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Employees quit within 3 months and leave about 2 years, the difference is beyond your imagination!

Why employees leave their jobs has always been a problem for small and medium-sized enterprises. How to reduce the turnover rate of employees, we must start from the study of why employees leave their jobs. production process

Employee turnover, especially the employment of older employees, in most cases is actually a double transmission pattern. Loss of business familiar with the company’s business and culture go getters, loss of business heritage, new business opportunities, customer resources, cultural heritage, and even employees feel, brought the spread of negative information, business transfer inheritance new employees, not equal risk, increase turnover, recruitment, training and other labor costs; and for the employees, not always yield better results, he will take a new job can not adapt to the culture, not fusion, no friends, employee relationship is not easy to get along with, reduce welfare, promotion opportunities need to strive for and so on unknown risks. Only a few cases is a win lose situation (hope employee turnover or employees in all aspects of the new company has the promotion), win-win situation is less and less. Employees from The staff are such a radical approach to lose no circumstances, in exchange for inner balance, then why not go to study enterprise employee turnover and why?

Leave is not the initial stage of the company employee dissatisfaction, but the intensification stage. That is to say before the disgruntled employee turnover has been for a long time, they are tired and unhappy, and are not satisfied, then complain, complain that this is aggravated finally unbearable, rational judgment after a long period of psychological struggle was made, and is not a fad, they have to weigh the pros and cons, considering the pros and cons, consider the necessities of life and other aspects. Because of this, do leave front talk, expect to retain employees could hardly succeed.

Why are employees leaving their jobs? What are they dissatisfied with?

Do not expect employees to tell you the reasons for leaving in the interview, and more than 80% of the employees say that the reason for leaving is just to take into account the feelings and affordability of both sides

Ma Yun once said, there are only two reasons for employee turnover: money is not enough; the heart is wronged. The main reason is summarized, but not comprehensive, at the same time too general, what the heart wronged, specifically speaking, there are many aspects

From different levels of employee turnover reasons analysis, grassroots employees, middle level employees and senior staff turnover reasons are different, the latter will be specifically about how to use and retain people at the hierarchical level. production process

The light from the length of time for in-service employees, turnover 2 weeks, with the HR entry for communication; within 3 months of turnover, and can not adapt to the work and work itself; 6 months left, with direct supervisor for about 2 years; turnover, related to the enterprise culture; 3-5 years from the job. The promotion and restricted space; more than 5 years left, and tired and progress related to imbalance. production process

In fact, each time period is still inside the envelope Vientiane, the previous two cases, adding that as HR should know what to do. production process

Entry two weeks left, that the actual situation of new employees see (including the company environment, staff training, reception, treatment and other aspects of the system, the first feeling) generated a large gap with the expected. We want to do is on the job interview the actual situation as much as possible to speak clearly, don’t hide it not rendering, so that new employees can understand his new club objective, so there is not a huge psychological gap, don’t worry about to hand the couple did not come, the walk always stay; then the work of all aspects of the entry of the system in order, including recruitment notice from the entry into the reports. Vocational training, with the Department of the transfer link, give full consideration to the new feelings and inner needs, system planning and introduction, let the couple feel respected and valued, let him know he wants to understand the content.

Quit the job 3 months, mainly related to the work itself. A passive separation, here only voluntary turnover, the qualification that our job settings, job responsibilities, there are some problems need to carefully review the standard interview, what reasons, so as to timely remedy, reduce the invalid labor in the recruitment process. production process

Recruits 6 months turnover, with the most direct supervisor, manager effect — he can succeed in his biggest influence comes from direct supervisor. The human resources department to make managers receive leadership training, to understand and grasp the basic leadership qualities of managers. To understand the advantages of the lower, and let his advantage and job responsibilities, and maximize the effectiveness for the company, but also allow employees to show his value. A good manager is a coach, he has the obligation and responsibility of the potential and advantages, and develop subordinates, become an important driving force for success. With subordinates a department for a leadership result may be completely different, the same number of employee performance may be opposite, a team full of combat, full of passion, another can cause Complain about the sky, team slack, frequent turnover. production process

The direct supervisor should be the first to understand various subordinate trends and tendencies, his words may solve the problem can also cause problems, if not handled well, the team morale dropped, fighting capacity decline, will enter the bad circulation. So to leave within a period of 1 years with more workers team, should pay attention to his direct superior may the problem.

About 2 years left, has a relationship with the corporate culture. To fully understand the enterprise, a variety of ways, interpersonal relationship, humanistic environment, occupation development authorization, understand are very comprehensive, including the company’s strategy, the boss’s hobby. Corporate culture good company in the recruitment process of the candidate’s values there will be a comprehensive study, hope that the new employees into the company culture, contribute to the continuous optimization of culture; enterprise culture is not good, the candidate values is not too high, often just one-sided study, hope they can come in purifying and improving the cultural atmosphere, but on the contrary: first, their own the values may have problems or defects; second, even if their values trend is positive, but a person’s strength and cannot be formed for a long time rival atmosphere; third new employees They are trying to integrate into the team and try not to behave so far, so it is easier to assimilate. production process

When the company culture and the new values of employee conflicts to a certain extent, or even reached the critical breakthrough principle, will cause the broken relationship, it can hardly be avoided. Turnover as the enterprise, to every day, to detect adverse factors within the company, the company is in size, needs a good working atmosphere for staff pleasure.

3-5 years left, and occupation development. To learn new knowledge and skills, salary promotion space is not large, no more senior positions, the best solution is to quit. But the employees of enterprises, employees should maximize the value of this stage, leaving more losses. So according to the demand structure of different types of employees different occupation development channel design; understand the psychological dynamics of the staff, listen to their voice; research occupation market supply and demand, take the initiative to adjust the salary, job design, our purpose is to retain employees, other policies can be flexibly adjusted according to the situation.

More than 5 years of employees, enhance endurance. On the one hand is the occupation tired to leave at this time we need to give to his new responsibilities, more creative work, to stimulate their enthusiasm. On the other hand is personal development and enterprise development speed is not uniform due to the slow development, who became the object to be eliminated employees, lack of learning, stagnation, must let the enterprise gradually alienated and neglected; enterprise development is too slow, not open up the staff room, the enterprising staff can not see the new hope, will find another job.

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