’t guarantee. So we even one of the most basic things. The technical indicators, many details, is in such a relaxed self-deformation, thereby affecting the product quality and business reputation. What if things go on like this, the brand?

Different understanding of speed

Chinese work particularly loves the pursuit of speed the great leap forward, grandiose, utilitarianism is very serious. Chinese love do pay attention to immediate, pay attention to the so-called efficiency and speed. Japanese seems to be different from ours. Our guide yingzi said that Japanese looks more formal and rigid, behind is rigorous, meticulous, dedication, excellence, dedicated, professional, and most seriously. Chinese more flexible, is behind the smart, Jerry, opinionated, crudely made.

In fact, we can see that the development of Japan’s economy is still far ahead of us, and the development of the structure, the quality is far better than us. Japan’s economy on energy consumption and damage to the environment, and we do not at the same level, but there is a world of difference. The unit energy consumption is 150 times that of Japan, that is to say, the consumption of the same thing, Japan created the value of 150 times the US. It cannot be worth thinking about: what is fast? What is slow?

Japan’s development of the economy is to benefit the people and let the high quality of life have a higher pursuit of goals. China’s development of the economy is to compete and show off. Even more frightening is that most people’s blind patriotic enthusiasm will make China take more detours.

As Chinese emerging city road, just fix and dig laying gas pipelines, and half a year to lay pipes, a few days and dig shop liquefied gas. We repair the highway speed is astonishing! But often you go to the highway will find it in the road, there are in the road, it was not renovated highway repair for two or three years. And these are calculated in GDP, to build a road one hundred million, fix it again and have to spend eighty million, fix it again we have to spend fifty million, GDP 2.3. Billion people once spent one hundred million or 120000000 fixes. Look, people spend more money on the surface, their speed is a bit slow, but once in place, don’t toss and waste.

In my opinion, the so-called “fast”, first of all, to guarantee quality as the premise, only so fast, it makes sense that it comes to go, was soon to die quickly, built quickly fell fast. We should follow the development of any scientific laws, not to kick and, contrary to the laws of nature are doomed to spoil things by excessive enthusiasm, ended in failure, so do the brand.

Japanese brands such as SONY, Matsushita, TOYOTA, Canon and so on, at least spend tens of hundreds of years to build their own brands, and in addition to Chinese time-honored outside (in fact, the quality is not so different), the real market brand yield index but also twenty or thirty years. So, we don’t be impatient, do not quick, quiet, loneliness, to concentrate on the development, after fifty years Chinese there will be a number of large brands. But if Chinese as in the past so quick, impatient, opinionated, good Chinese Daxi Gong, never a world-class brand.

What is the brand? The brand is a kind of experience for consumers or is a credible commitment to enterprises is the profit tool. Therefore, the brand is essentially a kind of investment. Of course, some investment can be immediate, but some investment could see no apparent short-term returns, but need to wait a long time later to be able to see the results. A long-term people know how to increase investment in brand building because he has the patience. And some people see themselves in the brand no returns in the short term, will be disheartened, I feel not as good as stocks, buy more affordable. In the course of time, he that he had made a very serious mistake, but at that time, this mistake has been irreparable.

I once had a client is Hebei Benya garments, his boss told me very depressed, “before our factory and garment size of Tianjin David almost, our business better than their orders, do not come, so we think there is no need to do brand.” but at this time, see Dawei clothing the value and significance of the brand, increase in brand investment, create their own brand through a variety of ways. The current situation is the same, a shirt, a “David” can sell hundreds of thousands of yuan a piece, while playing on their brand can only sell tens of hundreds, the quality of materials Benya., workmanship are as like as two peas boss now know is wrong, to spare no effort to catch up, but at the cost of much, as can be imagined.

Different understanding of rules

The so-called “rules” is stipulated and rules. In this respect Chinese is always better than Japanese “smart too much, you can always find loopholes in the rules, always clever. But Japanese is not the same, they look silly, just know the hell-bent in strict accordance with the implementation.

So, Japanese very punctual, never late. This point and Chinese often late for plane is never late, and there are different reasons emerge in an endless stream. In addition, Japanese are special respect, even if the ornamental and the combined plain properties, especially the familiar friend, also in bow and scrape. At first I was a little not used to look, always feel a little fake, so cooked all? They later discovered this kind is sincere. Maybe Chinese too hypocritical, let me form a sense of trust in their practice, but now I am very ashamed, because I can not in this world not sincere person and that all people are not sincere, not to mention the Chinese myself not sincere, I cannot be so easily that others are not sincere, this is my ignorance and bad manners.

It is also with the “rules”. Because Japan is a very high quality pay attention to etiquette, national culture, thus forming a rule and order of the society. In Japan, can not see the China characteristics according to the rules and actually fall over each other, but not without queuing delay time, but you will save time. If they are going to squeeze, but overall will be a waste of time. May we all understand this truth, but Chinese is not.

So Chinese only smart, executives from local officials, business owners, and then to ordinary people, all the time in the performance of our little smart. We continue to pay a heavy price for their cleverness, but we still have not changed.

A social progress and civilization, it has a direct relationship with people’s understanding of the rules. The rules more, better order, freedom is also more. There are no rules, will be a mess, lacking spirit of cooperation, the efficiency is also impossible. China there is an old saying “Cleverness may overreach itself.”. I’m afraid this is the truth!


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