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Quality out of quality

The quality management work can do, there are many factors, one important factor is the leadership’s attention. For example, the quality department organization, quality engineer level, the efficiency of the quality system, promotion, quality improvement results and so on, are related to the leadership for quality positioning of the enterprise and the the measures.

Own brand companies usually have R & D and market management, these companies must attach great importance to the development of technology and market management; manufacturing industry must attach great importance to production and on-time delivery of services; management of operation management very seriously… How the quality of these companies in the position? Quality and attention in some companies, because the management of their own attention to quality, or because the quality of workers make outstanding contributions to leadership is aware of the importance of quality and attention. Some companies do not pay attention to quality, the main reason in the management of their own, but also because of the quality of workers no contribution to change the management of the quality of the attitude.

How to detect how the status of quality in the company? In general, from several aspects of this pulse of leadership for quality management attitude: a leadership is whether to participate in the quality management review of quality management and regular meetings; the two is to develop leadership whether attention quality objectives, and various departments, and regular follow-up review three; leadership whether to initiate some quality improvement activities, or some quality improvement projects, a quality improvement and innovation boom in the enterprise; the four is to see the person in charge of quality reporting relationship, if the quality to the manufacturing department or to the R & D department supervisor, it is very difficult to guarantee the independence of quality work; one of the most important is to see when the product quality and customer demand, when the technical specifications are not consistent, leadership is the concession release or even resolutely rework scrap, And serious rectification. Four in different companies according to different conditions of different, but the fifth veto. Article fifth also includes the case, for example, some private enterprises, their boss knows the quality management system and the practical operation of two skins, but is reluctant to do good quality system, may want to do, but not just hire a clerk to write the file, tube document, record can do well, but also need a little money to recruit capable quality engineer to do the quality management system. But they bear a child sets the wolf, in order to do their ISO certificate is to spend money to obtain the certificate.

Of course, management attention and awareness of the quality can not be met, some companies claim attention to quality, I think, what kind of quality, as long as the product do buy out, even when the quality of the products do not meet the regulatory requirements do not care, will not cause serious customer complaints can and even have luck, a typical example is the melamine event and instant chicken problem. This company is likely to be black factory, such as 3.15 year exposure of some enterprises, some companies on the surface quality of the process is perfect, the quality of process is also very efficient, but no bones for the sake of customers, is the store big bully. Some companies pay attention to quality, but they think the quality need to spend money to do a good job, so reluctant to do what investment in quality management, product development and production are fast track, do not pay attention to the strict Logic and process, as long as do it sold out on the line. But some company leaders understand the quality management level is in place, also attaches great importance to the quality, but they do not think the quality department is really responsible for the quality. But they attach great importance to the development process; although very concerned about the raw material price, but the quality of the supplier of the control is very strict; their equipment and process of manufacturing products is also very harsh; their main requirements for quality department is the supervision of these departments are strictly required to do this every day. Although the leadership is about the progress of product development and cost, the product delivery speed, rarely say quality how, but when the product quality does not meet the customers demand, they will not hesitate to detain the products to rectify, they pay attention to quality from the source. So, not to say that the quality of personnel in the The focus of the stage is the importance of quality, in fact, if you really put the quality personnel into the stage center, but it may indicate that the quality of the company out of the big problem

So, look at the weight of leadership do not pay attention to quality, the main observation quality the ability of research and development (R & D quality decides the quality of products of the 70% stage of development, solve the costs to the production stage is discovered and solved, 10%) and supplier quality level of raw materials (raw materials in determining the quality of the products, and 20%) the manufacturing process level. As long as reaches a certain level in these aspects, and ability of staff’s attention and technical input, coupled with appropriate quality management techniques and processes, not the overall quality is poor. So, do quality not only take a critical eye to carp said here, there did not do a good job. Also to use the global vision to seize the main contradiction, and with the development of view of enterprise management. As the quality is not that they must have leadership quality personnel will be equipped with much attention to quality, if the company’s The quality of culture is very open-minded, we all assume the quality management responsibility, so only a few quality planning, quality supervision and improvement of the “King” that is better.

Quality management is not consistent with the principle of the wooden barrel some experts said, the company’s performance is usually not managed by the weakness of the decision, generally speaking is decided by the core competitiveness of enterprises, to some extent, can also say “a fresh all day. So, even if the world’s most outstanding enterprises, you will find here, there is a problem, but that did not prevent them from becoming an outstanding enterprise, the enterprise performance is more than those to the management of” cask “” line “. The quality management is the same reason, some companies in terms of quality management, may also not many, but as long as these are not enough to affect the quality of the company, not enough to cause unacceptable inferior cost which affects the profit, not enough to affect the morale of the employees, not enough to affect the company’s operating efficiency, then Be optimistic about the problem and steadily improve the quality of products through continuous improvement

No matter how, or through the quality system, management has been ordered. Each of the different industries, different nature, different scale enterprises can find benchmarking benchmarking, there are three of us are walking together to be my teacher. “Quality management needs to analyze the problem with a critical eye, also need a development perspective to look for opportunities.

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