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What is the prospect of a major engine operation?

The 2 liter VC-Turbo engine, the compression ratio from 8:1 stepless adjustment to 14:1 is realized through the re design of the connecting rod structure. In just the Paris auto show, with the Infiniti known as “quasi variable compression ratio engine production” to win the world’s attention. The 4 cylinder engine can keep in the best compression ratio the working condition, so as to meet the more strict emission regulations.

In the new energy automobile carbon quotas and other emission related policies continue to overweight and vehicle fuel consumption limits and trend under the increasingly strict, vehicle and engine power products enterprises are facing great challenges of technology upgrades, and then change. Only by reducing the engine internal friction, improve the exhaust efficiency, seems to have been unable to meet future market demand. New technology, variable compression ratio, variable displacement of major changes in the structure of the engine will come from the laboratory to the production stage. However, the gasoline engine to enhance the efficiency of space is shrinking, upgrade costs continue to increase, but also facing new energy automotive technology challenges. The “major operation” will give the traditional gasoline engine to bring disruptive technology the revolution?

In the variable compression ratio effectively improve combustion efficiency

VC-Turbo can realize the variable compression ratio, because the connection part of the crankshaft and piston engine with a plurality of connecting rod, the piston compression stroke control and change. The Infiniti global president Roland Kruger spoke highly of this engine: “this is a new power system represents a great leap forward development the development of the engine”

The variable compression ratio is not unique. The Infiniti Schaeffler Corporation Deputy Chief Executive Officer and chief technology officer Peter Kuzma told Automotive News China < > reporter when the interview said: “Schaeffler has reserves of two kinds of variable compression ratio, a continuous variable compression ratio (12~14:1), a compression ratio of three change (10,11,11.5:1), both of which can enhance the combustion efficiency of the engine is more than 10%, the specific state can reach 14%”

The variable compression ratio larger changes to the structure of the engine, can flexibly control the compression ratio of the engine is greatly improved, energy saving and emission reduction, and its application will bring a series of technical improvement and upgrading. “Professor Wang Jianxin of Tsinghua University Department of Automotive Engineering said. As the popularity of Turbo direct injection technology, variable compression ratio is brought into exhaust system, cooling system and cylinder head cylinder design of multiple improvements.

Deputy director of China Automotive Engineering Research Institute National gas automotive engineering technology research center Zou Bowen told reporters: “the variable compression technology to achieve the real-time adjustment of the engine operating conditions, to ensure that the engine running at optimum conditions. The world’s major engine enterprises and research institutions are doing research on the new technology, the future of gasoline engine ignition have changed, the gasoline engine combustion is not possible”

In the “major operation” technology industrialization is difficult

Research and development of revolutionary new technology enterprises has never stopped, in addition to the variable compression ratio, variable displacement concept can also be a lot of enterprises mentioned, which include Schaeffler, BOSCH and other companies in the development of the three cylinder, four cylinder gasoline engine cylinder deactivation technology, Honda recently patented technology and domestic variable stroke piston engine technology experts Shen Yong put forward the double 1.0L engine combination technology. In addition, qoros this year the show also exhibited a camless Qamfree engine.

These new ideas, new technology can greatly reduce the fuel consumption, but the composition and structure of automobile power system has changed and so on. The engine of the “major operation” scheme is still in testing, the basic no industrialization.

The variable compression ratio of engine and some other large changes in technology, industrialization is not likely in the short term. “Peter Kuzma said. Many engineers of Schaeffler variable compression ratio are full of expectations, but Peter Kuzma holds a conservative attitude to this technology, because the related technical maturity, reliability and parts manufacturing cost is the biggest restricted.

Schaeffler Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Greater China electric drive system senior director Niu Mingkui believes that the engine based on the mainstream technology upgrades, the combustion efficiency will continue to improve, but whether the operation like technology is really worthy of studying. If the engine body changes, is to build a new engine platform, its subsequent production conditions the transformation will be a great investment, enterprises need to do careful assessment of the project life cycle value.

Wang Jianxin believes that in today’s engine technical route convergence situation, vehicle and parts enterprises should continue to fine development and promotion in the mainstream technology. Application of variable compression ratio engine model control technology, there is a substantial increase in the cost of R & D and manufacturing, enterprises need more consideration.

The development of motor and engine – Fusion

Although the next few years, the gasoline engine still has an irreplaceable position, but undeniable, is to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the motor drive system. It has a certain impact on the vehicle and engine technology route selection engine enterprises, resulting in many enterprises of the traditional engine technology upgrade enthusiasm began to decrease.

“Electrical and related parts of the decline in the cost, a few years after the engine assembly with the same or even lower, the traditional engine advanced also hard mainstream.” Peter Guz default, small displacement turbocharged engine popular in low-speed operation, the dynamic performance is poor, but the electric drive system can make up for. Therefore, the hybrid system is the inevitable choice of many vehicle enterprises. Enterprises should promote the common development of motor and traditional engine.

The general manager of Shenyang aerospace MITSUBISHI automobile engine manufacturing company limited assistant Zhang Weidong believe that the next few years, the hybrid market will gradually developed. For example, TOYOTA has not much difference between the cost of traditional dual engine and gasoline engine, and the fuel saving effect is obvious. Many foreign companies as well as some independent companies have already started planning hybrid car products. How to better integrate the between the motor and the gasoline engine, may be the vehicle and parts enterprises should think more about the “major operation”.

Mixed application of dynamic technology by many insiders as the traditional internal combustion engine transition to the development of pure electric, hybrid technology can adapt to the needs of consumers to use the current policy and the national energy-saving emission reduction. In contrast, rely on subsidies to boost sales of pure electric vehicles to a large scale is difficult, and the battery charging facilities also need a revolutionary breakthrough.

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