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[Workplace Story] There is no way out without ideas

Different ideas, the same thing will have completely different results. Any failure is due to ideas, and any success is also due to ideas. This is true both for businesses and individuals. pvc gate valve

The Haier Group’s astonishing 20-year development is due to Zhang Ruimin’s leading ideas and business philosophy.

On December 26, 1984, Zhang Ruimin came to Haier’s predecessor, the Qingdao Refrigerator Factory. At that time, there was no money to pay workers, the bank did not give money, and other companies did not dare to borrow money. Zhang Ruimin only went to the neighborhood to get rich first. Rural people borrowed money to pay wages for workers, probably borrowed for 5 months, and then gradually got better. pvc gate valve

Haier’s next step in this condition is to rely on innovative ideas to determine the correct strategic direction of the company.

In the first seven years, Haier only made one product for the refrigerator. At that time, because the refrigerator was very tight, a refrigerator ticket would be worth more than RMB 1,000 yuan. The refrigerator could be sold as long as it was produced. So many companies did not focus on quality, but On the output. As a result, many refrigerator companies closed down in 1989. Although selling refrigerators is very profitable, some companies do not come back to develop refrigerators after getting money back, but instead do real estate, but in the end the refrigerators are not done well and real estate is over. pvc gate valve

Haier, on the other hand, made other products such as air conditioners, freezers, washing machines, televisions, etc. based on the good refrigerator products, and finally implemented the internationalization strategy.

Prior to Haier, Zhang Ruimin was the deputy manager of the company’s superior company.

In the year of 1984 he changed the position of three directors. Later, no one wanted to send him. He had to come to this factory. It was December, and it was very cold. The wood windows in the workshop were taken down by the workers and burned. The entire factory was already smashed. The original rules and regulations seem completely useless, so Zhang Ruimin has re-formulated a thirteen rules and regulations. One of the most important ones is not to defecate in the factory.

The concept at that time divided the product into first-class, second-class, third-class, and even foreign products. As long as the product could be used, it could be shipped. However, Zhang Ruimin insisted on the notion that “defective products are waste products”, and even re-examined refrigerators that had been in storage, and found 76 refrigerators with defective quality. pvc gate valve

At that time, the price of the refrigerator was roughly equivalent to the wages of the workers for the past two years. The refrigerator was very expensive for everyone and all hoped to be handled at a cheaper rate, but Zhang Ruimin insisted that the unqualified refrigerator be discarded.

After seven years of refrigerators, Haier began to expand from refrigerators to other home appliances. At that time, there was a lot of domestic debate. Many people think that doing other products based on the strength of current enterprises may not be able to do well, but Haier has a concept of its own. It’s called Dongfangliang and then the West. This can also be called a slope ball theory. It is like a company growing bigger and bigger. It must rely on two forces. One is the stopping power, and the ball cannot slide down. It is the basic management, and the other is the rising force, that is, innovation.

Grasping the basic work is more difficult, Haier has another principle. Call it repeatedly and repeatedly. It means to make the refrigerator a good job. Then start the second and third products and climb slowly. pvc gate valve

Haier opposes the practice of some sports management methods in the past and demands that it do a better job than yesterday.

For example, to deposit a piece of money in a bank, if it has an interest rate of 1%, on compound interest calculations, 70 days later, even the benefits will become two dollars. If you work 1% more than yesterday, your work will double in effect after 70 days.

Every employee at Haier has a triple E card. Everyone needs to do everything every day. When it comes to other products, the key is not money, equipment, but ideas. In accordance with this development, Haier has now developed into the largest enterprise with the highest product variety.

Haier’s strategy for internationalization is “hard to make it easier first” to go first to the most demanding countries and then to developing countries. pvc gate valve

In 1990, in order to enter the German market, Haier did a light certification for a year and a half. After passing the certification, the German distributors thought that China would just make a refrigerator and could not enter the German market.

Haier took away the trademark of the four refrigerators shipped to Germany, and the trademark of the German refrigerator was also removed. In the absence of a trademark, the dealer chose the product. Finally, it did not see which one was bad, and the distributor ordered it.

After the refrigerator was exported to the German market, it happened to meet the German testing agency to conduct quality inspection on the domestic refrigerators and imported refrigerators on the German market. The test results showed that Haier was the first. The German market and the U.S. market are gradually entering this way. pvc gate valve

After entering these high-end markets, the markets of other countries will become relatively easy.

It is precisely because of the correct thinking, conforms to the market, and complies with the customer. Haier has developed every day and has become a model for Chinese companies.

As Zhang Ruimin said: Haier’s development strategy is based on user needs, so no major mistakes have occurred so far. pvc gate valve

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