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Lei Jun’s latest internal speech: fuck KPI, we’re building robots!

In 2015, Xiaomi’s situation is indeed not good, seems to really answer that sentence, “the wind stopped, the pig how to fly to the sky?” “at the beginning of 2016, Lei Jun admitted that Xiaomi had a heart magic. Under the pressure of completing the sales expectation, Xiaomi’s action was distorted and violated the initial heart. He was ashamed and then brave, and decided to put down the burden and release the rope Xiaomi. Can we make good words again and realize our mission? China Manufacturer of prototype manufacturing near me

In the past year, we have achieved remarkable results on every front. I was most impressed by the fact that last year the mobile phone industry as a whole was depressed and the market was more competitive than ever. We shipped more than 70 million mobile phones, still leading the domestic mobile phone market.

Xiaomi’s Heart

This result is not easy. This can not be separated from more than 8000 millet staff hard work, the support of family members, but also from tens of millions of rice flour support. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks here. China Manufacturer of prototype manufacturing near me

Faced with such a report card, are U OKs?

To tell you the truth, I’m not OK. we’ve had a really tough year. I believe all the students in the company have seen all kinds of negative reports and criticisms and even denigrations. For example. “We millet mobile phone is no longer feverish”, “Xiaomi is a loser machine”, “Xiaomi’s product rhythm disorder;” There is “Xiaomi do anything, is a department store,” or even competitors say, “five years later, Xiaomi must disappear.”

In the face of such pressure, we also have a lot of emotions and thoughts. What is wrong with us? I thought for a long time and finally came to the conclusion that we were possessed.

At the beginning of the year, we set a sales forecast of 80 million units. In the face of such a market situation, we unwittingly regarded the expectation as a task. All our work unconsciously revolved around this task. Every day I wonder how to do it. Under such pressure, our movements are distorted and everyone’s face loses a smile bit by bit.

Look for the first heart, ready to go

We are a company that has just started a business for less than six years and should be vigorous.

At this point, we have to think more about why we started.

I’ll never forget the April 6th of 2010. It was nearly six years ago, when we had a dozen or so, seven or eight guns, drinking a bowl of Millet Congee and starting a revolution. What kind of revolution? Because we are a group of electronic enthusiasts, we have all kinds of ideas about mobile phones, we want to set up a company that makes my enthusiasts feel good, a company that can really listen to the voice of the users. We can quickly iterate and perfect the product according to the user’s voice and really treat the user as a friend. This is how we set out, and no one can imagine that in the future we will be able to make such a big noise. China Manufacturer of prototype manufacturing near me

At the time, the first product we chose was the MIUI.MIUI, a deeply optimized system based on Android. Before the first release, the product was still rough, and there were still many problems with the brushing machine. A small company like us did a little product like MIUI, and after the launch of the forum, 100 people applied to join the test, according to their opinion. We started to release a new version every week, and now we’ve been around 271 weeks. With the help and care of our users, we’ve grown up step by step. Three years later, 2013. We made a microfilm, the sponsors of 100 Dreams, to commemorate the original touch, and when it was broadcast on the Rice Festival, everyone was tearful.

At that time we worked six days a week, a dozen hours a day, and even some students came to work on Sundays. But each of us felt very happy.

After MIUI’s initial success, we immediately started making our own phones. The phone was a very integrated, very complex job, and we wanted to do it well. We had to get the support of the core suppliers. It wasn’t easy when we started. We just bumped into each other for eight or nine months, and on 2011, on May, Dr. Zhou told me. We can make a phone call. Doing mobile phone development and being able to make a phone call is a critical milestone, meaning that all of our phones are running. I can’t wait to get there as soon as I hear about it. We couldn’t pick up our cell phone and just lay down on the table, but you leaned down and listened, just like you heard your child’s first cry. It was so wonderful. It was like opening up a whole new world. When we got our phones all set up and released on August 16th 2011, we were enthusiastically embraced by the rice noodles and cheered at the event, that moment. I feel that all our hard work and efforts are worth it.

In order to sell our phones at cost, we decided to build our own ecommerce. At that time, none of our team of 200 people had e-commerce experience. We started from scratch. It’s also a very complicated job. Ecommerce is not as big as you might think, and there’s a lot of trivial work to do. Let me start with a little thing. Alex (Li Wanqiang) has come up with a way to test the ecommerce system. We made a “big sale department” of millet, and offered the service of “1 $8 grab Coke” to the internal staff. Our engineers had to buy it by themselves and turned the meeting room into a warehouse, and even the Coke boxes were stacked in the hallway. We have to wear around when we walk, chaos is chaotic, but chaos is very lively, very energetic.

As you may not know, our current after-sales chief manager, Zhang Jianhui, is the first distributor. Our company is the second doctor after Dr. Zhou, and a Ph.D. from Caltech, who will be in charge of the warehouse. She is Liu Xin of our investment department now. Everyone is busy and happy with it. She discovered and solved a lot of system problems in advance. More than a month later, the system went online and everything went very smoothly. No one dared to think about it. A few years later, Xiaomi became Ali, JingDong after China’s third largest e-commerce platform.

2016, just be happy.

What is the essence of entrepreneurial mindset, is to do feel cool products, is to enjoy the process. No matter how many difficulties, no matter how many problems, we have to enjoy this process. Look back, go to the road today, we eat a lot of pain, stepped over a lot of pits, many across the ridge, but finally you can think of, is not moved to tears and smile?

So we set the most important strategy of 2016: happy.

We decided to continue to adhere to the “KPI” strategy, put down the burden off the rope, happy work. We believe that happy is happy to have the power of passion, creativity, every one of our colleagues happy, the user must be happy, the results will certainly have, shareholders will must be happy.

Specifically, we have three key words in 2016.

The first key word is focus.

We want to focus on core business, the key technology breakthroughs. Over the past five years, we have high-speed running in each business line, opening up new business very much, but today we still have to concentrate on core business, and to seek breakthroughs in key technologies. We have established the core device in mobile phone we will show that the Department of photography, batteries and other direction Sike in the end, to achieve greater breakthroughs in hardware increasingly homogeneous background, through custom optimization to achieve our overall performance and comprehensive experience the long-term advantages of core components. The Spring Festival after the release of millet 5 contains a lot of black technology we developed!

The second key word is to make up a class.

Millet has high-speed growth for more than 5 years, we have a lot of basic work is not solid. We lay a solid foundation to hard skills, this year, at this point we should start from three aspects, the first is the fine operation, the second is the brand building, the third is the employee incentive system.

The third key word is exploration.

Millet’s mission is to let everyone enjoy the fun of science and technology. Five years ago, we made a smart mobile phone was very cool, let Rice noodles and we enjoy the latest technology fun. From today, the tide of the times, how do we continue to give our customers bring new fun?

In my understanding, the core technology is fun to stimulate the imagination and curiosity. So, we are down to the core business at the same time, also not forget to look up at the starry sky for the future. We decided to take a small team, started at the beginning of the Key Laboratory of millet, into virtual reality (VR) and the new direction of intelligent robot so, the next step is to lay the development of millet, but also for all the people love science and technology advance found in the future.

So in 2016, our main theme is “bold exploration” in all directions, so that millet can always stand in the forefront of the era and create technological surprises for everyone.

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