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All the quality of the factory! To put it plainly, it’s a human problem

The core of quality improvement in? Is in technology, or in the device? No, the core is to improve the quality of change.

First, the specification and optimization of employee actions,

This is the first train of thought for solving the quality problem

In the final analysis, many quality problems caused by the employee is not standardized operations, it is easy to be overlooked. Many enterprises have done a lot of cases we didn’t do what special equipment on the improvement of technology, is to standardize and optimize the employee’s action, the effect is very obvious.

So, in the future, when it comes to quality problems, don’t look at it very complicated. Start with the actions of the employees

Second, horizontal control, that is, check each other

Lateral control means checking the issues, isolating them, and checking them in place. This is a very effective approach

Third, a large area of investigation problems, at the point to solve the problem

Through the investigation of quality problems, and every day the investigation, obtains the result. Note that the problems identified more, to a point, a point to solve the same time, do not solve the problems of too many points. Also before the production of a product, the production history investigation products have appeared, and a little bit of responsibility to solve. This investigation method is a very good method.

Do quality improvement, in addition to the above three points, but also pay attention to how to change people

1) change people

Don’t put the problems encountered demonized, to believe that employees can solve these problems. The Buddhist said: “how can the self, students million.” the self is very great, so that employees to believe so many problems have not been solved just because I did not do, did not go to tube. I believe the problem is actually very simple.

2) when restricting employees, be sure to persist in pain

Do the movement control card when bound to the staff, the staff is very painful, but must adhere to. As a project director said: “we have done before such improvement, but it is of no use. Why not? Because before there is no strict restriction of staff, the staff will be constrained uncomfortable, do not match, they do not match. So we have no way, we’ll have it off.” when employees due to constraints arising from the pain, we must adhere to.

3) do not doubt in the course of your persistence

This is a project, began to push the lateral control, everyone refused to open a ticket, how to do? Send auditors to break the deadlock, you do not open another ticket, I will open your ticket, the result came out immediately. So, don’t doubt on the process, once started plan, we will be a bar to do in the end.

In fact, what management is not right or wrong. Why many companies on ISO, ERP, KPI, but the enterprise change not? Because it constrains things, enterprises have not done, just a little. Enterprises in the habit of doing things by doing that while always hesitate, always walk to see. This time is determined important to control your thoughts, must not do some place.

4) the focus of quality improvement is not changing things, but changing people’s habits

To improve the quality of the final result is not reflected in the rise of the pass rate, poor rate of decline, but reflected in the staff changes. Because the final purpose of quality improvement is to enhance the quality awareness of employees, build enterprise quality culture.

Do not think that only the first change the quality awareness of employees, in order to change the quality of the staff. The consciousness of quality is from quality to action, to change, to change the performance, improve the quality of consciousness. So, for the employees change, pay attention to all kinds of meetings, publicity and recognition, because these movements can the formation of an atmosphere of culture, so as to change people.

5) in the quality improvement process, must give up the inherent idea

Do not think that the past experience is right, first of all, let employees out of this misunderstanding, do not think that has been done is right, to have the courage to examine themselves, deny themselves, so as to improve, to improve

In fact, all the movements are not difficult, the difficulty is that we can not do more than five points. I believe every action we all know, but doing when many people’s heart will have many thoughts, these thoughts are caused by people’s habits, as long as can eliminate or control these habits, improve the the effect will be good.

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