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When you resign from your leadership, what is your mind thinking?

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This is a dynamic workplace where break-ups occur from time to time. The martyred story of a job that is dry to death is already an ancient legend of its father’s generation. In today’s era, there is no complete life in which one or two volunteers resign.

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When you or the euphemism or directly tell the direct leader that you want to leave, you may meet his persuasion, which he tried hard to retain. At this moment, between you and him, in fact, there have been subtle psychological changes, and the clash of interests and the game of mind have happened quietly.

At this time, it is necessary to have some necessary Ayutthaya. From the leader’s rhetoric, he accurately captures his inner drama. Professional Precision CNC Machining Service ,Rapid Prototyping

Below is a breakdown of the play words in different scenarios:

“You can’t go, you’re lost when you’re missing.”

The leader received the ultimatum that you wanted to leave. If you were acting uptight, you eagerly took your little glove porcelain: “You can’t walk. You walked out of this department and you’re paralyzed!” Congratulations, speaking from one side This kind of entreaty is an affirmation of your value to your leadership.

He is unprepared for your departure and will not be appreciative of his attempts to stabilize you first. At this time, if the outside corners of the price tag and the position of the halo to make your eyes shine, you may wish to clearly identify your needs to the leadership, even when the quotation can be slightly subtotal, sturdy increase 10-20%. Professional Precision CNC Machining Service ,Rapid Prototyping

If the leader does not make a snort to promise to pack at his upper limit, or promptly expresses a deadline for resolution, mobilizes resources to improve quickly, and lets you see the actual results, just to make you satisfied to fight. This side of the performance testifies to the attitude and ability of leaders to really solve problems. At this time, it might as well be a little slower to read: If you are quickly eliminated, there is no need to make the friendship boat say it. After all, you have determined that you can get what you want, even with a certain premium, why not?

If the leader cares about him and him, he avoids sharp-edged figures and begins to talk about feelings with you. He has talked about his promotion and past love, or described the company’s vision for a better future, and your unparalleled ambitious future. Wishing … This kind of situation has emerged: In fact, leaders have no ability or authority to give you a better treatment. They can only rely on playing affection cards and paintings to help save the crisis.

Or when he in turn emphasizes that the great environment is like this, he is unable to change and can only adapt, and advises you to want to open a point, dictate it, or want to understand the overall situation, and then go on a decisive move. There is nothing to say.
“You have to think clearly, but don’t regret when you’re gone.” Professional Precision CNC Machining Service ,Rapid Prototyping

The leaders who hold this argument have some basic cards that you can extrapolate:

First, your job is not so indispensable, and you are not a big-hearted confidant.
Second, the leadership will be broad and talented. There is no shortage of you.

Therefore, he will throw this statement with confidence, saying what he means: I can have a promising future, and the troops are strong. You are your loss. If you don’t find your current colleagues well-cooked in the future, don’t blame yourself; even if you don’t even get into trouble, don’t take your face back and plead for my containment. I’ll make you feel embarrassed. Professional Precision CNC Machining Service ,Rapid Prototyping

When you listen to such condescending retention, the attitude of coping depends on your confidence in your ability and the assessment of your professional value.

If you can fully expect the future, then you can break up peacefully, not owed each other, the road to heaven, go one by one, have no attachment, and have no entanglement. But if you do not fully grasp the new company that is about to jump over, then when you hear such words of retention, you may wish to leave a lively conversation. If you really don’t mix up in the future, it’s not okay to eat back. Professional Precision CNC Machining Service ,Rapid Prototyping

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