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In the workplace, how do I get along with my colleagues?

Entering the workplace, it is doomed that we must spend a day with a group of colleagues. Statistically speaking, we spend more time with our colleagues than we do with our family members. This also means that if we don’t deal well with our colleagues, we may not feel happy most of the day. pvc fittings

Many newcomers have just started their work. One of the hardest points to grasp is how to deal with complex workplace relationships. Even if it is a lot of old birds in the workplace, the sense of proportion may not be established properly, but it becomes a typical example of failure.

Actually, although there are huge differences between different industries and company workplace environments, there are some common factors that can help us get along better with our colleagues. Here are a few points that will help you quickly get through the “conflict period in the workplace.” Not seeking to become a favorite star of the workplace (actually, a star in the workplace can hardly be loved by others), but it certainly gives you a lot of performance in the workplace. pvc fittings

Principle 1: Good work performance is the foundation of everything

The workplace is a small society, which is sure to be filled with elements such as human feelings, deception, trust, and betrayal. In the final analysis, however, the company is an organization that aims at profitable development. A workplace is first and foremost a place of work, followed by a “small society”.

Whether it is a newcomer or an old bird, doing your own job is the number one priority. Good job performance and professionalism, first of all, let you not drag on the team’s hind legs, become “objectionable” objects, and secondly, is a direct reflection of your own strength. Although the workplace is complicated, most people still have respect for powerful people. pvc fittings

Principle 2: Be a good person, but don’t be a good old man

Many people think that there is a strong scheming and that everything is slick and sleek is the key to mixing the workplace. In fact, this is only a one-sided and misunderstood understanding. In this society, no one is a fool. You are really good at people, or just look like on the surface, in fact, most people are clear, but the mouth will never say to you.

To be in a good relationship in the workplace is to be a “good man in the real sense,” not just doing superficial exercises. You really help people, do not have bad eyes, these things people can certainly feel, for a long time, naturally different. Even if it is a bad person, I believe that all are more willing to choose a good person to be their own colleague. pvc fittings

But at the same time, you cannot be a good old man. In fact, there is a lot of help in many companies. The good old people with good old times usually do not have much development. There are many reasons for this. First of all, if you come, you will not be dismissed. So too many chores will distract you. As a result, you will naturally fall behind in terms of your professionalism and work. Second, things that are too easy to get are often not cherished. You are responsive and do what others think. It should be. If you don’t do well, you will make people blame you. pvc fittings

Therefore, some people also mentioned that in the workplace, “good people” must pay attention to a sense of proportion, and should not be too indifferent, but they should not be too enthusiastic and pay attention to exactly one. The help of the gang must be relentless. It is optional, not something within itself, try not to help. Do not assume responsibility for your own responsibility. pvc fittings

Principle 3: Do not stand in line

Office politics, many times we will face the team’s choice. Many people are particularly painful at this critical moment and do not know how to choose.

There is no standard answer to this question, but keep in mind that once you start your team, you will always be tagged and you will never be able to leave your team. pvc fittings

The correct course of action is to stand firm and not stand in line at the beginning. But there is a premise that whether your ability matches your job position, whether you are irreplaceable, and whether your position is a key position.

The most dangerous situation is: Your position is a key position, but you are not irreplaceable in this position. If you choose not to stand, you may be killed. pvc fittings

Principle 4: Low-key handling conflicts

To get along with people, it is inevitable that conflicts will arise. Some things may be wrong with you. Some things may be right. Some things may be blurred. Whether it is right or wrong, some people like to make small things big things and make small contradictions known to all. Especially when he is correct, he can’t wait for everyone to know that the other party is wrong.

As an organization, the first thing a company needs is a mechanism that can “build a synergy”. When internal conflicts arise, it can “eliminate mistakes” with a “minimum cost”. Such an institution is alive and competitive. pvc fittings

Therefore, as long as there is a slightly visionary leader, people will be very good at handling conflicts. As long as there is no problem with the ability to work, such people can also develop very well without having to take the relationship. On the contrary, people who always deal with conflicts in a high-profile manner, even if they are all right, are difficult to enjoy. Such people are also easily exposed to the hidden dangers of corporate development. pvc fittings

Principle 5: Talk less and do more

Too many people are unpopular at any time in the workplace. This kind of person sometimes seems to get along well with many people, and when he is there he is very lively. However, most people do not have deeper communication with this kind of person, because such people generally have difficulty keeping secrets and do not know how to control the balance between people.

So the best thing is to do more and talk less. You can express opinions on matters outside the company, but do not evaluate colleagues and leaders within the company. pvc fittings

Principle 6: The workplace must also be principled

A mistake that many people make is: in the workplace, expecting to please everyone and doing things without principle. But in fact, you can’t make everyone like you. Doing things without principles will also make you retreat again and again. You cannot establish authority and status in the company. pvc fittings

Colleagues have something to ask you for help, but you are also very busy with your own work. Do you help or not?

The small leader will say hello to you and give a green light to a clearly unqualified supplier. Do you do it or not?

Things like this are not uncommon in the workplace. At this time, we need everyone to stick to their own values and principles. What should be done, what cannot be done, what should be done, and what should not be done should be very clear. pvc fittings

This is not only to protect ourselves but also our basic values for people. In the short term, we may offend colleagues and offend leaders in doing so, but in the long run, keeping to the bottom line will allow us to live a more honest and thorough life and become a more trustworthy and dependable partner. We all remember that what drives our career development is always this positive energy, not negative things. pvc fittings

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