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Quality management 100 answers, too full (on)

1, the real quality characteristics and substitute quality characteristics differ?

Directly reflect the quality characteristics of product customer expectations and requirements are called real quality characteristics; enterprises to meet customer expectations and requirements, the corresponding product standards, determine the product parameters to indirectly reflect the real quality characteristics called substitute quality characteristics. For example: car tire service life is the real quality characteristics, and its wear resistance degree of compressive strength and tensile strength are substitute quality characteristics of it. Therefore, the real quality is customer expectations and requirements, and substitute quality characteristics is made to achieve the real requirement of enterprise quality characteristics.

2, what are the characteristics of the quality ring?

(1) a series of activities in the ring of quality, one ring and one ring, mutual restriction, interdependence and mutual promotion

(2) continuous cycle quality loop, after each cycle, a means to improve the quality of products.

3, what is the impact of the four aspects of product quality?

(1) quality of Market Research

(2) design quality

(3) conformity quality or manufacturing quality

(4) use quality or after sales service quality

4, quality inspection and inspection stages, what are the disadvantages?

(1) the lack of the concept of the system, the responsibility is unknown, once the quality problems easily passing, prevarication.

(2) the lack of prevention in the production process, onceappear waste, is an established fact, in general it is difficult to remedy.

(3) one hundred percent requirements for testing of finished products, while one hundred percent of the test is not equal to one hundred percent accurate, but in the case of mass production in this economy is not reasonable, for some products, the inspection is not technically possible, or meaningless.

5, what are the important concepts of quality management?

(1) quality; quality management; (2) (3) (4) quality system; quality control; quality assurance; (5) (6) (7) quality planning; quality; quality improvement; (8) (9) (10) quality audit; quality certification; (11) management review; (12) the cost of quality.

6, what is the basic core of overall quality management?

Improve the quality of people, mobilize the enthusiasm of people, everyone do their jobs. By doing a good job quality to ensure and improve product quality and service quality

7, what is the measurement work? What are the characteristics?

The task of enterprise measurement work is to unify the measurement unit system, organize the correct delivery of quantitative value, and ensure the unity of quantity and value for the purpose of basic work

The measurement work has the following characteristics: 1. Consistency; 2. Accuracy; 3. Traceability; 4. Legality

8, what is the basic requirements of the measurement work?

(1) measuring and testing analysis instrument must be complete and intact.

(2) to ensure the measuring and testing, stable value analysis instrument, showing the value of accurate and consistent.

(3) the measure and instrument are repaired timely

(4) according to the different situation, choose the correct measurement method.

9, what is the role of quality information?

(1) quality management and quality information;

(2) it is an important resource;

(3) is the quality aspects of decision-making;

(4) it is the most direct raw data and basis for improving the quality of products and improving the quality of each link;

(5) it is a correct understanding of the internal relations and laws between the changes of various factors and the fluctuation of product quality, so as to carry out the basic basis of quality control

10, how to do the quality responsibility system work?

(1) to establish the quality responsibility system, we must make clear that the essence of the quality responsibility system is the unity of responsibility, right and benefit of the three

(2) according to the different levels, different objects, different business to formulate the quality responsibility system of various departments and personnel at all levels

(3) the tasks and responsibilities stipulated by the quality responsibility system should be as specific as possible, data, in order to carry out the assessment

(4) in the development of enterprise quality responsibility system, from coarse to fine, and gradually improve.

(5) in order to implement the quality responsibility system faithfully, enterprises must formulate corresponding quality rewards and punishments measures

11, what is the task and content of the quality education?

The task of quality education is to continuously enhance the quality consciousness of all staff and workers, and make them master and apply the methods and techniques of quality management

The content of quality education includes two aspects: one is the education of “quality first” and the basic knowledge of quality management; on the other hand, it is technical education and training

12, what is the direct cost of quality general proportion?

(1) the total quality cost of internal failure cost 25%-40%.

(2) external failure costs accounted for the cost of quality 20%-40%.

(3) the total quality cost appraisal cost 10% – 50%.

(4) the total cost of quality prevention cost of 0.5% – 5%.

13, to carry out quality cost analysis, what is the three stage of the study?

The stage of publicity; implementation plan; the consolidation phase.

14, analysis and evaluation of the quality of information including what content?

(1) quality analysis;

(2) use analysis;

(3) competition analysis;

(4) analysis of consumers or customers;

(5) market analysis of new product development;

(6) product market life cycle analysis;

(7) other analysis, such as sales, advertising, packaging, transportation and other aspects of the investigation and analysis.

15, what are the contents of the product specification?

(1) performance characteristics (such as environmental conditions, conditions of use and credibility).

(2) sensory characteristics (such as style, color, taste, smell).

(3) installation layout or coordination

(4) applicable standards and regulations

(5) packing

(6) quality verification and assurance

16, what are the quality functions of the inspection?

Guarantee function (is the most basic, the most important function); prevention function; report function; supervision function four items

17, what are the sources of information about the use of the site?

(1) contact with the relevant personnel on the scene, to the sales staff, customer opinion investigators, technical maintenance personnel, repair department personnel to understand the situation

(2) to control the “trial” of products, production enterprises can make full use of their own products, choose to try on some customers, extract the data according to the prescribed time, make it play an important role in product performance database.

(3) the purchase information to the customer, can sign the contract, in accordance with regulations.

(4) product monitoring, it can be used to monitor the integrity of the state in the product process.

18, general transportation manufacturing enterprises should pay attention to what the problem?

(1) make clear the purpose of packaging

(2) the reasonable selection of internal and external modes of transport.

(3) scientifically predict and estimate the environmental conditions that may be encountered in the transportation process, conduct simulation tests, and then adopt corresponding preventive measures in product design, product packaging and so on

19, how to understand the meaning of quality policy?

The quality policy is formally issued by the top management of the organization, the overall quality objectives and quality direction of the organization

Meaning: (1) the quality policy is part of a general policy of the enterprise.

(2) the quality policy is the action guide that the departments and staff of the enterprise perform the quality function and must follow and abide by the quality management work

(3) the quality policy is a general provision to guide the members of the enterprise to communicate opinions and carry out quality activities. Obviously, it provides certain autonomy for the managers at all levels of the enterprise

20, quality of product design include?

(1) the product quality level of the design has leapt to the leading level in the world, and has the competitive ability in the international market. The product can be sold at a high price for a period of time, so that the enterprise can get the excess profit

(2) products with high reliability, competitive in the domestic market, the same price as competitors, and to improve services to make sales more than competitors

(3) products maintain a certain level of quality, greatly reduce manufacturing costs, appropriately reduce sales prices, in order to seek small profits and quick turnover

(4) the quality level of the product is general, but it has many other functions. It can be used in one machine and meet the customers’ requirements

21, the quality of corporate activities of the general requirements include?

(1) each link should be carried out on prevention, service for the user’s point of view.

(2) the technical department must provide the quality control department with solutions and key measures to solve the key quality problems and improve the quality of the products

(3) the establishment and implementation of quality objectives, the organization of the quality plan.

(4) the department proposed the procedures and methods of work written on the quality of functions of the shoulder.

(5) coordinate various quality management activities

(6) the completion of regular inspection of various technical measures.

22, what are the quality plan based on?

(1) the national economic development policy, policies and regulations.

(2) a comprehensive analysis of the information of the economic situation at home and abroad.

(3) the quality policy and quality objectives of the enterprise.

(4) technical standards for a product or a procedure and technical documents.

(5) special enterprises and users signed the contract and the relevant requirements.

(6) other documents

23, the quality plan should include what content?

(1) the purpose of quality plan;

(2) responsibilities of personnel at all levels of the enterprise;

(3) contract review;

(4) every stage of the product life cycle to make specific provisions;

(5) quality records;

(6) quality audit;

(7) provision for training and statistical techniques.

24, quality plan should pay attention to what the problem?

(1) the factory director (or manager) should personally lead the product (or project) to be responsible for the formulation and organization of the quality plan

(2) set up a quality planning team

(3) proposed guidelines for the preparation of the quality plan.

(4) accurately identify the key quality problems.

(5) held various seminars, consultation on the draft quality plans for advice.

(6) the quality plan draft must be “exchanged, compared and repeated” from top to bottom and from bottom to top, so as to become a document with guiding significance to ensure the quality goal of the whole enterprise

25, what is the quality responsibility of the upper management?

(1) to develop and implement the company’s quality policy.

(2) the formulation and implementation of enterprise quality objectives.

(3) presided over the establishment of quality system

(4) establish and lead the quality management organization

26, what are the quality responsibilities of middle managers?

(1) formulate the quality goal of this department

(2) configure the position of the Department

(3) to develop procedure documents

27, what are the quality responsibilities of first-line managers?

(1) the organization of basic training, the implementation of the “three” and “three analysis”.

(2) implement quality control points

(3) the organization to carry out the quality management activities, to solve the problem constantly.

28, quality management office (or total quality management office) what are the specific contents?

(1) assist the development of quality policy and quality objectives of the enterprise.

(2) for enterprises to carry out quality management activities of the work plan, inspection and supervision departments to implement.

(3) organize relevant departments to formulate the upgrading of products and superior planning and coordination, inspection and summary.

(4) formulate and revise the management standards and quality responsibility system of enterprise quality management, coordinate, check and assess, and organize the selection of advanced quality collectives and individuals

(5) planning, establish and improve the quality of enterprise system, improve coordination of work.

(6) organize product quality audit, procedure audit, process audit and quality system audit, assist the factory manager to carry on the management review work

(7) to check and supervise the enterprise quality control and quality assurance to carry out activities; responsible for the correct implementation of external quality assurance activities, reception and customer or third party quality external quality supervision and quality certification in the assurance audit work.

(8) organize and coordinate the development of quality management activities, focus on organizing QC group activities, responsible for the registration, registration, management and business guidance of QC group, as well as the review, publication, recommendation and reward declaration of the results

(9) work closely with personnel, labor and education departments to do a good job in quality education, training and post professional training for all kinds of personnel

(10) quality management in new product and new product identification.

(11) organize and manage the quality information system of enterprises, and do well the collection, collation, analysis, transmission, storage and use of quality information

(12) other jobs

29, what are the product quality audit?

(1) can timely grasp of product quality level and quality dynamic research, and expects its development trend.

(2) timely feedback of information on the design, process, standards and inspection in the audit, in order to take effective measures to improve and improve the quality of products

(3) through the investigation and study of the quality defects, the same kind of products at home and abroad are analyzed and compared, aiming at the competitive products, improving the quality, and improving the market share of the domestic and foreign products

(4) study the relationship between the quality of the ex factory products and the service for the users, through the quality improvement, reduce the external failure of the product, save the service cost, and improve the quality of the enterprise product quality reputation

(5) to study the relationship between the level of product quality and quality cost, explore the suitable level of quality.

30, what are the product quality review of the syllabus?

(1) determine the product audit object

(2) the development of product audit standards and norms.

(3) establishing the quality defects of importance grading standards.

(4) formulate product audit methods

(5) determine the implementation steps of product audit

(6) the provisions of product audit report content and format.

(7) the provisions of the interval period of product audit, sampling locations and sample size.

31, what are the specific items of product quality audit?

(1) according to customer feedback, the quality characteristics of the quality defects occurred more frequently.

(2) in the process of customer service, the customer is not satisfied with the quality characteristics.

(3) the quality characteristics of the products sales market competition has great influence.

(4) caused by accidents, quality accidents.

32, what are the product quality review rating instructions?

(1) list the specific items of quality audit

(2) each product audit project may occur quality defects specific to determine the defect level

33, what are the steps of sampling inspection of product quality audit?

(1) determine the product quality audit interval

(2) determine the product quality audit sampling locations.

(3) determine the sample size of product audit

(4) audit and inspection

34, what are the product quality audit report?

(1) specify the scope of the audit

(2) record the audit

(3) the audit conclusion, the validity of the conclusions including control system audited.

(4) a detailed description of each of the critical conclusions.

(5) pointed out whether the equipment performance, inspection efficiency, operator skills should be taken corrective measures

35, what are the main contents of quality system audit plan?

(1) the need to review the elements and related departments of quality activities.

(2) qualification of Auditors

(3) the relevant audit results, conclusions and recommendations of the report.

(4) improve the tracking audit of activities

36, the audit system elements “quality cost” shall examine what quality?

(1) the determination of the quality cost Department

(2) quality cost forecast

(3) the setting of quality cost items

(4) the quality cost control and accounting development.

(5) calculation and analysis of quality cost

(6) quality cost report

(7) the establishment of quality cost model is the most suitable.

(8) the significance and effect of carrying out quality cost activities on the quality of the entire system.

37, the quality system audit personnel qualification.

(1) the audit staff qualifications and ability to make provisions, such as personal qualities, the training and education system in the review of history, including: knowledge and understanding of quality system audit to use standard; whether the Master examination questions, assessment and report review technique; oral and written expression ability whether they have; review and other aspects of practical experience.

(2) no project audit personnel should be directly responsible and audited.

(3) audit personnel are usually composed of the relevant personnel of various departments. If necessary, they can also participate in the relevant audit results, conclusions and recommendations of the reporting process

38, what is the quality system audit content?

(1) whether the functions of the elements of the system have been transformed into quality responsibilities and can be conscientiously implemented and implemented

(2) whether the organization is perfect

(3) whether the various programs in the system in accordance with the provisions.

(4) the elements of resources (such as the quality of personnel, equipment and financial situation etc.) whether there is security.

(5) whether the elements are reasonable or not

(6) the work site, operation or process meets the specifications.

(6) quality status of work in process

(7) there is no record of activities, all files are complete and clear, proper custody.

(9) audit the effectiveness of the system

39, review the effectiveness of the quality system include?

(1) the quality consciousness of leaders at all levels is enhanced.

(2) whether the quality consciousness of staff is enhanced

(3) whether the quality of departments and staff can be improved.

(4) process (or processes) quality is stable.

(5) whether the product quality is stable or not

(6) whether the work efficiency is improved

(7) whether the quality management level is improved

(8) whether the level of enterprise management is improved

40, what is the quality system audit report?

(1) make an evaluation of each audited project, clearly point out the shortcomings and problems in the operation of the system, comprehensively analyze the causes, propose measures to be taken, and put forward the responsible person responsible for the measures

(2) pointed out that the shortage of the system itself, so that the design of the system is improved.

(3) point out unqualified or defective specific items, write out the possible causes and evidence of these defects

(4) reflect the implementation of the corrective measures approved by the leadership after the last audit and its effect, and make an evaluation of the corrective actions

(5) to the total evaluation of the audit work.

(6) file and issue to all relevant departments, major personnel and enterprise leaders. The audit report should be collated and archived after the original records

41, what are the roles of process audit?

(1) the implementation and effect of the quality control plan in the investigation process, whether the formulation is practical, the guiding role, how to evaluate, and whether to take corrective and corrective measures

(2) understand the status of process factors, evaluate the level of control, study the relationship between factor change and process quality fluctuation, and make clear how to control the process factors more effectively and economically

(3) the key process (process) of quality audit, existing research on enterprise quality control activities, strengthen the process (process) quality control management, improve the process quality control method is effective for improving the quality control activities, increase prevention and control effect and to enhance the quality assurance ability of direction.

42, what are the steps of process audit?

(1) establish process audit organization

(2) develop process audit plan

(3) to carry out process quality audit

(4) write out the process quality audit report

(5) the audit plan, audit records, audit reports and other relevant documents filed.

43, what are the contents of management review?

(1) according to the quality of enterprises, economic benefits, to identify the current quality system elements which do not adapt to the current changes in the environmental conditions

(2) examine the organizational structure, procedures and the environmental conditions and adaptability of the enterprise

(3) the quality records audit quality related documents.

(4) the ability to adapt and evaluation of the quality system.

(5) when necessary, review the previous quality system audit conclusions are correct, corrective actions are achieved on schedule and achieve the desired results

44, briefly describe the steps of management review

(1) preparation for management review

(2) establishment of management review organization

(3) management review

(4) compile the management review report

(5) management review report, document data archiving.

45, what is the process of quality improvement?

(1) estimating opportunities for improvement

(2) determine quality improvement projects and activities

(3) diagnosis, find out the reasons, establish a causal relationship.

(4) take preventive and corrective actions

(5) confirm improvement

(6) maintain the results, under the control of the new level.

46, what are the quality improvement projects or activities?

(1) the need to improve the quality, scope and importance.

(2) the background and history, the related quality loss and the present situation, and as far as possible in specific, quantitative form to express

(3) periodic review of the allocation of resources and progress.

47, what is the universal law of quality improvement in the organization?

Each project must be clear who is responsible for guidance, who is responsible for “diagnosis”.

48, in the quality improvement activities, what is the process to find the improvement?

(1) collection of data should always be formulated in accordance with the plan, must be very objective


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