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Liu Qiangdong: This type of employee is not cleared as soon as possible, but does it keep the New Year?

This article is an excerpt from “Liu Qiang Dong Readme: My Business Model.” In this article, Liu Qiangdong described Jingdong’s criteria for talent selection, how to create its own elite team, and how to use the values ​​to unite the team. pvc flange

According to Liu Qiangdong, these four types of employees must be cleared as soon as possible:

People with strong abilities but bad values

People’s values ​​are always the first place. Values ​​can be considered in order to consider his ability. If a person’s ability is strong and values ​​are not in line with the company, his harm is far greater than a person with consistent values ​​but lack of ability.

We quantify the metrics through the capability/performance and value system and divide all employees into five categories: gold, steel, iron, scrap iron and rust. pvc flange

People with very good values ​​and good performances are gold; most employees are capable, perform well, have good values, and are steel; values ​​are good, but those with less abilities are iron; skills are not good, values ​​are not good, It is scrap metal; it is very strong, but its values ​​are not related to rust. This is what we are determined to remove.

The core of our values, summed up in one word, is “positive.” Our company once had a vice president fired. In fact, he took a box from the supplier. His annual salary is 1.5 million yuan in cash, and he can cash it every year. We also give him stock.

The cause of the incident was a box of about 300 yuan. The supplier said that the box had been sent to him. He took it home and was later reported by others. Once the matter is verified, we will expel him.

This is a very regrettable thing. His ability is very strong, but touched our bottom line may be due to inconsistency of values. Because he does not think that this 300 yuan is corruption, if it is 300,000, 3 million, he certainly did not dare to take it, but this box is only worth 300 yuan, and he as a company vice president did not get it. pvc flange

People who don’t have teamwork and often complain

Many companies in the world promote teamwork. We also advocate teamwork. So what is teamwork? Its essence is to give up and adapt to others.

Complaining is the biggest natural enemy of team spirit. Please remember the following two points:

First, people who are only their own are certainly not team-oriented. When I encounter problems, I do not say myself. I just say that people are complaining that my superiors are stupid and my colleagues don’t cooperate. How does he cooperate?

Second, people who complain often do not have teamwork. Some people spend 90% of their time complaining and 10% of their time working. They have no teamwork and must be removed. pvc flange

People who often say “No” and shirking

In the past few years, the most common complaint has been the difficulty of coordinating cross-departments. You went to the Legal Affairs Department to do something, find something in the Finance Department, find resources in the human resources department, and the shoes were rancid and endless. This didn’t meet the rules. It didn’t meet the rules, and told you a lot. “No”.

Why do managers say “No”? Because “No” is actually the simplest way to say a word, “No”, nothing left to do. If you say “Yes”, you may have to work for months. pvc flange

The managers who often say “No” are actually lazy people. They are not qualified to be the managers of the group. These people must be removed.

Semi-retired, half-employed old employee

Since the establishment of the business, we have rarely fired people, including senior executives. If you do not pass the performance appraisal, as long as you do not have any principle mistakes, it is basically a rotation, not once or twice, then rotate three times four times. In many job conversions, such employees are basically in a state of semi-retirement and semi-retirement. pvc flange

With the development of the company and the transformation of management thinking, we are gradually aware of the drawbacks of this approach. This is an irresponsible approach, irresponsible to the company, and equally irresponsible to employees. Just as warm boiled frogs, there is always a day when the water is open, but the frog can no longer jump out.

We are very valued for old employees and will give them a lot of equity. For them, “being taken away” means to give up a lot of upcoming wealth, and thus tangled up to stay, but the performance is actually not ideal It also cannot create much value for the company. pvc flange

Everyone is actually valuable. If the employee can’t find a suitable position after several rotations, it is probably because it is not suitable for him or he does not meet the needs of the company’s current development stage. When he reaches other companies, he may perform well and his performance will be very prominent.

After considering the trade-offs, we reached an agreement internally. Instead of allowing these semi-retirees and semi-retirees to continue their business in the company, it is better to simply take a little more decisive action and get them out as soon as possible. pvc flange

In fact, the reason why the company made such a decision is not only because of the poor performance of such employees themselves, but also because of the negative impact they have on the morale of the entire team.

Imagine that when everyone is desperately working and earning money, and when they work overtime until 10 o’clock or 11 o’clock, they hold shares in their hands, but they do not have a good job during work hours and leave work after work at 6 o’clock. This is a mentality for the entire team. And the atmosphere will have extremely bad effects. From the perspective of the company, leaving them to leave is almost an inevitable choice. pvc flange

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