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How to motivate and release the goodwill of human beings in the Internet + time

I am now a retired person, already OUT, but today’s theme is very trendy, called “Internet” under the innovation. Even if I had ever started a business and innovation. Not in the “Internet” era. So, I was a little reluctant to make this statement. China prototype machining Wholesale Manufacturer

I think any change is related to the past.

There is one thing in the long stream of history that is basically the same, and then it is constantly changing. There is one thing that connects them between invariance and change, that is to say. How can change be connected to the basic and most valuable things of our history, that is, the same thing?

The balance between change and continuity is innovation. Innovation is not a revolution, not a war, not a movement, nor a fault of social development that cuts off history. The means of war and sport, which want to promote the development of social economy, often bring great losses in the end, including the loss of life and property, the loss of knowledge and talents accumulated by mankind.

Drucker’s life, is to explore and study how to effectively avoid this loss, to achieve sustainable social progress and development.

So today, I’m going to talk about history. As for the future and innovation, especially in the “Internet” era, it’s better for those who are still on the battlefield. I’m retired. A retired veteran.

The topic I’m talking about today is: Why Drucker? (Peter Drucker? Drucker? Management was founded, so the translation can be said: “why management?” (why management? “Why do we need real management, as Drucker thinks?

Because of “sympathy,” Drucker turned to management.

Drucker was originally a scholar of economics and political science, and when he was young, he made his mark on both and attracted the attention of the industry. But at this time. He resolutely abandoned the academic career has been a smooth ladder, but to study management?

This has its roots. This root is “compassion.” in English, it is called compassion. In Buddhism, it is called “compassion.” in Confucianism, it is called “compassion,” or “compassion.” ”

Drucker was born on the eve of World War I-1909 and grew up between World War I and World War II.

It was also because of this that Drucker had personally witnessed the war and the upheaval brought about by successive revolutionary movements, including the socialist movement in Europe at the time. And the resulting social fault, people, life, property, loss of knowledge.

Peter Drucker was compassionate, and his whole life was based on this-how to avoid this pain, and what I could do?

The background of his birth and growth allowed him to see and experience the unhappiness of life, and then he had the motivation and enthusiasm to learn, but at that time he had not been exposed to the pain. What social problems needed to be solved at that time? One is economics, the other is politics. So Drucker soon became a professor of law, political law.

Because of Hitler’s rise, Drucker’s academic works were banned, he felt his life in danger, and then went to the United States, when a large number of European scholars left Europe. Because Hitler was about to wage war and occupy Europe soon.

After arriving in the United States, Drucker accidentally discovered that there is a phenomenon in the United States, which is: society is organized, many enterprises have been born, enterprises have replaced the former rural communities to become people looking for jobs. Find a new place to be, to be recognized as an identity, to have income and social status.

At that time, the American countryside was almost as urbanized as China today, with farmers moving from the countryside to the cities. At that time, the big industries in the United States were concentrated in some new industrial cities. For example, Detroit’s auto industry. Drucker saw that a new kind of community began to emerge in society, and this new community was the working community, the business as we call it. China prototype machining Wholesale Manufacturer

What else did Drucker see?

Some social organizations (enterprises) are very successful, and the reason behind their success is that some people are undertaking the work of organizing, coordinating and co-ordinating, which is what we call “management”.

As a new thing which can make enterprises and social organizations effective, management has aroused Drucker’s curiosity.

A man works for more than half of his time. If he can accomplish something in his work, he will have success in his life. If he feels depressed at work, the whole life will be dark.

Where’s his curiosity? Everyone has 24 hours a day. Apart from eating and sleeping, at least half of the time is at work. In the past, perhaps in the countryside, the present work is in the factory. Factory for people. Not only his source of income, but also the social and cultural environment in which he lived replaced the countryside of the past. If he felt depressed in this place, or felt he was being treated unfairly, or made him feel insecure, it would almost be his life, or his whole life would be bleak.

Twenty-four hours, the waking time, not the dream time, more than half of the time in the organization, in the enterprise. Drucker felt that if the problem was solved. To some extent, to solve the pain of life.

Peter Drucker has never been an ideal perfectionist, he does not think that our growth stage is perfect. Society is not a perfect ideal society, but a less painful. A tolerable society. The goal of life is also a life of less pain, less misery, relative meaning, achievement, contribution, freedom. This is what Drucker thinks of society and life. That’s about it.

The purpose of Drucker ‘ s creation of management We went on to say that innovation came out . What ‘ s innovation ? Drucker ‘ s establishment of modern management , itself is a major innovation . Before he , despite the research and management , there was a research organization theory , business theory , etc . , but did not form an independent discipline . In Drucker ‘ s hand , he added the missing part , turned it into an independent , transferable and learning subject . That ‘ s Drucker ‘ s innovation . Management ‘ s innovation is based on the combination of two aspects , one is the creative person , and Mr . Drucker ‘ s own values . ” What do I want to do ? ” Drucker , based on deep sympathy , wants to alleviate the suffering of life , and that is his value . Without this value , Drucker won ‘ t choose to do management , he will choose to do something else , do a political scholar , and continue teaching . Another is that there is some sort of demand in the outside world , and we call it a ” market opportunity . ” In Drucker , he is not doing business , so he ‘ s innovation . Drucker isn ‘ t just an innovation , and is a great practitioner of changing the world ‘ s innovative projects . So we can understand what the purpose of Drucker ‘ s management , or the creation and research of Drucker ‘ s administration , is what I ‘ ve said now , and now I ‘ ll summarize it . It ‘ s for the purpose , or it ‘ s because people are working , or in more than one – half of their lives , to change their quality of life , quality of life , to alleviate their suffering and to find meaning . This is the purpose of management and the purpose of Drucker ‘ s research management . The two goals are in agreement . Management should have been such a management that people need to manage because management can bring these benefits . People who study and create management are exactly what they think .

The aim of an enterprise is to create customers (needed value)

For enterprises, the same is true, what is the purpose of the business owner or the person who founded the business? It would be nice to be able to match the purpose of the enterprise itself.

“the purpose of a business is to create customers,” Drucker said. He did not say that, but the purpose of the business is to create the value that customers need. Customers sometimes can’t say what they need. But what he can say, what he can show is what he is not satisfied with, what he is not satisfied with, is the potential value he needs.

Before Apple’s iPhone comes out, you ask the customer what they need. He can’t say it. He’ll just tell you what the phone is. There’s something I’m not satisfied with. Steve Jobs realized that, and then he made the iPhone and put it in front of people. People said, “Oh, yes.” “that’s what I want.” if you asked a customer, the customer would never have painted an Apple phone that had not yet been produced.

Who is responsible for this job? Who’s going to tell us what the customer’s worth is? This is not the responsibility of the customer, but the responsibility of the entrepreneur and the entrepreneur.

In retrospect, what is the purpose of an enterprise? Enterprise it is not a subjective individual, although it is called a legal person, we only know what the purpose of the enterprise people, said the purpose of the enterprise seems to be a bit unreasonable? It’s not that it has any subjective ideas.

In fact, the purpose of an enterprise is that the society needs this enterprise and is willing to support its purpose of survival and development.

If the entrepreneur’s goal is to make money, the more money the better, my business is the production of shoes, but I make shoes for the purpose of making money, so. The entrepreneur who holds this idea will sooner or later be eliminated. But obviously, although the entrepreneur does not understand the purpose of the business, he is passive. He wants to make money. If he wants to make money, someone has to give him money. He has to think about it. How other people can give him money, what kind of shoes he needs to produce, he is passively creating customer value, but this passive creation is not as good as the initiative, and will not be so refined. Sustainability. So, the purpose of entrepreneurship, if it can be coordinated with the purpose of the enterprise, this is the best.

Management is to inspire and release people’s goodwill, not to use human weaknesses to manipulate them.

How can management really achieve its purpose? Drucker talked about three areas of work.

The first is to have a well-functioning society, which means that every member of society in which people are in the community can have dignity, status, status and contribution. At the same time, he must shoulder his responsibilities in society.

Second, the cells that make up the society, that is, social organizations, especially enterprises, are an effective working group and an effective working community.

Third, individuals, that is, workers, must be responsible workers.

When these three things come together, we can see Drucker’s starting point. Where is the starting point? He wants to achieve these three goals, his starting point is effective organization, effective enterprise, that is, management.

If all three problems are solved, the purpose of management is solved: let each individual, let each individual assume his responsibility to the public, and also because he has assumed this responsibility. He has the freedom and space to grow up, which is the responsibility and freedom, which is why he has dignity.

Drucker said this to emphasize the importance of management. “responsible management is the only option to replace autocracy and fight totalitarianism… From me, from my leadership.” “you’re not a government official, you can’t solve whether the government is autocratic or not, but you can solve the organization you lead.

What is the nature of management? It is the face of human good and evil, it inspires and releases the good will of people, as well as their potential to create and build. The correct management is like this, the real management is like this. Instead of using human weaknesses to manipulate and control them to achieve their goals.

The rise of knowledge workers reveals the essence of management: the model of carrot and stick is failing

Drucker has a sentence in his book, which is submerged in so many famous words and is not noticed. “the rise of knowledge workers reveals the essence of this management,” he said.

Among the working population and the employed population, those educated, knowledgeable and skilled knowledge workers, which we usually refer to as white-collar workers, also include some senior blue-collar, blue-collar and skilled workers. They account for more and more of the working population, perhaps more than half of them in the future, or even 60 or 70% in the future, and then the nature of the working population as a whole has changed. China prototype machining Wholesale Manufacturer

Why does the rise of knowledge workers reveal the nature of management? How do you test Drucker?

As long as we look around, the old, fairly effective management models, that is, carrots and sticks, are becoming less and less effective for knowledge workers.

Carrots are bought, used, and sticks are a threat. If a blue-collar worker faces a powerful factory, organization, there is no bargaining power because he can’t leave the factory once he leaves the factory. He may never find a job again, and he needs this salary to support his family, so you can threaten him, you can lure and take advantage of it.

However, knowledge workers’ expectations for work exceed their most basic income. Knowledge workers have a lot of expectations. Why do Foxconn have some workers with college education or above to jump from buildings? In the past, we thought that Foxconn jumped from buildings to junior high school students and high school students without education. They jumped because they could not take things for a moment. In fact, this was not the case. We thought Foxconn was a sweatshop. As a result, you go in and have a look. Foxconn’s pay is not bad, and welfare insurance is very good. You go to the staff canteen of Foxconn to have a meal, and go to the Foxconn staff dormitory for a walk. What will you really be?

But why did he jump? Today there are so many college students can not find a job, more than 7 million graduates each year, more than half of them can not find a job, in addition, there are many jobs can not find workers. So use a simple supply and demand relationship to understand. It’s not easy to explain.

The truth is that these workers expect their jobs. Maslow says there are five levels of human need, the highest level is the need for self-realization. These workers see no prospect, no prospect of work. They are frustrated by their inability to get self-development jobs. So the traditional model of carrots and sticks is failing.

The virtues of the Internet-find your place and create new values

The advent of the Internet age provides an opportunity for every knowledge worker to help them to choose their own destiny independently, but also to assume some responsibility. Under this responsibility, he can use his own expertise. Free use of your own goodwill to gain personal identity and dignity, as well as unprecedented opportunities.

The meaning of the Internet is here, the virtue of the Internet is here.

Innovation and entrepreneurship in the Internet age must be firmly grasped by one of the most fundamental things in order to avoid becoming a bubble. We always see that at the end of each wave there will be a bubble. I believe the Internet is no exception. I just went to a street in Zhongguancun, Beijing, to experience and breathe fresh air. I found that they all looked the same, but they were different.

Some people start a business like this: write a business plan first, then raise money. Today is the partner wheel, tomorrow is angel round, and what happens the day after tomorrow. The Internet is characterized by the creation of click-through rates and traffic. Sales are traffic. Because of the impact of traffic, there are a lot of people to produce a lot of data. So how do you use the traffic? It’s the buyer, the investor, what’s the entrepreneur doing there? Entrepreneurs do traffic there.

By the time the second round, the third round, and the end of the money, the entrepreneurs themselves were in the bag. The story was going on every day, and it seemed to have become the dominant business model of the “Internet” era.

There is also a model that has been profitable since the first day of its business. It is not a circle of money, nor need to achieve much traffic, as long as there is a certain user base. As soon as someone goes to my website, I already have a source of finance, I have some specific ways of getting my income, and in the first round, it’s going to be verified, and it has to generate revenue. And then, go further, and let the income exceed the cost. Win a profit.

Our investors have to be suspicious of the first, and the second, our investors, to encourage them with our investment behavior.

None of these things go beyond old and old traditions.

What is innovation? Innovation is the creation of new and different values. It is not the transfer of value created by others.

Druke’s definition of himself: I’m a social ecologist

Everyone said Drucker was a management scientist, everybody said he was a master, but Drucker himself said he was a social ecologist.

What does social ecology mean? Every organization, every business, in the market, you have to find the right place to take advantage of your strengths. This position is the needs of a particular customer. The value that the customer wants is not met. And that’s what others ignore or no one else is satisfied with. That’s where you can take advantage of, you do, you don’t do that much, but you get more than others. This is where you find a place. Businesses that can’t find a place, or compete with others for your position, end up losing both worlds.

Today’s age has upended the past that business is a battlefield and an era of competition. Yes, it is still a battlefield, but it is your own and your own struggle. Not your competition with the so-called competitors. We tend to be wrong about who your competitors are. It’s very likely that you and your competitors will be out when the circumstances change.

So, return to the most fundamental source, where there are potential customer needs are not met, where you need to study to see if they can match. The Internet looks dazzling today, it looks like new technology, new things, in fact, it’s difficult to solve this problem in the past. It has become easier to solve.

Take the Drucker School of Management as an example: how do companies and individuals survive?

Our Druke School of Management is also a very traditional institution, the most important is to do training. I have Drucker management training here. There is also entrepreneurial training. Management training we have done for more than ten years. Entrepreneurship training started a few years ago, is a charity, through cooperation with charity in the. Now more than 40,000 people a year.

The more than 40,000 people fall into two categories. Most of them are students in vocational schools. Students in vocational schools are faced with the problem of earning a living as soon as they come out. Although he studied a career director, he did not go to college. It’s not always possible to get a good job. Vocational schools make up more than 30,000 students.

A small number of them are prison inmates. When they come out of prison, they are very difficult to be accepted by society. People always think he has a black background, so they have to think about whether they can start their own business.

Our course is meant to be good, caring for the disadvantaged. For this part of the disadvantaged, we use a free method to train them, and this kind of training is offline.

We have been training for many years, and there are a few problems that cannot be solved:

The first question, is the training effective? Have we nurtured more entrepreneurs? Is it true that more startups are emerging? Or even microenterprises. The answer is definitely yes, not no, but there is no way to compare.

I have asked: these more than 40,000 people, a few percent, are these people, what business? My colleagues told me, “it’s hard, because the data is incomplete. They go all the way as soon as they graduate, and you want to track it, it’s hard.” now, the Internet can at least solve the data problem. It was very easy to count, and it was solved immediately.

Second, is the proportion of their entrepreneurship and the success rate of starting a business more than that of not receiving training? This is a real achievement to be tested. However, the fact is, in the past, we could not afford to discuss this aspect, and many people became amusing themselves. We were very proud to say that. How many additional teachers and how many students are trained each year? And then we got a lot of social recognition. We were four-star (top-class) philanthropic foundations. Our startup projects were all star projects.

I’m going to change that. But I’ve run into resistance. It’s not from the outside, it’s from our internal senior management, they say, we’ve done a good job. What else? Entrepreneurship training, which of the world can accurately track the success rate of entrepreneurship how high?

I made up my mind and said, “next year, no money.” because if you don’t innovate, that means you’re out of the game. Then the executives say, “you’re not right. You’re such a noble cause.” You’re the only one who’s accepted by so many people, and you don’t pay now. “I don’t understand a lot.”

But what about the truth? Those of us who work here, especially some young people, have worked here for 78 years, and after eight years, people who have no entrepreneurial and innovative skills have become less likely to pursue the end result, and become the ones who have left me. We don’t have the means to survive and compete. We hurt these young people.

I said, “Today, I asked you to leave because of my concern for you. I put you here today, and you still work here. You are grateful to me, but what about the future?” You’ll complain about me. Today, you’re in your 30s. In a few years, you’ll be in your 40s and 50s. You’ll have no market. ”

The soup in the Taitung wonton restaurant: when the soup is finished, it is good, and the rest of the soup is not good.

No one can change that, but reading Drucker, and Drucker’s administration, can really help people when he is alive. Learn more about himself and the environment in which he lives.

All human knowledge, as well as all the efforts of human beings to pursue knowledge, will eventually lead to the source and ultimate of light. This is what Mr Drucker quoted as a Christian saint. Drucker believed in this. That is why he said: man may die, but there are some things that are immortal, these undead things. It is the human compassion and the word “value” that we usually call “value.” value, in fact, is the benefit we bring to others, and it is in the eyes of others that it is worth.

Because you create value for others, others are willing to buy, only willing to give you the price. Everyone pursues self-realization, or self-worth realization. But, is there self-worth? Without others, you have no value. This is the meaning of society. Only when you create value for others, you add value to yourself. In the process of creating value for others, you develop your “kindness”. The development of your knowledge and abilities, and the development of your wisdom, is the process of human development, and this development ultimately leads to spirituality.

Mr. Drucker said, “in fact, the existence of man is not a physical existence. It does not mean that you live as being, the spirit or spirituality of a human being.” Life and death are meaningful. We usually do something very ordinary, even very trivial, but you do this attitude, your heart is not ordinary. In fact, even if we do the best thing. As great as Ma Yun, he occupies a small place in the history of the whole world.

A chef can do a good job. I just came back from Taiwan. Taiwan is not as impetuous as we are in mainland China. Whether you run into a taxi driver or a hotel attendant, go to a meal, a restaurant owner. You can feel that he doesn’t want to make money, he does a lot of things, he just has to do it well.

There is a wonton restaurant in Taitung for more than 60 years. Today it is still so famous. The brand is very loud and it is not made into a McDonald’s. I went in and ate a bowl of wonton. It just doesn’t taste the same. There’s an old man next to me who has been eating there for 20 years, two or three times a week. The store is not extravagant, but it’s delicious and clean, especially the toilet.

Every time, I have to drink its soup, I this person is most afraid of monosodium glutamate, whether there is MSG, I know as soon as possible. I know it is no MSG. But the soup was delicious. I asked the boss, “how do you make this soup?” ”

“I’ve been improving the soup for more than 20 years,” he said. “it’s not the same every year.” he’s a second generation. He put apple juice in it, and before he left a lot of things to tune, he would watch. Will the soup be consumed by every guest? Customers don’t talk to the boss or the shop assistant. But one thing is, the soup remains bad, and the soup is good after it’s finished.

I was touched by it.

I said, “have you ever opened another store?” ”

He said, “Yes, it’s at the end of the street.”

I asked why? Why do the two stores open on the same street?

He said: “there are a lot of guests to eat, I can only drive 12 hours a day, the other 12 hours what to do?” In order for them to eat my wonton, I opened another store. “the other store was opened by his nephew.

He didn’t do business to make money. The boss was very satisfied with himself. “I’ve got my own house, my car, my kids are in college, and I’m happy,” he said. It’s contented. Money is for use, not for it. ”

The owner of this wonton restaurant, a man in his 50s, was very moved by his spirit, the spirit of creating value for others. He was very happy to see others drink the soup, and that was the spirit of entrepreneurship. The spirit of creating value. You can create value, you have value in the eyes of others, and you realize your value.

In this impetuous era, many people think that the Internet is the era of making fast money and making a lot of money, but I think the Internet age, who can win in the end? It must be the one who pays attention to immutability and creates value for others to win.

So, don’t do the Internet for the sake of the Internet, don’t do it for vanity, and embrace the Internet to create new, different and better customer values.

Thank you.

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