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The quality of | feeling you have money, but it is everyone’s resources

In the production of Japanese first put forward the concept of 7 big waste, while the definition of the 7 methods to reduce waste, so as to achieve the maximum utilization of resources, the behavior of our ancestors is called the best use.

7 waste including waste of human resources, a waste of time, waste of raw materials, the 7 aspects of the waste of energy. So when we entered the Japanese factory, we are neat, clean and orderly, moved, regardless of which industry manufacturing plant, is a kind of idea.

In fact, everyone agrees with the concept of “waste”, that is, no matter how much money you have, the resources are yours. Even the money on your hands is also yours, but only temporarily managed by you

When the line continues to appear bad products, we naturally thrown into the red box, subconsciously told us that as long as the flow does not flow to the client, making some bad is normal

In fact, this is wrong, from the perspective of respect for nature, we should not consider, behind this bad goods, we are not just wasting a product so simple

The labor, raw materials, electricity, water, equipment, wear, lubrication, and even environmental pollution that make a product are thrown into the red box with a defective product

When we consider these subtle, do you think we are not because others can’t mind making a few dozen or even bad products? I want to say.

When the poor, our subconscious to remind ourselves, we can’t afford to waste, to make all of its party is a grateful respect for nature and nature to give; otherwise we even if everyone has more than 200 IQ, it is of no avail. Because there is no natural generosity, so one can’t make bricks without straw ~

In Japan, the garbage classification is a very careful, many housewives refuse to read the detailed classification for up to 20 pages carefully, in daily life, there will still be forgotten and return rules, do garbage classification accuracy ~

Let’s talk with data, Japan’s population of 200 million, per year for the garbage brought $5 billion in revenue, this is what a terrible thing, see the figure, perhaps China an idiom sudden impact your brain cortex: turning waste into treasure. We think 1 billion 300 million (perhaps 1 billion 500 million) population, if you can do garbage, then the annual revenue of $10 billion, should not be a problem.100 billion dollars is what the concept, I told you vividly expressed a sum of FAW Volkswagen 2014 profit of all factories in China is $10 billion (the total profit of FAW Volkswagen in 2014 to 62 billion 100 million yuan), that is to say if we can do garbage classification. The equivalent of us in China and built a FAW Volkswagen. This means, do you think it is not terrible ~

You have money, but resources are yours;

There is a rapid response to general QSB which require suppliers to do the work, he hoped that the first time I found the supplier side to take measures in the production line, to find the causes of the problem, and then take the containment measures to solve the problem from the source. From the angle of supply and demand analysis, we can say that to do so is to protect customers, to prevent the inflow of non-performing customers; but we will rise to the macro level, this is to respect the nature, to prevent waste of material.

People who work in supply chain management should define a principle at the bottom of their minds: stop waste!

So let suppliers in the production line of rapid response to eliminate waste

In the past, everyone thought that waste was an abstract concept, and it seemed difficult to capture, so we had to first waste with waste, visualize, and then destroy it with the supplier

First of all, what are the 7 wastes?

The waste of waiting, the waste of transportation, the waste of bad goods, the waste of action, the waste of processing, the waste of inventory, and the waste of too much (early)

After defining the 7 wastes, we should look for minor opportunities to improve on the spot. This improvement should be initiated actively and actively, especially by the operators closest to the product

Establish a reasonable rationalization proposal collection office, and pay attention to the suggestions made by staff; establish management inquiry system, practice system, on-site system to ensure that problems are constantly found, and rectification

There is an old saying in China: “let nature take its course, ease it, and fight against its nature.”

Technicians design a scientific and reasonable process, to ensure that the production line beat consistent, then the precious time of workers will not be wasted

Engineering personnel design scientific and reasonable layout of the project, to ensure that the turnover of logistics is simple and quick, then the production line response speed will not be wasted

R & D personnel design scientific and reasonable, high manufacturability products, to ensure the production of no waste, qualified rate is high, then attached a lot of things will not be wasted

Many reasons for waste generated, may be related to everyone, so everyone should be in their posts to work out occupation spirit, from the perspective of their own to reduce waste. Then your supplier will surely grow healthy, isn’t it?

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